Top 10 X-Tra: Sexual Vocaloid Songs



WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit lyrics, scenes, and sounds, but I mind you that this is not porn, but only a few steps behind being borderline! Be a #MaturePervert as with the last one!


You wanted it, and now you got it! The Top Ten X-tra- I wanna use this new intro for this one!




Many months have passed since I first uploaded! And now, we come full circle! Let us bury the final straw in the Top Ten X-Tra: Sexual Vocaloid Songs! Maybe I can warm and butter you up for some more! Let’s lube up the mind and get ready to learn about something… anything!


  1. Secret Time After School – Natsu-P

Aaaaaahhh, all our girls singing about what they love to do after school- to you, secretly, and sexually- yeah, we also get a little rap thing you can barely hear in the background by Natsu-P, he’s pretty good rapper! It never explicitly states the obvious, but it gives you clues here or there- man, If I had that many girls after me, I’d probably panic, then go hide behind the gym with Gumi- what do I mean- this guy their after is one hell of a player!

  1. Gigantic O.T.N. – Giga-P

What the heck is an O.T.N.? the only thing that I found on chrome-chan was Ochin- oh… Now I understand! Wow Len, you got some serious desire held somewhere deep inside- seems like an itch right? Well, if Len didn’t seem horny in the  last video, he is now going for both women and men in this song! You one slick kid! That sounded severely heinous- but you sure can insert yourself in some strange places… Welcome to m innuendo bar, what would you like, we serve hot soup mainly! Oh, you want some milk, sure, but it might be warm… heh, heh, I feel ashamed… PSSHH- nah! Shame is not in my bones!

  1. Gay Sex – cat youngbea

Nice, If I wanted to go into what this song was about, I would think you guys pretty dense! I also had a problem deciding if I should put some of these lyrics into this video. Most, if not all, of the lyrics are sexually explicit, without innuendos. So, remember, if you’re a guy and you like another guy, just let him listen to this song- well, gay or not, that may be overtly creepy!

  1. Party Junkie – Satsuki Ga Tenkomori

Miku wants you bad boy- as in you being a bad boy, not Miku wanting you badly- well maybe she does. She wants to party all night long and then drag you away into her hotel room for some steamy time… and by that eating rice- that stuff is good for you after exercise- and before more seductive round of perspiration… I should be a hentai narrator! Thumbs up if you agree!

  1. Kurumi Ponchio – MADACO

If you remember the first video I ever did, I mentioned “” where Miku compared her friend’s sensual parts to fruit! Except now we compare the whole magical event to breakfast stuff. Salty pancakes are not something I wants- There are too many innuendos to actually delve into right now- sooooo- Hey Miku can I join in? This song is pretty catchy, and the dance is just random enough for me not to be able to do it! Not that I would want to be in certain positions…

  1. Plus Boy – Giga-P & Reol

I hate the fact that I put two songs on this list with the same Producer. My gosh, puberty got this boy perverted… that’s okay up to the point where you start asking too many girls out at once, and then swoon over every other girl in your class… Now I agree that the urge is strong, but this guy’s got it bad. He decides to study the girls in his class rather than his classwork! And I don’t even know what happens here! Yeah, I remember swooning over girls not paying attention to my teacher- then for some reason I’d fall asleep! Puberty, you made me more lazy, you dumb cardboard box!

  1. Straight Faced Science Girl – Ninjen Doku

Nothing like being eat up with passionate emotions, oh Len, what am I going to do with you! This is a classic boy is too shy to talk to strong willed girl story- and we have some heavy scientific innuendos here trying to make the straight-faced science girl laugh! Man, this guy goes a long way for love, let that be a lesson to all of us, to get the girl you must act like you know about what she does best, and if you do, then you got yourself a thing heading to disaster because those relationships never worked for me!

  1. Merry Sex-mas – Madako

Another second song from a same artist. But, this song is very upbeat and cheerful- also lyrically explicit. I like Miku, and she would be a perfect girlfriend for me- whoa, why am saying something like that? I would say that I want that Christmas present, but- no, I want that Christmas present… as long as she doesn’t put on a crap load of weight and put on a beard that masks her nether regions… I would not like that at all! I prefer it all laid bare! Oh, and to snuggle afterward. I love to snuggle, and cuddle, and tumble in the hay- but I have to admit that I am still a vir-

  1. Pomp & Circumstance – Umetora

My gosh, I forgot this song in the last one, and I get comment after comment that I left it out! Everyone, no need to burst from containment, because we have your moaning girls right here, ready for your… minute and a half review. The meaning of this song is about each girl with their sexual encounters. There is a boy version too, for the ladies! But to save time, we won’t do that today! Maybe at the Top 10 Cover Songs.


Sellout time!



  1. Soap Lagoon – MASA

Oh. My. GUMI! What are you doing? This song is by far THE most blunt sexual song that is technically illegal- well, in my state anyway- and over half the usa! If you know what a prostitute is- and I’m saying this to those that should be of age to understand- that’s why I put the stupid age restriction on it. If you know what a prostitute is, then good on you, but do you know how a brothel works? How about their status as women in this line of shadowy work? Have you ever asked what makes a certain prostitute a desire among everyone who comes in- well, Miku and Gumi basically are the two partners- yeah, I wish- that are competing for top rank in their “status” by how many times a buyer… Well, according to the Youtube Community Guidelines, Im only able to say this as an educational way- so without further ado, For a prostitute to gain status over another is how many times she can make a buyer ejaculate into their mouths… Yes- this is how it works… Oh, and Miku doesn’t have any condoms either, so if you didn’t get any, oops- guess you got luckier than usual!


Well, there you go, the first Top 10 X-Tra and something everyone wanted… I put the sellout because I don’t get revenue from a video with an age restriction- and not putting an age restriction would put a strike on my channel! I don’t want that! And neither do you! I hope you have good dreams about your favorite Vocaloid… and this is where it will end, I probably will not do an extra sexual Vocaloid list, unless there are new releases that fit the bill! I think You’ll come back, I know you’ll come back, Friday, because I have a special video waiting for you! My porn video- no no no, I managed to get the Amazon giveaway for Friday, so stay tuned in for that! See you then!

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