Top 10 Vocaloid Valentine’s Day Songs


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Feb. 14 – otetsu:



The skit will be on a later video, and will be pretty long compared to the others. Let’s jump right into this with the Top 10 Vocaloid Valentine Songs. Get your chocolates and cuddle with your lover, because here we go!


Happy birthday to kokone and Uni as well!

BONUS: Feb. 14 – otetsu … reviewed on VocaloiDemo, Single Post

As a song meant precisely for Valentine’s Day, it really does have this lovey dovey feeling to it! There is no video, but that doesn’t stop me from putting it up here. I reviewed it on my website, so I know there is a link to buy it- and you can! Just hit up the link to either Amazon or iTunes in your respective nations. I don’t really have anything else to say, so let’s end it here!

  1. For valentines day – Valentine-P

What better way to get this closer to the end by having a Valentine’s day song by Valentine-P? Anyway, Len and Kaito are the lucky boys that get Rin and Miku’s Valentine’s! And then Meiko comes in and completely makes it really weird by bringing alcohol to the party, and trying to help Miku and Rin make chocolates! I think this was in a KEI’s Manga! Anyway, Meiko gets super PO’ed at Kaito for obvious reasons, resulting in the classic time we all know the Vocaloid clan to have!

  1. Sweet Bitter Chocolate – Hiro★Ron-P

If you wanted to hear music anything like from the james bond movies or some agent show, this would be your song. Not only is it talking about chocolate and fighting within a relationship, it has this epic breakdown that makes you wonder what happened to IA to completely let the music shred and her stay quiet. But at the end, we get her singing la’s as if she was happy and care free.

  1. Battle royal valentine – The Pantans (Group)

Ladies, start your engines, because your future man is targeted by all the other girls in the class. Get your spatulas ready, your chocolate pans cooking, and prepare for a Valentine Royal Rumble. Gentleman, prepare to not be a target, because when all the girls ask for one guys hand, they aren’t gonna settle for sloppy seconds. Women have the Valentine right to fight for a man they want in Japan- in Japan, women get things for the men. Not the way we in America are taught! But at the expense of having women fight over you, could you choose who you would date? I couldn’t!

  1. Sweet’s beast – Menday-P

Now a song for the ladies. Kaito wants your chocolate love, but he can’t get enough of all that sweet nectar- from hershey’s I mean, maybe even mars bars, but that’s too old of a name and most of you younger guys won’t know what I’m talking about. And Kaito, with his sensual desires, purposefully lets the chocolate melt on his mouth so you can lick it off. Maybe he’ll get some on his shirt and take it off for you. But I’m here, so no Kaito don’t do that. I like chocolate and willing to share, but not if you’ve touched it!

  1. A solution for jealousy – HoneyWorks

YAY, gumi, this is a story about love- and how it’s completely cliché- but we like cliché love. A guy and a gal like each other, but only keep it to themselves. Until they get together in secret, and then are totally broken by keeping things a complete secret from everybody. So the man that he is, he goes to her and confesses in a class room. Could have been a little more romantic, but I guess that works. Not complaining.

  1. One-shot love addict – heart★breaker

Here you go Len fans. He proceeds to tell about his dealings with women, and how he picks them up and then drops them like that giant rat you thought was a puppy! This compares to his other songs where he is really thirsty and self centered. I think he loves himself just a bit too much!

  1. I love you, I like you – Jebanni-P … reviewed on MikuDB Post, All of Rin

Probably one of my first songs I’ve ever heard by Rin, I reviewed this back when I was writing for MikuDB- so go check them out too! The album that it was on was All of Rin, and each song coelesqued with this one. And man, Rin is super shy, knowing that she’s in a computer program where she wants your attention always. Even hiding behind you windows and taking your mouse hostage- I wonder if she’s a yandere? Anyway, Probably one of the more heartfelt and soft Rin songs that shows exactly how self aware software programs feel.

  1. Dreamin Chu Chu – emon

Oh, young luka’s so cute! This is a perfect example of how Japanese culture is different from ours, as the women give the men the presents! This is just too drastically adorable not to love outright! This is about a young girl falling in love with a boy that, has no name or anything else involved in this story… but Luka wants to court the young boy anyway, going through the grueling process of making chocolates for him! Ah, young love!

  1. Tourmaline Imitate Chocolatier – Yuzuhiko

Are you prepared for some dictionary learning? Tourmaline is a mineral, and can be used to create imitation jewelry. Imitate is completely common sense, and Chocolatier is just a person who makes chocolate! So, Tourmaline Imitate Chocolatier is basically a Chocolate Diamond Designer. Chocolate Diamonds are considered rare, but besides from what your jeweler tells you, they’re abundant. Moreso to rubies and sapphires. I couldn’t find a sub so I’m just saying something.

  1. Chocolate box – dezzy

Let’s go, get your roses and presents ready, it’s time to enter a new competitor, chocolate- the gift that can be shared rather than a rose or a stuffed gigantic teddy bear. If your girl eats all the chocolates… well what are you going to do? Go further, and be like Rin and Len and save the chocolate box for a hope chest later on when you get married to remember the younger days. What? Got commitment problems? Don’t worry, she’ll smack you into shape! It’s comedy, don’t get so riled up!


Did you like this list? I had like 34 to choose from because it is such a gifting occasion in Japan I guess. And what I said on the last one was true, you can catch the links for the song Feb. 14 by otetsu in Amazon or iTunes for your respective nations.

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