VOICEROID English – My Dream Come True!?

For those of you without elegant taste or perfect style, you may not know what Voiceroid actually is. If you’re here on this website, then you know what Vocaloid is. Voiceroid is the talking version of Vocaloid. To spell it out for you lovelies who still can’t grasp the joy resonating out of my ever molding being…

  • Vocaloid – Singing Synthesizer
  • Voiceroid – Text-to-Speech Synthesizer

Do you see it now? Do you see the tears of awe coming right out of my text that will one day be voiced by a Vocaloid by AH-Software? Yes, AH-Software, known for famous Vocaloids including, but not limited to Tohoku Zunko, Yuzuki Yukari, Kizuna Akari, SFA2-Miki, and my love-bird singer herself, Macne Nana, has gone on record to create a Voiceroid English suite that will begin with Tohoku Zunko, which has been confirmed to be in development!

This is also in effect that Voiceroid can actually be used for voice acting in animations as well as many MMD videos and sometimes video games. What I want is a Haruno Sora voicebank in English because I just adore her voice for some reason. All of these Voiceroids could be perfect for skits and even some awesome projects I’ve always had a problem using since I am obviously not a woman and cannot voice every character I write, and I can’t afford a voice actor to pay on a monthly basis. The thing with Voiceroid and Vocaloid for that matter, they cost a lot in the short term, but if you’re using this professionally, it could pay itself back in a few years. I mean, considering I’ve paid over a couple of thousand bucks for music production equipment, it would still only take 100 units of my album at $15 to reach profit. That’s a pretty awesome thought when you consider I have about 8 albums in the works with over 62 songs. So just 1/12 of my audience buying this product would prove to myself that being an artist is not a bad business venture. But remember, this website is all about reviewing music, and while I have a track record of not exactly reviewing enough to keep this going, it may snowball here eventually, so here’s hoping I actually get off my gym equipment for once and do something!

But let’s go into Voiceroid and what it actually is in detail. Which you can view almost every detail here at the Voiceroid Wiki.

On December 4th, 2009, Voiceroid was released by the astutely talented AH-Software with the Tsukuyomi Siblings, Tsukuyomi Shouta and Tsukuyomi Ai, but it wouldn’t be until 2011 until we got a Voiceroid of a Vocaloid, Yuzuki Akari. And yes, Voiceroid is derived from Vocaloid itself, however, it may surprise some to know that Voiceroid is not affiliated with Vocaloid at all. This is because AH-Software has sole ownership of the characters they create and that this engine is not created under the Yamaha developed engine of Vocaloid known smartly as… Vocaloid Engine… complicated stuff, right? When AH-Software created Voiceroid, they were probably preparing for the future of Vocaloid as new engines such as Vocaloid-flex and VTalk were capable of making a Vocaloid talk.

*Side Note – I have managed to make a Vocaloid talk before, and it’s rather easy but can be wonky. Just set a line of text across the Vocaloid engine on a base key and a key above it and completely take away all vibrato. Then export it to a DAW like Audacity or FL Studio and open up a Pitch Shifter. Set the base key and the next key you used as being MARKED for change. If you do it right with setting the Cents, which will determine how many milliseconds it takes for the note to change. It will cause a key shift that sounds like talking, but I’ll do a better explanation of this method if you want in a Tutorial. Back to my dream coming true?

Eventually, Voiceroid got so popular that they came out with Voiceroid 2, which is a massive increase for all of their most famous voices. Haruno Sora was released last year when the Vocaloid 5 engine released and she immediately got both a Voiceroid and a Live2D model that connects to virtual reality software. Speaking of virtual reality software, the original Voiceroid products were bundled with Crazy Talk SE, which is much like Live2D on all points, but older. Since then, they have moved more into the Live2D category because of its maneuverability in both editing and testing.

Voiceroid, unfortunately, is only compatible with AH-Software Vocals, meaning Gumi Talk cannot be combined into the engine, though both explicitly use AITalk to form their own engines around. This has also been an issue with Crypton Future Media’s Piapro and Karen-T banning AH-Software Vocaloids and Voiceroids from being on their platforms and software. Recently, the ban on AH-Software Vocaloids have lifted, but the ban on AH-Software Voiceroids has not, meaning if you have a song sung by Yuzuki Yukari but use her Voiceroid on a song, like many songs have talking sequences, then you cannot have the song on Karen-T or Piapro. And with the self-expunging of Crypton and their products from Vocaloid for their newer engine, this isn’t exactly an overall good look for Crypton. Since Vocaloids are allowed on Piapro, and they part from Yamaha and Vocaloid, does that mean they will either not allow Vocaloids anymore or will they be banned from other labels from different companies? I’ve been studying up on this, as I’ve had many articles on it and counting… Although the previous one was in September, I’ve been preoccupied with life punching me in the face again. But I’m punching back, which is why I’m writing to you now!

In any event, Voiceroid English will unlock a fandom ready to be burst forth in the Western world. I won’t say it will meet the 1,000 unit sell quota, but I will say that it will be torrented out of the wazoo… and I would hope people buy it so we can have more, but likewise I understand that if they don’t have demo’s for this stuff, torrents will skyrocket past my initial speculations. So take note anyone at AH-Software! Give out Demos! BETTER YET~ Make ME a Voiceroid so you can give out demos of Demo and give a demo of Demo to me to review so I can say I, Demo, have reviewed a demo of Demo that will ultimately just METAmorphosize the whole of the cosmic realm into Demo, who is I, being an all-powerful force of nature in a demo called life- because we have limited time on this Earth and can’t own it forever!

I will be in your cereal~

Now that I’ve called on my ever-looming existential depression, let’s continue on with what I think will happen with Voiceroid.

Will Voiceroid English be famous for English speakers? I would think so, but fair note, a lot of Vocaloid fans may just think that these are Vocaloids instead of Voiceroids, which is understandable on the surface but may disappoint them if they buy the product for Vocaloid and don’t exactly know that they must have a Voiceroid engine too. But most people aren’t that clumsy or downright oopsie-prone, making this 100% the consumer’s fault. So if you thought that and was about to buy it, if it’s out when reading, then breathe a sigh of relief for not spending hundreds on something you cannot even use until you pay more in hundreds.

There are a few issues and questions up in the air that I’m not sure about, such as when it will be released or how much they will cost or if they will have bundles or demos. This is pretty much a hush-hush situation, as the only thing they’ve promised was Tohoku Zunko English for Voiceroid English- not for Vocaloid as far as I know. More or less, I would love Tohoku Zunko to tell my stories in a narrator style speech that can truly give my voice a rest and add some saucy flare to my videos and my audio dramas!

But then there is the issue of proper English enunciation and pronunciation. I realize for a Japanese talking in English may be hard, but even the English Vocaloids have heavy accents. I sure do hope with the more advanced software they are creating that they will fix the inevitable mispronouncing words that sound different but spelled the same, like live, live, and live… and while I realize I’m typing and you can’t hear the examples, you understand what I mean, right?

Other than tons of unsurities and cruel thoughts about what I could make them all say for my earful pleasures, I’m a mature pervert, so I will only do it in a way that I’m comfortable to upload to YouTube! In any event, the folding of the Vocaloid fame in its regular slump, which I’m positive it will pick up after some big event, this is a perfect time to advance the technology of the Vocaloid companies that aren’t about Vocaloid. Think of the future outside of Vocaloid for these companies like Crypton has done. Yet another nail in the coffin of a possible Vocaloid split, and that when I said AH-Software may stay under the umbrella of YAMAHA back in my article about a Fork in Vocaloid, I can’t say I feel the same way anymore. It kind of hurts to think the companies are expanding and that Vocaloid is going through some growing pains, but this is good… old things must die in order to become new! Let’s hope no one fails horribly, please?

Tell me how you feel about this, how much you are willing to pay, and what you might want to see from the engine. They are still working on it, and if a developer comes by and sees your comment, it might influence their creation or they may add more features in the future. You can view other posts and articles by me down below with a like and share option and never forget to catch it next time!

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