Top 10 Vocaloid Songs To Fall In Love


Sawbat: Hey Demo, that girls here again.

Demo: OH, Really~

Fate: Um, I was meaning to ask, how are you feeling, Demo?

Demo: Fine, why~

Sawbat: Well, you’ve got this perpetual face that’s a little creepy.

Demo: What are you talking about, I do not~

Fate: Yeah, you do. And if I wasn’t the controller of Destiny’s Fate, I’d almost consider you-

Sawbat: Wait, isn’t Fate and Destiny the same thing?

Fate: No- Destiny is my dumb cousin over there…


Destiny: Choko Choko Bing Bang!


Fate: I would almost consider that you took advantage of her…

Sawbat: gasp

Demo: Why does everyone think I’m capable of that~ I didn’t… in fact, I don’t think I can!

Fate: Seriously Demo- are you… In Love with this girl?

SoniLoid: Hey Demo, have you got the list done yet?

Fate: What list, now?

SoniLoid & Demo: The Top 10 Vocaloid Songs to Fall In Love To~

Demo: Get your warm fuzzies because here we go!

Sawbat & Fate: Wait, you didn’t answer the que-

#10. Heal Me – Luna & Cillia

This song was just released this April and is just a very light and bubbly cute song about being deeply in love with someone. I gotta be honest, this is one of the best songs in terms of style and vocal manipulation. I’m surprised actually. The spastic music behind the melodic lyrics create a dynamic feeling that makes you wanna spin in your computer chair for hours on end… unless you get dizzy easy- I personally don’t, but the lovely changes to the sound remind me of Lamaze-P a bit, and you know how I love me some Lamaze!

#9. I’m Glad You’re Evil Too – Pinocchio-P

This song is just so beautiful and shows that even love can have some darkness in it. The semblance of evil is characterized by the pair mentioned being outsiders to the world that feigns care. Monsters, as they are called, reacting in a certain way to situations others wouldn’t react in, making them seem weird. But honestly, it’s all in how they themselves love. It’s just how they love that makes them human. I have friends like that…

#8. Crave – MarubanaP

A nice slow rock song with Hatsune Miku. Crave tells of the salivating tale of wanting the emotional solace we get from that special someone. A yearning to be granted passage into their life for both you and the lover’s well being and eternal happiness. Crave actually tells a story of what most of all of us want in love, to be completed to the fullest extent, knowing that not everything will be perfect, but dealing with the adversities, and forgiving the trials for the sake of that love. Man, that kinda sounds like an abusive relationship almost… eh… love is complicated… remember, the only way to love is for both parties to forgive on instant disappointment!

#7. From Your Hands – iceimo-P

From Your Hands is a love song where the couple feel reborn from being together. Love really does cater to the point of finding new horizons and hope. The dawn of a new era in your life, to where you have really fallen head over heels with someone who has acknowledged and accepted you. It’s almost enough to cry, but a sacred duet of the soul is ultimately the entire goal of love isn’t it? To become something more than lonely. A new life from your hands- which could also be to make children… didn’t think about that honestly!


#6. Magnet by minato

Lesbian Songs anyone? The amount of fame this song garnered over the whole of the time it spent online, is overtly one of the most iconic love songs out there on the Vocaloid spectrum. Not to mention all the fanart and fanfiction created from this song. It’s all well and good… but is it just me, or is Miku and Luka the strangest yet very inspirational ships you’ve ever encountered? Next to Gakupo and Len… I mean… I ruined it, ok… I’m sorry

#5. Melt – ryo

Do I honestly have to explain a ryo song? Ryo is pretty freaking popular as far as Vocaloid, j-pop, and other forms of music are concerned. In fact, I honestly consider ryo one of the grandest of Vocaloid producers, not to leave out anyone else. Melt is by far just one of ryo’s greatest works, and who can argue? So many producer’s take reference from ryo’s works, creating a similar sound with different styles! I believe this is one of the most famous in the industry.

#4. I Love You – Rerulili

You know what I love… a cheesecake, but I was going for piano… for as long as she lives, Miku wants to be with her one true love. The classic “I want to be with you forever” type of song that defines countless genres and is a universal meaning in all languages. No matter what the barrier, even if it’s being played from the vast vacuum of space, you’ll know what it’s talking about… it’s that powerful… like cheesecake over my will… The wedding ending is incomprehensibly sweet, even going as far as to proclaim her love by giving herself Alzheimers in the future just to whisper her jumbled words to her love… see, love goes beyond sound and meaning… also maybe space- astronauts you are clear for love rocket takeoff, over!

#3. Even If We’re Apart – Shouko

Long distant relationships are the pits right? So many have tried and over half have failed. Sometimes it may seem really scary to jump on in to it based on a simple music box song, but let me tell you something, love isn’t measured by distance, not even space or time. People have fell in love with Benjamin Franklin long after he died- must be his wit… so it obviously transcends even life too I guess. As long as you love each other so much as you show and hide within you, distance shouldn’t really matter. Even If You’re Apart, even though I had to change the way I said for direct message to you, The other will always be with you… maybe… remember that half failed thing I mentioned before? But don’t let that worry you, you have more things to worry about, like not letting an unrequited love make you forget to breathe!

#2. Glass Wall – GuitarHeroPianoZero

This is another long distance relationship song, but it’s about Miku and her “master”, but some and even the producer claim it’s more of a long distance with her love away at war- like those Skype calls the make up the world to those apart in those situations. Fun Fact: This was the song Miku sung to open for Lady Gaga! For which I say, mainstream, which is pretty awesome for an English producer! Go GHPZ… whoo~ This was also on Moma Haku’s list.

Honorable Mention: Miracle Paint by OSTER project – This song is kinda short, but it sums up love pretty good. Since most of us in the community draw a lot, I figured that “The Paintbrush of Love” is a good metaphor for our feelings towards love itself. We want to create the fabric to heal the empty inside us all… but that’s making it kinda sad for all you singles out there. Don’t feel bad, We’re all single at one point or another.

Demo: Speaking of honorable mentions… there was something I wanted to ask you Soni~

SoniLOID: Yes Demo-senpai?

Demo: Considering our time together, all the weird ways you make me feel and so many other things…

SoniLOID: Y-y-yes? (Oh… this sounds like a confession, I hope nothing interrupts this moment!)


Demo: SoniLoid, will you… be my flower? My girlfriend?


Demo: How can I be your senpai? You have more subs and your older than me by almost a year! So… you’re my senpai, and I’m so happy that you’ve accepted little ole’ me~

SoniLoID: My Demo~

Demo: My Soni~

Fate: My Lunch~


Demo: What’s that? I can’t hear you over our love!

Sawbat: ( * _ *) That doesn’t make any sense…

Demo: Does love ever make sense?

Fate: I’ll buy it

Sawbat: Me too

#1. 1/6 – out of the gravity – noa

I chose this because it fits my feelings towards Soniloid PERFECTLY. Not only do I want to be with her because I love her, but so we can experience a happiness that neither of us have ever felt before. There are dark times in my life, some that I can’t even fathom enough to get them out of my mouth. I seemingly suffer alone, with my God, and with the people I care most about. It’s hard for me, honestly, because I just worry about everyone, and those great people in my life are there to talk to me when I worry a bit too much about the others. There are dark times, and all I want to do is help them get a smile back on their face. I can’t do that alone. Plus, she agreed… after countless other crushes and confessions it seemed like hope was lost… but we made it, it’s happening, and nothing’s gonna stop us now… maybe except death, but that’s a little too dark, why did I say that? That is so depressing!

Demo: Yes, you heard this right. Me and SoniLoid, or Rose, are officially going steady! And when I mean steady, I mean super steady- because I technically never thought long distance relationships as something you could beat… but, the way she makes me feel, we’ll just go ahead and try it! She’s all I can think about, except worry apparently, and while I’m over here lost in daydreams, she does help me with my videos… a lot~ So, this will be beneficial to you guys… SoniLoid, do you have anything to add?

SoniLOID: [I Love Demo]

Demo: Soniloid is a gold star in the darkness that gave me a new dawn on my life. I can’t tell anyone how much I love her! Because even I don’t even know how far it goes it could be an existential explosion but I don’t care. The whole of her is amazing.

I hope our love flourishes… and I also hope my audience doesn’t get jealous… although, if you’re jealous, just place in the comments… My ego will burst with excitement! Just know, I’ll love you all past eternity, it’s just that I love SoniLoid in that same way, except in more ways than one… and I have a video coming up about why we are infatuated with animated characters in anime… but seriously, Rose is so sweet, caring, and oh, she’s so mature about subjects that would make anyone break down and walk off because of confusion, I mean when we talk, she usually just sits there and intently listens when I babble babble on about random scientific discoveries and philosophical requiems that often come with my original self, and even then I will sit and listen to her all day because I love her voice and all the things I love about her is just so much bigger now I know she loves Vocaloid, video games, has her own YouTube channel, by the way, go subscribe to my lovely sugarcane, and don’t forget to click the bell, which you should click the bell on mine too, and oh, with this love we are going to make you all vomit~













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