What If Pokemon TM’s Were Vocaloid Songs


There is a constant need for new ideas, and I’m making them in my brain oven!
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Video’s Used:

Shofu – Ev Training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR6uzfwcNjY
ZackScottGames – Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0yzBisEGDc
Austin John Plays – Sun/Moon TM’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSegeSXHSsg

Ever since this whole ordeal of stuff happening to me and not being able to mess with my channel all that much, I’ve decided to spruce up my videos to think outside of the box. This time I want to add a segment that will only last around 10 videos, along with my regularly scheduled content.

Think about this: What happens when you combine Pokémon and Vocaloid? Anyone who has played a Pokémon game knows what Technical Machines and Hidden Machines are. These items give power to your Pokémon by teaching them special moves, which how they teach it we don’t technically know… that’s a pun… I mean, when I was smaller I thought they ate disks. This led me to start licking random disks to get powers. But they could also be tutorial videos for a Pokémon to watch, or possibly using the data molecular destabilizers in the poke balls to take the data from the disk and give it to the pokemon… think of what you could do with a hentai game disk for Gardevior… or Lopunny… or Lilligant… oh I’m drooling, come hug me you perfect little plant-

But my thought is, what if the disk was just a Vocaloid song? What would that song be to teach that Pokemon some awesome moves based on not only how it makes you feel but also the meaning behind it? Well, this is what we’re going to do today and for the next few weeks.

Let’s look at the rules for this countdown:

  • There are 100 TM’s
  • Each Generation has different TM Moves by number
  • We will use Generation 6 Known as X/Y – The reason being that generation 5 and 7 has the same set list of moves, but 5 only has 95, and 7 has HM’s mixed in with the TM’s
  • One song per move
  • Each number on this list will provide both information on what the move is and what the song is
  • 10 Songs per video/10 videos and a bonus HM after each video.

Did you know there are actually 10 HM’s across all generations? This is very very epic for me right now.

Here are the list of TM’s we will do:

Generation VI
# Move Type Cat.
01 Hone Claws Dark Status
02 Dragon Claw Dragon Physical
03 Psyshock Psychic Special
04 Calm Mind Psychic Status
05 Roar Normal Status
06 Toxic Poison Status
07 Hail Ice Status
08 Bulk Up Fighting Status
09 Venoshock Poison Special
10 Hidden Power Normal Special
11 Sunny Day Fire Status
12 Taunt Dark Status
13 Ice Beam Ice Special
14 Blizzard Ice Special
15 Hyper Beam Normal Special
16 Light Screen Psychic Status
17 Protect Normal Status
18 Rain Dance Water Status
19 Roost Flying Status
20 Safeguard Normal Status
21 Frustration Normal Physical
22 Solar Beam Grass Special
23 Smack Down Rock Physical
24 Thunderbolt Electric Special
25 Thunder Electric Special
26 Earthquake Ground Physical
27 Return Normal Physical
28 Dig Ground Physical
29 Psychic Psychic Special
30 Shadow Ball Ghost Special
31 Brick Break Fighting Physical
32 Double Team Normal Status
33 Reflect Psychic Status
34 Sludge Wave Poison Special
35 Flamethrower Fire Special
36 Sludge Bomb Poison Special
37 Sandstorm Rock Status
38 Fire Blast Fire Special
39 Rock Tomb Rock Physical
40 Aerial Ace Flying Physical
41 Torment Dark Status
42 Facade Normal Physical
43 Flame Charge Fire Physical
44 Rest Psychic Status
45 Attract Normal Status
46 Thief Dark Physical
47 Low Sweep Fighting Physical
48 Round Normal Special
49 Echoed Voice Normal Special
50 Overheat Fire Special
51 Steel Wing Steel Physical
52 Focus Blast Fighting Special
53 Energy Ball Grass Special
54 False Swipe Normal Physical
55 Scald Water Special
56 Fling Dark Physical
57 Charge Beam Electric Special
58 Sky Drop Flying Physical
59 Incinerate Fire Special
60 Quash Dark Status
61 Will-O-Wisp Fire Status
62 Acrobatics Flying Physical
63 Embargo Dark Status
64 Explosion Normal Physical
65 Shadow Claw Ghost Physical
66 Payback Dark Physical
67 Retaliate Normal Physical
68 Giga Impact Normal Physical
69 Rock Polish Rock Status
70 Flash Normal Status
71 Stone Edge Rock Physical
72 Volt Switch Electric Special
73 Thunder Wave Electric Status
74 Gyro Ball Steel Physical
75 Swords Dance Normal Status
76 Struggle Bug Bug Special
77 Psych Up Normal Status
78 Bulldoze Ground Physical
79 Frost Breath Ice Special
80 Rock Slide Rock Physical
81 X-Scissor Bug Physical
82 Dragon Tail Dragon Physical
83 Infestation Bug Special
84 Poison Jab Poison Physical
85 Dream Eater Psychic Special
86 Grass Knot Grass Special
87 Swagger Normal Status
88 Sleep Talk Normal Status
89 U-turn Bug Physical
90 Substitute Normal Status
91 Flash Cannon Steel Special
92 Trick Room Psychic Status
93 Wild Charge Electric Physical
94 Rock SmashXY Fighting Physical
Secret PowerORAS Normal Physical
95 Snarl Dark Special
96 Nature Power Normal Status
97 Dark Pulse Dark Special
98 Power-Up Punch Fighting Physical
99 Dazzling Gleam Fairy Special
100 Confide Normal Status

And the HM’s are Hidden, do you think I’m gonna tell you what they are? Pfft

So, this is a new segment I hope to begin uploading along with my other segments, including the Top 10 Insanity Set, Top 10 3D Videos set, My According to Demo Stuff with a lot more scientific facts in the description, Even more Producer’s Glide, and yet again, Demo Talks is hoofing it in high gear! Not to mention I’m incorporating a lot more games with Vocaloids, making a new formation on this channel.

Another Anime Connection will come at the tail end of every month… so… yeah… awesome. I have more segments not going to tell you here. This was an informational video, so I have no idea when I’ll start, but I suspect less than 2 weeks.


So what'cha think?