Top 10 Vocaloid 3D Promotional Videos (Nostalgia Edition)


Fate:                     Sawbat, your mission is to find the Devoman and bring him to justice!

Sawbat:                              I’m on it!

Demo:                  Devo- what are you doing? Why can’t you just stop shaving sheep?

DEVO:                  It is the source of my magic!

Demo:                  You have no magic, and the one you do have just spontaneously creates hachune Miku’s.

[Hachune pops up]

DEVO:                  Curse you for your evil truth!

Demo:                  You’re the evil one, sheering sheep- there is the Sheer Sheer Wooly Sheep Act in law! VILLAIN!!!

Fate:                     3 Dimensional missiles go!

[flying bread]

DEVO:                  Ow, why are you hitting me with toast-

Sawbat:                              Booyah [smacks DEVO]

Demo:                  What will happen next? Stay tuned to after number 2 on the Top 10 3D Promotional Videos of Vocaloid Music!


This one had the potential to be a perfect 3d anime at the time. But with the Engrish, it makes it lackluster. But I will say that Mecha outer space fighting was the epitome of epic back in the day, being that corruption garden is the most famous of Caz’s song. And the story being told is one that would be great in a full length feature movie! And it’s just epic.

  1. HONEY – Nanameue-P:

Odd that we jump from epic to cute, but still, this is the best cute animation of Little Meiko, Rin, Len, Miku, Kaito, Teto, Neru, and even Moma Haku… she shrunk… and may I ask… there are some serious and important jiggle physics in this song- not to mention the perfect smaller chibi versions with bands of hachune all over the place. This is one of the better made 3d PV’s of the smoothness!

  1. Anger – Tripshots:

As old as this one is, there are older ones, but Anger has got to be the most rhythmic intense of the list. Miku has some serious addiction to the beat, moving in ways that were new to the time. The whole of this one was inspiration for the stories of the Project Diva series. Not only that but it is a very fun ride to have when you show this to someone not into Vocaloid!

  1. Reboot – Jimmy Thumbs-P:

Want some sadness? Anyone who is a Vocaloid fan has probably seen this one being that it is very famous for the story alone. Telling a story of Miku, Luka, and an unknown girl overcoming a tragic tale of loss and of the accidents that define and redefine the relationships we cherish. Everyone blames themselves, but after a while, they all get past it like we all should. This one is just sad- the first time I seen I cried, ok… there you go! Go cry so I’m not alone!

  1. VOiCE – Lovely-P:

A subtle call to the very third of Lovely-P’s music… The 3d is so old you can tell the age from this one. But anyway, the robots- or guardians- take care of little Miku during a time of war. And the immense foretelling of past events such as the world wars we know, and somehow the robot destroys and entire force with nothing but a spear? How? It gets very a mass of despair upon which the robot falls and sacrifices his core to save the world from war! Miku soon returns to find the house there but not her caretaker… like most stories like this.

  1. I=Fantasy – Narinder Singh and 방시혁:

I wanted to add in a little bit of SeeU because she doesn’t frequent my top 10’s much. And this song was just the first of the Korean Vocaloids that has a good 3d PV, but for some reason there are Spanish subtitles in it… but I will say that the song is very catchy! SeeU really needs more love from me to be honest, so here ya go SeeU!

  1. Hello, Planet – Brother-P:

This one isn’t 3d in the form of models, but as in 2d forms of 3d, and I had to add it in because it’s just so unique and fun. The planet is made of nothing but dirt. Miku takes it upon herself to plant things, make the sky blue, rearrange the volcanoes… ok… and with a pot above her head, she searches the destroyed world to recreate it! Crossing cultures, skeletons, and gods along the way and loses body parts. See, fun! Although, I’m not sure who that mysterious person is that guides her. Anyone know?

  1. Love is War – ryo and Shirou Miwa:

You are not a Vocaloid fan if you’ve never heard of this song. The is the epitome of perfect popularity. As one of ryo’s and Vocaloid’s best songs, it is the 3rd on this list because of the nostalgia of all of us. Come on, you know you love this song!

  1. Burenai Ai De – Mitchie-M:

Mitchie-M just has the best music for stuff like this. This animation is a lot newer than the rest of these songs, and I am saying fully that I adore the visuals. They are just so fluid that it makes Miku’s voice sound even more better! I love it, and anything Mitchie-M produces. It was a toss up between this one and his other 3D PV’s because they are all just so good I lost time! Oops. But seriously, Go Mitchie-M!

DEVO:                  It is over for you Venereal Disease! I have the upper hand.

Demo:                  It’s VD as in VocaloiDemo, and so what. I have a toast rocket! [fires]

DEVO:                  Ow, why do you have to do that? Guh, just stop it… I’ve already had breakfast, why don’t you just stop?

Demo:                  Not until after number 1- AAAH~

Fate:                     Helicopter Smash Attack


  1. Goddess of the Moonlit Woods Spring – Dr.Arahata:

This one is the number one spot because it was one of the very first 3D PV’s of Miku. This song is literally as old as Miku and 10 years old. To have this kind of epic quality back in those days was awesome and showed just how great Vocaloid is with all of this 3D stuff. It is a calmer song that some of you may not have heard. And I have to say, nice Harp playing Miku! You sound lovely!

Fate:                     Poor Devoman, all he wanted was sheep wool.

Sawbat:                              I don’t know why, he could have simply went to the wool and wool store just 3 blocks away!

Demo:                  Devoman was never really that smart of a man. He always used to wear red and say YouTube would be perfect forever.

Fate:                     Yeah, here’s to the hope of the future generations who hopefully have a better time getting up the ladder.

Sawbat:                              YouTube- WHY~ … Screw you, you’re evil…

Demo:                  We live in a day and age where skills are necessary and those skills take lots of time that even I don’t have all on my own… so here’s a bit of advice: If you ever start YouTube, if you can, start uploading a few months in advance unless you’re a news channel. It gives you time to edit and do videos your subscribers want- and not to mention gives you less stress. Like I could easily do 2 videos a day, and I do plan on to next week, not all week, but maybe one or two days with a number of Unity Chan games from both indie websites and phone games! I hope you guys like it, because I enjoy them. THERE ARE TOO MANY!!!


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