Top 10 Vocaloid Songs For Halloween (ft. SoniLOID)


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[Demo putting on a mask…]

Sawbat:        Demo… the trick or treaters are waiting!

Demo:          Uh, Sawhat, I’m half way done.

Sawbat:        Hurry up, there is a girl out there and waiting for candy.

Demo:          Well tell her to wait.


Rose:            But I don’t want to wait.


Sawbat & Demo:    AH-

Demo:          Sawbat I can’t see anything… what’s happening?

Rose:            Oh, well how about I help you with that!

[pulls out scythe and cuts mask in 2]


Demo:          Oh… thanks!

Rose:            You’re welcome Demo.

Demo:          Wai-waiwaiwaiwaiwaiwait… h-h-h-how do you know my name?

Rose:            I watch your videos, ya [insert colorful word]

Demo:          OH, A WILD FAN HAS APPEARED!!!

Rose:            No… A Super Fan!

Sawbat:        But I don’t feel any air.


Rose:            I have a bargain to settle, Mr. Demo. I would like to do a Halloween video Top 10. Aren’t I just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Sawbat:        Oh, sure. Walk on my territory!

Demo:          So you want us to do a Top 10 Halloween video which would ultimately prevent us from having to deal with other trick or treaters…

Rose:            I’ll take that as an invitation! I have the list, and I have all the Sawbat action figures and plushies- available in the distant future!

Demo:          Hmm… Yeah, I don’t know… I just met you an-

Rose:            I’ll throw in a magical book with forbidden knowledge~

Demo:          DEAL

Rose:            (All according to plans… I will soon get you to fall in love with me Demo, and everyone else will claim us as the King and Queen of YouTube and Vocaloid~) HEHEHEHE

Sawbat:        (Strange… my yandere senses are not tingling… she must be…) HAH… heart crushies… YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- ‘bout time!

Demo:          Welcome to the Top 10 Halloween Vocaloid Songs

Rose:            Featuring me, SoniLOID!

Demo:          Yeah, me and Sonia have been talking for a while about a collaboration and-

Rose:            My name’s not Sonia… (snide-like)

Demo:          ( O_O)?       Well, before pseudo-Megumin blows us all up, let’s get down into the list- shall we-

Rose:            EXPULOSION!

Demo:          AH~

Rose:            chuckles just joking!

  1. Splatter Party (Bizarre Murder) by Camelia

Miku throws a party Jigsaw would love, and she uses a chainsaw as her weapon. And the song is DUBSTEP!! The red and blue paper reference is a mention to the mythology of a Japanese ghost giving you a choice of either being strangled to death, the blue one, or having your back flayed open, the red one… but can I ask… where’s the green one? I like green!

  1. Fear Garden by Chaa

Gore Warning:      Rin is so cute, and so adorable, who wouldn’t want to take a look at her little garden… maybe even help her plant some things- until you realize she is planting bodies and limbs all over the blood stained soil, collapsing the fine earth’s innocence with the deceased and the diseased. I get the gist she may like to simulate zombie movies with real bodies. And in either way, if you go to Rin and ask her your burning question of why… you may find out her answer… is to DIE FOR!

  1. The Full Course for Candy Addicts by Machigarita-P

When Miku get’s hungry, she wants every ounce of her lover close to her… so close to her in fact that she either turns him into candy and then eats him, or she is so insane that she can’t tell the difference between an eyeball and a gumdrop, and still eats him! She also manages to eat a few other things… like puppies- {adlib}

  1. Trick and Treat by OSTER Project

Who wants childhood trauma and dolls? Of course, Miku is the most famous Vocaloid… but in my interpretation, Miku is actually a normal girl, not a Vocaloid, and has two dolls that look like Rin & Len. Some type of trauma has caused her to walk a purgatory of these dolls keeping her away from everything she once thought was fearful. But she has come to find out that running from your fears, create even more that you cannot outrun! So… she commits suicide- a shame.

  1. Club Nightmare by Yuugou-P

Rose:            More of my cute little Rin- and Len of course. These 2 miscreants are similar to the previous song where Rin and Len drug Miku into coming to the dark side of the mirror using a poison apple by covering it in mud and boiling it. Club Nightmare is a place where all your fears are realized! Will you become a regular? Or will you be ejected by way of death?

Demo:          Let me interject- the way to get miku drugged is actually proven to be the case in real life. Boiling an apple just enough will open up the seeds and spread their cyanide contents. But in real life, it would take doing that to 20 apples to kill someone, and no one eats that many anyway!

Rose:            Really? Apple’s have cyanide?

Demo:          Close, they have something in seeds that morphs into cyanide, this also includes almonds, peaches-

Rose:            STOP, I LOVE THOSE!

  1. Pumpkin Syndrome by PolyphonicBranch

Pumpkin Syndrome tells of a story of Rin… again… who was lead to an odd and cold place by a cat. There; she met Len, who offered her poison candies… again with poison. The more time she spent there, the more she felt uncomfortable, like any sane person would. In the end, Len said it was just a dream; and how once Rin awakens, she won’t be able to return to that place… so- like a simple dream? This is why I don’t read Wikia stuff- so bland- and it doesn’t even mention Halloween! Come on! The Animation is fantastic though!

  1. Happy Halloween by Junky

When a little Rin get’s turned into a ravenous little candy eater by the Magic Pumpkin from eating his candy, she falls in love with Halloween. Her mousy friends carouse around her and wait for the rain of candy that is this time of the year Pumpkins are so in style, it’s like when anime started using rainbow’s for vomit- they’re everywhere! Not to mention it’s gonna be a party with her hyped up on sugar! There is also a rap version by nqrse- link in description!

  1. Yami no Uta (Song of Darkness) by Koohoo-P

Oh Miku, why did you go to the darkside? A little violent aren’t you? Other than the simple truth that the fame has gone to Miku’s head, she now stands alone with the mask that’s an obvious JOJO reference with 666 replacing her 01 tattoo! The animation is superb! As well as having multiple ninja fights that are awesome enough to watch again. And if you listen closely, you can hear a Jojo character posing in the background!

  1. Sweet Shackles by maya

Pretty much, a maid in the house goes yandere on her master’s ass…

Demo:          Wait, is that my Colony font?

With power imbued with the sensation of the sweetness of killing for the sake of getting married to her master. But she then kills him, over and over again, well, thinking she killed him, because from the lyrics it portrays that she is reliving the day over every other day forevermore, but things seem to change on how they are portrayed. I mean… how else would you explain walking the blood stained carpets before the actual proposal?



Rose:            Why aren’t you saying anything? (whisper)

Demo:          Because it’s the interlude… go ahead… tell them about your channel!

Rose:            [Tell them about your channel]

Demo:          And you can also… ya know, subscribe to me since this is where the video is on- you can also cook that like button before we go into number one. And also…

Rose:            WAIT!

Demo:          What?

Rose:            I wanted to try a jumpscare…

Demo:          Kinda just ruined the moment by telling me that.

Rose:            pout

  1. Mrs. Pumpkin’s Comical Dream by Hachi

How can you have a Halloween list without this song? Mrs. Pumpkin is tired of living in a world where there is no moon and no death to be had- just circling around in the catacombs of a fallen reality. In the worst degrading city and train station, she falls into a fast sleep that the devil won’t allow the day to come again. When will the dawn arise again? Well, if you haven’t heard my new single- it’s after tomorrow night!

Rose:            Oh Demo, that was shameless.

Demo:          Yeah, well, you get it where you can take it you know!

Rose:            Anyway- we finally reached the end of the video. What will we do next?

Demo:          Well, I have more videos to do, so I guess get ready for some more!

Rose:            Oh YAY, does that mean I can come back and feel your awesomeness again?

Demo:          Oh… well… sure, if you want to, I mean it’s not like I have anything better to do.

Rose:            Yay, I’ll come back tomorrow- and maybe then we can have a sleepover.

Demo:          I think that’d be a great idea, it takes hours to get these videos out- sometimes days, and it’s just so hard getting everyone in the right mood to do it!

Rose:            Oh, I’ll be in the mood, don’t worry! (Don’t you worry at all!)

Sawbat:        Hey, are you a yandere?

Rose:            Aww, you’re so adorabu- I just want to squish you in my arms and eat you up~

Sawbat:        OH MY LOGIC SHE IS A YANDERE, BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, GET THE LEAD OUT- GET OUT OF THE WAY DEMO. Just shut up and move you pile of horse-

Demo:          Hey… Sawbat, why are you freaking out? Just stop a bi-

Rose:            sigh

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