Top 10: Vocaloid Songs to Punch Someone to



Warning, this video contains violence, language, and death metal growls! If you can’t handle it… then why did you click on this video!?

Demo – Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to the non-annual punch-fest! In this corner we have my best pal Sawbat.

Sawbat – I thought we were going to keep our relationship out of this!

Demo – not now, and in this corner, we have the roughest, the toughest, undefeated champion… Terrorize!

Terrorize – Give me something to bend! Like a bendy straw

Sawbat – Terrorize, what did your mother mate with to make you?

Demo – That’s a bold yet good question… that I will not allow since he could easily snap me in two! Is everyone ready to rumble? 3…2…1… fight!

*scream* *BOOOM*

Anyway, we’re on from the Top 10 Vocaloid Songs to Punch Someone- *WAPOW*, Let’s start this thing before I get punched before the music even plays!

  1. I Am A Super Man – Yuyoyuppe – When it comes to the point when nothing else but a heavy beat matters, when no words will break your fractured skull, number one has your back with slamming beats and screams that are almost intelligible. It may be fairly short, but let’s face it, no one can last too long in a throw down if you aren’t bent on your opponents death! But at the end, it’s a good song to pass out to!
  2. Revolver – Shiromeshi – There is emotion in this about waiting your turn for death… except Rin is putting you down. Based on the emotions that well within my own soul, I can say that this is more to an uprising fighter! Stand up, and hurt someone when they decide it’s your life they control!
  3. Boss Death – Iso – Ever had one of those times when a big boss in a video game was hard enough that you threw your controller? This is the perspective of what a heroine fights for, revenge or justice. Sometimes they can look the same! Get ready to punch your enemies without your cares- they always get in the way! I personally don’t play the revenge game… I forgive, then stab in the back!
  4. Corpse Attack – Utsu-P – If ever there’s been a massive cry of emotional death, it’s the pain of being bullied. This song is a way to get back at them by placing as much fear in their hearts as possible. Of course, when you’re dealing with bullies you really shouldn’t take my advice. I’ve always been someone only naïve would mess with… everyone knows that at school. Maybe it’s the “It’s always the quiet ones!” line everyone uses around me!
  5. Whore – Okame-P – Something that pisses me off more than anything, is the naivety of young women and old men. Just something about that type of situation, it fuels the venom in my blood that boils- and when venom boils, it explodes! Am I saying that those kind of relationships are bad… not initially. But when it is with someone like your own child, or someone too young to be out doing that kind of stuff, kinda different perspective!
  6. Cage Song – LuMiErE – Breaking out of your cage requires strength and anger! And when remembrance becomes your bane, every time that lapse becomes a blade, you have to lash out before it consumes the last little bit of your soul! Don’t worry, these past few songs were just a warm up- don’t want you to break your fist before we condition them now would we?
  7. Mind Brand – Maretu – Bad breakup? No problem, just punch them with your words. A fist and a kick may just break my dick, but a word might just make me sick! Why did I say that! Well, when you’ve gotten past the anger, you find there are two pastures to lead- forgiveness… or insanity- this is the song for those who love to smile sadistically!
  8. Maiden Regrets of Immortality – Deadball-P – If this war tune doesn’t get your mind in the game for a fight, then fine- go to someone else top 10! No wait, I was kidding! This is just a practice fuel, only here to build up your hearts inner beats!
  9. Valkyrie Dance – Caz – With an atmosphere that would make even the weak proud and strong! This is a gem and is most of what I listen to back when I first started listening to Vocaloid. There are auras in these beats that send chills down the curvature of your spine! Also a nice way for Luka to keep telling you to play the Valkyrie dance- or in other words… DODGE!!!
  10. Eat Them All On The Table – Xenon-P – A bit of a stretch, but it does give a massive jolt of energy when you need it. Throughout this entire thing, there will be let ups- or smooth spots, because every fight has one. No one fights continuously for an hour! Or twenty minutes! This one, and a few others has no video, so Imma just fill in!

Well, What did you think about the list. Didn’t put one you liked? Put one you didn’t like? Well, make your own top 10! Or, you could suggest it to me to do an additional top ten Xtra! Okay, so I mainly put stuff with lyrics about death, but these are the only ones I know of that have a PUNCH type of rhythm! I didn’t say “Top 10 Vocaloid Songs that are ABOUT Punching” now did I!

Okay, so most were metal. I couldn’t find any with rap that was emotional enough to constitute a punch! And even though I tried, I couldn’t find any pop songs that fit the bill either! I know there are some out there, but I couldn’t get names or artists!











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