Top 10 Unique Vocaloid Songs


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[Sawbat bursts through a door holding a letter]

Sawbat:                              Demo, We’ve got mail…

Demo [not shown]:          Ooh, let me read it…

[Show and read “This video was sponsored by Kirara Seika (key-rah-rah _ Say-ka)”]

Sawbat:                              Wait, really…

Demo:   Yes, so here’s a little-paid promo that I would have actually done for free…

To keep this short, Kirara Seika is a Vocaloid producer, so let’s talk about her music. I introduce to you the Tower of Song Style ‘TM’

[Show Tower of Song Style]

This Tower of Song Style for Kirara Seika is comprised of world music with different styles of ethnicity, along with orchestral and electric tones, and just a smidgen of Latin thrown in.

[Throw ‘Latin’ aside the Tower of Song Style]

Did you notice it didn’t topple over? Because it fits almost perfectly.

[Fit ‘Latin’ almost perfectly]

I love her music, and I think you will too, so if you don’t mind at all, go on ahead and cook that subscribe button on her channel… and just as a note, this will not affect any of the songs on the list. So let’s just start right up!

Oh, and Fatemah has made things worse…

[Demo in Fatemah’s body]
  1. The Twins Sing to 1000 Digits of Pi – πP

Unique Value: Singing Numbers

If this is any reason to learn the number of pi, this is the way to do it… or maybe not. Unfortunately, it’s singing in the Japanese numbers, like 4 is “shi” and so on. The freakishly horrible part is, Pi is not comprised of 1000 digits, but 1.24 trillion… that’s what you call hardcore math! Not only that, if you want to learn the lyrics to this song, here you go… not looking so enthusiastic now are you? Just know, that Pi, is like the Evil Clown of numbers, it demands your attention and you can very easily go, NOPE, NOT GOING NEAR THAT, RRRRRUUUUUNNNNN!


Unique Value: Live Action Band

Not very many producers of the Vocaloid community use instruments that aren’t of the virtual kind. Not very many of said producers actually feature that in their videos. Not only is it like a very real music video made from a big name band, it also gives the viewers a sense of Miku’s realness. Even though the only miku shown is a chibi figurine, but yeah, to each his own. I admire BIGHEAD as a producer for this very reason!

  1. vostok2+ – atsuzoukun

Unique Value: Original Media Deleted Off NicoNicoVideo

Usually when you look up a specific Vocaloid songs on YouTube, it may not be available to listen to, so you’ll have to go to NicoNico if it’s an Asian producer. This one is strangely different. As this one was first available on NicoNico, but then reprinted on YouTube officially… I also couldn’t find the exact reason why the producer decided to do that… But I just thought it was unique enough to be put here… ok?

  1. Leave In Summer, Yet You’re In My Fluffoughts – baker

Unique Value: Alpaca’s

What the heck are Fluffoughts? Is it weird that I find this song alluring? I don’t know I guess it just gives me a… fluffy, feeling in my heart. Oh come on, you should have gotten use to my puns by now. With a nightlife music style along with the alpaca tuxedo, how can you not bob that head for this song?

  1. Dear Koreans, Please Die – Hobonichi-P

Unique Value: [Can I Say This One YouTube?] Hatred towards… piece it together yourself.

This is going to be very harshly censored, because YouTube is going after this type of thing, like the words and the meaning. I don’t know why miku is saying this, but using Google Translate… well, it’s specifically aimed towards South Kor- um… I… uh… I’m sorry, Blame YouTube for their hatred of hate speech with no context. NO, I SAID IT…

  1. Coke’s Song – BRBRP

Unique Value: Shut Up, It’s Coke

Pepsi fans close your ears and eyes. By no means does this mean I am sponsored by Coke, let alone this producer. But it’s just a clean conclusion that coke has agreed with so many peoples tastebuds that it has created love for the brand. I personally am a Coke Zero fan, and it went good with the Pizza I ate just now… Yeah, its either Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Coffee, or all kinds of tea, except dry desert lemon… the raunchiest stuff you’ll ever taste. EH!

  1. Faelythic step – Yuzuki Masu

Unique Value: Constructed Language

Can you guess the language in this? Go ahead with a few guesses… French, Welsh, Celtic? Nope, this tongue is what is known as a conlang, or a constructed language, if you need big name examples, you can go to Klingon in Star Trek, many creatures in Star Wars, Dovah-kian from Skyrim, and if you are a history nut, you can look at Neologisms from the times of Plato, In Book III of Deipnosophistae. Not that big on English? You can just speak random words that mean nothing, and apply it to a meaning- but since Yuzuki created it herself, I have no possible way to actually decipher it.

  1. I Only Speak Konglish – GaGain

Unique Value: Hip Hop Mocking Vocaloid Dialect

I love this song, with SeeU mocking her own accent in the form of hip hop rock, and not only just the language problem… what the heck is Konglish? Konglish is the macaronic use of English words or words derived from English words in a Korean context. So, basically, you know how Japanese people say something… like, take the word Milk- for instance, Japanese Japanglish, would say Mirku, or just Miku- oh my dear cabbage garden, Miku is named after MILK! But more on the song, SeeU is no longer the only Korean Vocaloid… So this song is out of date.

  1. STOP! The Debukatsu! (Tropical Mix) – Usagi_Rabbit

Unique Value: Tropical Diet

Have you ever been on that diet for the upcoming summer? Well fear not because little Lily and other Vocaloids suffer that same. Although, her singing about food is getting me hungry, and I just ate… So if you have that hankering for some of that ice cream, twinkies, or hamburgers, then make sure you listen to this song for Lily to remind you forth right how bad it can get if you overload on that wedding. But I’ll bring something else to the table, don’t just say you’ll restart the diet, because subconsciously, your mind will say that you just took a break, and you might just lose weight faster if you believe you have been dieting a longer time. It’s not about restarting, it’s about the long haul of mind control and truthfulness to your body, and look at me going on after the whole song is over… but anyway, on to the interlude…

Did I mention I’m creating Music? I’ve released the 2 songs I have back a few weeks ago, but I’ve also gotten better and now I’m creating Alternative Rock Music, as well as going as far as Doom Metal… Yeah, I know silly right? Anyway, if you haven’t already, cook the like button or subscribe if you’re new, and speaking of subscribing, don’t forget about Kirara Seika, as you can catch that link in the description! Are you ready for number one? LET’S GO!!!

  1. Gorgeous Big Conversation – Pinocchio-P & Utsu-P

Unique Value: Lots of Stuff

I have a Depression, I have a Pinocchio, UHG… ok, I’ll stop. 2 people, 2 different styles of music, combined to make a Gorgeous Big Conversation… I admit, I love both of these artists. Utsu is signified as the Whale king, or the sea king, and Pinocchio is signified as the elephant king, or the land king. This is an extremely unique song due to the fact that each producer has very little to relate to each other, other than Miku! But Utsu-P still uses Gumi’s Append Dark Growl, that I have grown to love. If you look at any song on this or any of my lists, I’d highly recommend this one!

Whew, we are done with the Unique list, so next come the Disturbing, Parody, then Boobie! Then who knows, I didn’t get the According to Demo out Wednesday, but oh well, there’s always next time! Hopefully Fate will actually fix this, but I’m trying to be a mature pervert… oh, my gosh…


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