Top 8 Vocaloids of 2016


Ok, so I didn’t make it to the 2016 deadline- which may make the joke in number 6 entirely irrelevant and dead of old age! So maybe you won’t assault me for bringing up that cold year again… but if you think about it… the Great Depression years were far worse than that… except a war pulled us out, and… you know what, I’m just going to stop because I don’t know if a US Supreme Commander is watching this video or not… but this video will be short, and mainly doing this for the views, but it’s going to be beneficial information! The rules are simple, there can only be 8, being that only 9 actually came out, and 2 were Miku voice banks. I’ll also add in some announced ones for 2017 for the extra benefit of not having you skip out on this video! All information will be set up accordingly, and will have 1 of their songs playing! So there you go, let’s begin the Top 8 Vocaloids of 2016, because The Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of 2016 was already taken! Wanna keep myself different from my competition you know- my next one will be about… wait, can’t let anyone steal it- anyway, it connects Vocaloid to Pop Culture… in a mainstream way, like more mainstre- you know what let’s just go, okay?


  1. Cyber Songman

Often referred to as Cyman, or Cyberman, he was released on October 31, 2016… at impeccable timing because we didn’t even know he was coming out- he just popped up there! The current song playing is Fighter by YusukeKira. Remember VY1 and VY2? They were Japanese Female and Male generic vocals! He does have a relation to Cyber Diva if you couldn’t tell from the name, your not that dumb so I’ll keep going! Cyber Diva is actually VY3 and Cyman is VY4, both generic English vocals. A Song Man is also called a Lay Clerk, or a Male Choir Singer- and I have to say, he would be better suited at the backing vocals than at the front, but that’s mine and Whisper-P’s opinion! No voice provider is given, but YAMAHA themselves funded the project! This is all I know at the current time!


  1. Tohoku Zunko V4

Tohoku Zunko isn’t one of those Vocaloids you here too much about, created by AH-Software, but they were in the news about having her own anime… did that ever go anywhere? The current song playing is Senbonakura by… a collaboration between Andyfined-P, Hajime, WhiteFlame, Kurousa-P, and others! She was released on October 27, 2016 along side her Voiceroid alternative, Tohoku Kiritan, which is actually pretty cute sounding! It’s just a V4 upgrade, regular Japanese and workable on Windows and Mac at the same time, it really has no meaning to say that I gave Number 7 to her is because I just wanted to ask about her anime… does anyone know? Her voice provider is Satomi Sato!


  1. Macne Nana – Petit V4

Why did I put 2 on one spot? Because, they are actually 1 with an added bonus! I did it to same time and spaces! So far, Macne Nana is one of the few made specifically for the Macintosh, and was once going to be named Macne Miku- but changed for the better name of Nana! Idunno, I just like her for some reason, maybe it’s those cute eyes, or something! I like green, what can I say? Nana literally matches the color scheme of my room, I just noticed that! She came out on the 15 of this month, hopefully, ok, December 15, 2016 if I don’t accidentally hit the wrong button again like the Christmas episode! The current song playing is Recovery Covered by BuVocaKing – and Anamanaguchi Miku Covered by Theus-P. She is described as a bright and cheerful girl who can be a bit of a klutz. She is accident prone and is often late for work, but always looks on the bright side of life. She and her sisters run the “Macne Cafe”. So what was I saying about 2? Well, Nana V4 comes with a Petit, her smaller, kiddier version that only does Japanese, and a normal Nana version that does both Japanese and English! The Macne series attributes its success to Nana, being that she has a Petit version, Father version, Mother version, a White version, and a Black version… as in skin color… the white and black versions are twins- how that happened I’ll never know- I do know, it’s just going to take time to explain it on According to Demo later on. Like the 2 previous ones, Nana is attributed to Yamaha, AH Software, and even BPlats Inc. She is voiced by Haruna Ikezawa. Nana is also very quick to tell her measurements (B87 W57 H87), which is common amongst the Macne family females… hey, that’s something to be proud of- but I hope that’s in something other than inches else that picture don’t match that… nah, can’t be.


  1. Hatsune Miku V4X – V4

Hatsune Miku V4 has come out with separate language banks- Japanese and English- all divided into 2 parts! I guess that makes sense in a business standpoint? I don’t know what they were thinking with that one! This was released the same day I uploaded that hour long video of Miku eating a bunch of popsickles, her birthday on August 31, 2016- which is also the day Project DIVA X came out too! This is literally just a mass of intense updates and 5 voice banks! You should know all about Miku, so here’s what you’ll get in V4X- an updated Voicebank, Expansion pack: SOFT, SOLID, DARK, SWEET… and maybe even a Power, to ORIGINAL and SOLID, and Whisper, to SOFT and DARK, to all of those- but I don’t know that yet! Anyway, so, that’s out of the way, let’s move on the V4… oh, the current song is Our Broken Anthem by Circus-P!

V4 is a regular V4 upgrade for the English voicebank released on the same day! Besides, I just read it’s bundled with it, so that first part needs to go out the window!


  1. Unity-Chan

Otherwise known as Otori Kohaku, this girl is actually from a game developing program I use to use back in college C++ Programming class… I didn’t do so good! Released on January 14, 2016, she has thus far been in very many indie video games- might I say I’ve played and very few are any good! Except her running game, I like that one. Kohaku was born on August 13 to what is now a couple years back developing inside the womb of Unity, is 17 now, and her bloodtype is AO- and the current song is Candy Rock Star which you can also see if you have a VR headset… I’ve seen it, it’s awesome. According to the biography on the character’s website, Kohaku is the only daughter of Otori Yuuji, who is the CEO of a company called Otori Orchestra. She dreams to be in action video games and movies. Her favorite food is curry croquette. This proved to be a smart move for the Unity Engine, on the Japanese version, not the English version apparently, and could transfer over to MMD, which I have to give Unity-Chan my Versatility Award for being so hot and can cross the interdimensional gates into at least 4 different programs!


  1. Stardust

A Chinese Vocaloid, she is known in her local language as Xingchen. Released on April 13, 2016, this girl has some thighs for her age, which is 16, but I won’t delve into that! She is voiced by a girl named Chalili, and that’s the only name it has- the current song is Star Wish by Moving Point-P. She was produced by Quadimension under Shanghai HENIAN- yeah, remember my Top 10 Vocaloid Controversies Part 1 video? That HENIAN that spent everything on a brothel! I really need to finish that- Yamaha decided to give them another chance- and why not, they’ve most definitely have a market in China- or risk having cheap knockoffs- nobody wants that- make my job harder than it is! Stardust was originally a mascot for doujinshi group and series, Quadimension. According to the Quadimension 3 album artbook and November’s design concepts, Stardust is capable of flying to Earth by using her hair. However, it was noted that she does not necessarily need to flap her hair while flying in space. Her birthday is August 12, for some reason. But to the degree that she isn’t noticeable as a character, and more generic, I give her the Eggplant of the Forgotten!


  1. Fukase

Fukase is a special one, he was released on January 28, 2016, and voiced by the lead singer of SEKAI NO AWARI- Satoshi Fukase… haven’t heard of them? Well, they haven’t done any anime openings or endings, wonder why? Anyway, He is bilingual, and that makes me want to go here that bands songs. The current song playing is The Day I Became a Monster by Rerulili. In collaboration with Lastrum Music Entertainment Inc. and TOKYO FANTASY Inc. Fukase is probably the most recognizable of this year- giving him the Button of Remembrance!


Before we get to number 1, let’s have a look into what got announced, but will come out later this year:

  • Uni – Korea, Release January 2017
    • English
    • Append
  • IA English – America, TBA
  • Luo Tianyi – China, Update to V4, TBA
  • Yan He – China, Update to V4, TBA
  • Yuezheng Ling – China, Update to V4, TBA
    • Yuezheng Longya – China, Male version of Ling, TBA
  • Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese – Self explanatory, TBA
  • [Unsure] V4 Library Dreamy Nemu – Japan, based on Denpa group inc., February 6, 2017
    • Dream Sleepy Girlfriend – Update V4
    • Rabbit Sleeping On – Update V4 – might be used for brutal growls in metal, rumor

And that’s all! Let’s get back to the list!


  1. Otomachi Una

To the youngest of almost any Vocaloid, 11, she has a knack for being 2 things, Sugar and Spicy- but I’m not sure if that’s 2 voicebanks, or 2 Vocaloids… either way, they are both voiced by the same voice actress Aimi Tanaka, you know, the voice actor for Himouto! Umaru-chan, Doma Umaru, the main character- she is also known for PeiPain on ShowByRock and Plum Risch on Re:Zero- remember that one? Anyway, she does a good job! The song playing is Fantastic Night by Peteron-P Released on July 30, 2016 and Invented by the fabulous Internet Co. Ltd. And MTK inc. she has an eel hat, and is just really confusing in looks that I’m not even going to begin to describe! Her attire in her Sugar art is based on a marching band outfit, while her outfit in her Spicy art is based on a Japanese school uniform. While I like the rest, I have to give Otomachi Una my Seal of Total Purity! The seal is meant to keep her that way! No pervy junk pedo bears! Her birthday is on July 30!


And that’s the last of 2016… plead the Fates to make 2017 better… please! We can all agree on that right? Who’s your favorite? Who did you want to see? Who did you like to see? Who didn’t come out yet? Lay down your thoughts in the comments!



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