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Vomit Sounds

Are you sick? Do you have a hankering for death from all your sneezing fits? Well come on down to Demo’s Vocaloid Emergency Clinic. Got broken bones, we rip ‘em out and give you a new one. Got a packed nostril full of phlegm, we’ll puncture a hole in your cheeks to let it seep out. We don’t conform to the medical society- society is bonkers. With our patented group of Vocaloid clones stolen from their respective owners, we provide karaoke to people who are sick. Take it away Miku- Wasn’t that awesome! We accept all insurance that has a 100% co-pay to the consumer. All of your problems are solved at Demo’s Vocaloid Emergency Clinic, just call 555-5555-5555-5555-1886 to speak to a receptionist! We Sell Coupons.

Note: This is not an actual place nor are the Vocaloid’s clones of their original patents. All insurance given will be suspended and revoked. Any medical condition you suffer from that you think is or could lead to a medical emergency, call a hospital you dumb poop. Any pregnancies garnered by how much love you had about this clinic being real will not be determined for us to have responsibility. If you want to sue you can reach us at the White House, Washington D.C. This is all just a joke, and help under severe laws that support me to use satirical information. Any use of my jokes to hurt me or my community will be held accountable. P.S. I hate you News Media, you suck balls. Suck balls so hard that all the balls in the world just evaporate into nothingness and there you go, you see what you did, you stopped reproduction of every person ever dead, have you no sense of lineage and decency? Screw off YouTube, I didn’t mention you for a reason.

Are you ready for the great Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Illness. This is because I have been sick these past few weeks, so here’s to everyone who is suffering from something. So, here, we, go!

  1. #Someone Please Come up with a Name for this Pain – cosMo

Gumi and Miku come at you hard with a deadly case of nursing assistance! Gumi is in that sexy pink nurse outfit, and also looks drunk, while Miku is obviously the sick one with a mic that is an IV drip. I understand that this song is basically for a play of sorts, if you notice the overhead spotlights in the background, as well as there is a very subtle overlay of the screen to say that this is being recorded by a camera. Not to mention it just seems like Miku is acting just a bit too excited about being sick… but if Gumi was my nurse, I’d be the same way. I can’t say anything!

  1. 1year – Pinocchio-P

The sun, the decider of the actualization of the human concept of time. This song is just chock full of metaphors telling of the rotation of earth much like a raffle. The story tells of a business woman so distraught with work that she jumps off a roof, or has a medical illness, and falls into a coma for exactly 365 days. The whole song actually goes through the mundane exasperation of everyday work of the narrow existence of an economical worker. The song hints that she gets into a coma on multiple occasions, eventually unable to understand which is the coma, the actual coma, or real life. A heavy concept, isn’t it?

  1. Tomorrow, I Will Die – Kuroda Asin

Breaking our collective hearts at #8 is a heartbreaking, already said that, story about a kid portrayed by Miku who is just completely distraught and given no falter to the bad happening around her. This happens to us all, but you have to remember, not everyone has the gusto I had a long time ago, and not everyone looks to the bright side of things, leading to a very nihilistic view of life. But does that really cause happiness? Nihilism and pessimism are things I fight on a daily basis, so there’s no reason to say it’s easy to fight. Just know if you truly are sick, know that other people say you are not alone, but I myself know that doesn’t help that much. My advice is to understand that life is worth living, not because no one knows your struggle, you alone know what you go through, so make it your life to help those who don’t know how to deal with things, even if you don’t know how to deal with it yourself. I’ve won against my demons, how about you?

  1. Fluticasone – kiichi

This song has very little context, but I do know Fluticasone is something I took a long time ago in the brand of Flonase Allergy Relief because I had a lot of asthma and allergies until I started training my body. So, even though the lyrics are in the realm of incomprehensible because I can’t understand it, this song is mainly just to say that it kinda helps… I didn’t like the taste of Fluticasone. BLEGH!

  1. We Were Watched – mothy

Oh, here we go, a magnificent song about an articulate and heart warming story from the great Mothy. So, the story goes, a newspaper boy collapses, but he’s poor, so he cannot afford the hospital, because those stinking bills… I still get bills from years ago. Then it is come to realize that a lot more people were coming down with the illness. There was a girl who worked at a factory… as it turns out, the factory emitted poisonous smog from the chimneys. The song paints the picture of a girl trying to not be poor, all while her work makes everyone’s health worse. Smog kills, ya know!

  1. I am living – No-H

This is… depressing. It tells of a small girl singing about being attached to medical equipment to stay alive. Not only this, I understand this is a girl noticing only in her perspective. But do you blame a child? It’s hard to even look at and think about, but being a touchy subject as it is, to either let a child live or let a child die without hope to have a normal life. The whole of it, in my opinion, routinely depends on the temperament of the child itself. If they have an undying fire to stay alive, then keep them alive by any means. Why ruin the beauty and chaos of life if you act selfishly for the sake of one that has already given up? Not saying that is a right way of thinking, but this is a deeply heavy subject people literally go through! Give some credence!

  1. KOKOROキAnother ~Lambda Organ~ Episode ZERO – Rokugatsu-P

This song takes the question of if Rin and Len were born in a factory by bacteria. Rin was so smart that she became known as the Miracle Chemist. So, she tried to find a cure for the eventual death of herself because she herself was not human. A simple waiting for the human to wake up, but his growth was nonabundant to the point where Rin, with her time up, threw herself into the fluid for her body to decompose to form into nutrients for him to wake up. After 100 years… Idunno, that’s the end of Episode Zero… oops…

  1. Depression of a Young Literati – Hoehoe-P

Mental Health train, All aboard! As always, this one relates to suicide. As many of you know, Japan has a very serious problem with people overworking themselves to literal death. Imagine working in a factory for 80 hours a week with only 1 week of vacation a year. One segment of the song mentions a famous author committing suicide that really influenced the guy’s decision to do this. It’s not easy to wait to hear someone call your name. But if you think everything you did was shameful, ask yourself, is living shameful? If it is, why not live for the innocent that can’t fight for themselves? If you can’t live for yourself, live for others who desperately need you. In the end, he didn’t do anything because he grew old.

  1. Toxoplasmosis – Kyaramel

Toxoplamosis is a disease that results from infection in the Toxoplasma gondii Parasite. This disease is actually very common and spreads like the flu, except it affects you for months instead of weeks. Most commonly, it is transmitted as a sexually transmitted infection. You can easily become infected if you eat undercooked… anything really. Cats regularly catch it and transmit it as well. Toxoplasmosis is not deadly, but can lead to blindness and deafness, and can foretell of a deadly illness known as encephalitis, or the infection moving to the brain which is a very bad scenario. But the whole of the song is obscure enough to where I don’t know what to say, so there’s the low down on an illness you may get one day.

Before we get to number one, I would like to mention that I am working on a LOT of stuff. I’m talking massive stuff people. I truly want to do 3 Top 10’s a week, but I’m not promising anything because of the massive promises I’ve already broken. But I will say that the Pokemon video will be up in a matter of days! Also, if you’d like to support me, I have brand new Teespring designs on my store, including Moma Haku’s first design. IF you like whiskey in your coffee and love to show it, get this shirt for others to know you like both whiskey, anime, Vocaloid, and burbon because it’s gotta be my favorite of the bunch. So go check out the epic T’s for your enjoyment. Also, don’t commit suicide, I love you!

  1. If – Muryoku-P

Here’s the final song, and this final song declares the acceptance and unwilling denial of death. Fighting day in and day out, the feathers upon your spine shredding at every beat of your aching heart, inflamed with the path you’ve chosen. If things were that bad and you kept going, you’d be better day after day, it’s not how you act, it’s how you feel that makes you a good person, a person someone looks up to. Intentions matter, because without them, we wouldn’t act, nor feel, at all! Also, check out that wicked hospital bed solo, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… I’m discrediting myself aren’t I?

I know that everything on this list was only what I thought was best, and there are far more creepier ones I left out because this isn’t supposed to be creepy! I would like to thank you all for everything, because we just passed 100,000 views on the channel, as well as the success of Food Fantasy. I know I’ve been out for a while, because I’m hurting a lot and my muscles are in DEEP PAIN that they constrict my nerves and I’m in EVEN MORE DEEP PAIN, so it’s hard to breathe sometimes. You guys have skyrocketed my watch minutes, so I will reach Monetization soon. Thank you all for holding out on my sickness. Likewise, I’m ready to keep going as long as I can keep making you guys happy! There are more to come, so stay tuned.


Get well soon!

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