Top 10 Vocaloid Songs Where Len Dies


Sawbat:                              How many years has Len died to Rin and other stuff? Let’s go into the magic orb given to me by Fatemah’s mom, Logic.

Fatemah:             Hey, Sawbat, have you seen my magic ball?

Sawbat:                              I think Demo has it. Shh… it’s starting!

  1. Seasonal Feathers – Hitoshizuku-P & Yama

Hey, how did I get here? Oh, hey, I know this song! This tells a fascinating story of the wandering Rin and Len taking her in in his cabin among the sakura blooming trees. The love garnered is heart-warming, but that doesn’t last long, because as the name of the video states… Len dies. Before he does die to an illness of some kind, it sends Rin on her way to marry him as quickly as she can and care for him while they wait for his eventual death. She weaves a tapestry with these seasonal feathers of the great trees and birds.

  1. Night Walker – HayakawaP

Welcome to the creeptastic song where Len dies before the song even begins, but I’m completely unsure why he crocked. So that’s why the name of the song is Night Walker, because how can Len stay dead? Why not become an ever loving zombie that walks to his girlfriends house, which is Rincest, to do the nastiest thing you can think of, yep, kill her and bring her to a zombie which sounds much like a song from Avenged Sevenfold as well as a reminder of the song Night Crawler by Judas Priest. It’s obvious how much Rin LOVES Len, but will she go quietly?

  1. Sigh – Iroha

I have to admit, this song is just so memorable in my ears. I love it, and as before, Len dies before the song, but then he comes down as an angel of Rin’s memory among the doves and marigolds. Not only that, we get info on why Len dies… either an illness or an intense accident causing him to lose consciousness and slip into a coma. By the end, Rin comes to grips with her clone’s death. Something I wish we all luck to find!

Fatemah:             Sawbat, what are you doing? Those are depressing!

Sawbat:                              I was just making videos while Demo is sick!

Fatemah:             Move over, I want to try my hand at it- I know a few songs myself.

Sawbat:                              bu-

Fatemah:             Shh~ it’s starting!

  1. Re: Pudding Annihilation – Voyager

Ok, this song is special because Len isn’t exactly Len in this one. I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed from the expression on Miku’s face, Len is the Pudding. Somehow Len got transformed into pudding, and Miku was protecting him, but she tripped, and thus he squished on the floor… and when anyone drops their pudding, it seems like they’ve also lost a great friend… poor Miku- Poor Len!

  1. Kokoro Kiseki – Toraboruta

This is a cover of Kokoro (Heart). This is Len’s version! Of course, Len hasn’t croked yet. So what does he do to make himself dead to Rin and the world? He give his heart so Rin can feel like humans, but yet again, Rin is a “Miracle Scientist”. So basically, it is much like the bible story where Adam gives his rib to Eve so she can live… except Adam dies in this special case, so I’m not sure where I was going with that. Anyway, it is a lovely song, and another about Rin being a scientist… Another top 10 idea!

  1. Recycle Bin – Shibashon-P

Starting off slow, we have the mundane computer story about Len being a Vocaloid and waiting to be used. There are a lot of Vocaloid songs about Vocaloids waiting to be used in the program. You know, it hurts Len when you use someone else, or even his updated version of V3 to V4, but it eats up space on your pc, so you delete him. Uh oh, I’m having Doki Doki flash backs… ugh…

Demo:                  Hey! Stop making me do this, I’m supposed to be sick.

Sawbat:                              What better way to get Top 10’s done with you in bed!

Fatemah:             Yeah, let us do the list while you rest. We can even edit it for you!

Demo:                  sniffles Really? You guys are the best!

Sawbat:                              Not to mention me and Fatemah have 2 songs a piece left-

Demo:                  No, no, as many songs about Len dying, you choose those? Come on!

Fatemah:             How many are there?

Demo:                  …29

Sawbat:                              Wow… people really like to see Len die, don’t they?

Demo:                  It’s my turn!

Fatemah:             Bu-

Demo:                  Shushies~ I’m hitting the play button!

  1. The 7th Me – Mayuko

Let’s put some complications on this one! Len goes through 7 stages of life, but it’s interpreted as seven individual lives. Len screams and sings in his first self, the second feared singing’s consequence, the third overused his voice, the fourth tried to fight through it, the fifth understood his end, the sixth finally lost his voice, and the seventh ended it all. This time, Len committed suicide because he overused his voice. Many great singers have lost their voice later in their lives, and thus this is why there are images of Len being older and sicklier. Take care of your voice, people, especially if you vocal fry or guttural growl sometimes. I’mma have pain later!

  1. Prisoner – Shuujin-P

War anyone? Welcome to Len being a child in a entrainment camp much like from Nazi Germany. Len, the captured, tries to tell Rin, the free, that he just wants to talk. So he makes countless paper airplanes to pronounce his love. But Len receives a letter back with a horrible but precious message saying she’ll have to leave, because he gets so sad in fact after constant bullying and being set in solitary confinement, that he eventually rips his own throat out to end his miserable life. This one is intense.

  1. Servant of Evil (Classical Version) – Mothy

Servant of Evil is apart of the magnificent series of songs of the same name. So, Rin and Len were born twins, but then the parents got divorced because of Asmodeus in a later song. Soon, they find each other, even making friends and dramatically, the queen of that land, Rin, wanted Kaito, who was engaged to Miku, and Len fell in love with Miku at the first sight… until Rin told Len to kill Miku, so that Kaito would be hers. He does it with a knife, but Maiko ain’t having this murdering crap, so she gathers hundreds of soldiers to storm the castle and get vengeance for the death of Kaito’s bride. Len is imprisoned being dressed as Rin and as such takes the fall for Rin and is sentenced to death by the guillotine. Rin watches as Len is decapitated in front of her! Drama-bug! By the way, it was all a play, none of this actually happened- but it is still a great song!

Sawbat:                              What kinda songs were those?

Fatemah:             I get that they were pretty good and has some very deep philosophical meaning behind them, but two were suicide and one was murder, and even then, Servant of Evil is already on another top 10.

Demo:                  That’s why I chose the Classical Version Buzzlenut!

Sawbat:                              Well, it’s the interlude, what do you wanna do now?

Demo:                  I say, hit that subscribe button to get all the upcoming videos I’m making right now! Cook the like button as well. I’ve been trying my hardest to work as best and as fast as I can. It’s time I actually do something!

Fatemah:             I think we all can agree on what #1 will be.

Sawbat:                              You know it!

Demo:                  Let’s begin!

  1. A Vision Without You – KulfiQ

Rin is so lovely in a black dress. I can’t gather much from this song without subtitles, but I understand that Len and Rin have had some drama in the past, and something terrible happened to Len, because his memory and the pictures across the whole of their lives were completely drenched in blood. Either by suicide or murder or by accident, memories hold what that person meant to you. You can cry, you can laugh, you can be distant, you can live without care of the passing, but you can never bring them back. The only right thing to do, is to accept that they have gone. As such, this concludes the list! Don’t cry- be happy!

Demo:                  I’m gonna cry!

Fatemah:             Aww, do you like Len?

Demo:                  No… that gigantic Lobster you said to get is pinching my bits.

Sawbat:                              Ouch… you need some help?

Demo:                  No, I don’t need more lobsters you nut.

Sawbat:                              Sounds like the lobster’s ready to cook!

Fatemah:             You know what else needs cooking? That like button! Come on, let’s get to 75 likes! So we can work faster on projects! As well as don’t forget the subscribe button because we need 1,000 subscribers to get back monetization! Do it so we can get money!

Demo:                  I’m glad we’re using my pain as a promoter for the video, but I seriously need someone to come get this thing off of me…

Sawbat:                              Fatemah?

Fatemah:             I’m on it.



Fatemah:             What is this?

Sawbat:                              It’s past its expiration date, it’s hurting! Cook it…

Demo:                  Hey… will this scar go away? Hello? HE-

I know Len dies a lot, but Rin has to weep all the time! Why everyone like seeing Rin cry?
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