Top 10: Religious Vocaloid Songs (4/20 Tribute)



Warning: religious concepts… let’s not start a holy war in the comments section! Be Mature- well I guess I could use pervert in a way to perverse religion or such!? Anyway, if you knock a religion… be a #MaturePervert! No disgraceful hate or blame, please! These are just for fun, not targets for religious freaks to misconstrued lyrics and put blame on someone, especially the producers! These guys are awesome enough to give us music! You don’t have to like it! Just walk away!



Demo: Sawbat, No!


So you came back for more top 10’s! This time we are doing something different with the “top 14” Vocaloid songs with religious concepts. The reason, I couldn’t find many that supported rather than objectified the religious concept! So this will be about religious and anti-religious songs! Also, since it’s 4/20, I have something special as the last song!

Since this is a religious conceptual video, I’d like to go through a few rules so you can understand what I did to put these songs up on this list:

  • All religions accepted
  • Lyrically based in spirituality, God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, etc.
  • Only historically/religiously accurate songs… no made up ones!
  • Only originals! No covers of church/radio songs!
  • Anti-religious Accepted!

My only rule to you guys is:

  • If you can’t say anything nice- or without joking- don’t say anything at all!

I’m going to take bullets for this one I can already tell!

Sawbat: Hey, take this mirror to ward off the evil! (Satan appears in the mirror)

Demo: Oh God!


Top 7 Religious Songs:

  1. 6900000000 – Kyoton-P – Probably the most calm of this list, being a God of a world filled with 6.9 billion people is hard. Prayers can seem like phone calls, not everyone will agree with what you do! I put this as number one to leave you guys a little something calmer on the last to calm your flaming witch tits about your religious hatred!
  1. Faith in God⇒Exclamation! – Yairi – This specific song has two versions by S!N and Miku! This song can lyrically be described as the faithless lover, or a faithless follower… I couldn’t make up my mind! There is a sequel to this in the anti/religious video!
  2. Can I Go To The City of God? – Toya – This is more along the lines of what you would hear in a church. It’s a sweet song about walking through heaven and looking upon the wonders! Ooh, can’t wait! Just waiting for Death- No, Death’s a good buddy of mine, I keep him locked up in my bathroom closet, he ain’t killing anytime soon!
  3. Song for Great Satan – NankaP – You guys, Satanism is a religion… but just hear it out! It’s creepy, of course, but the lyrics are chants and about Satan getting devoured by a dark castle! Yeah, I was too worried about the community whiplash that I lost time for interpretation!
  4. Jihad? – muryokuP – Jihad is a Hebrew word that means “struggle”. In the context of the song, Jihad is the struggle to stay clean of sin, with someone telling you to smile and keep going, but has also forgotten how to smile! See, Vocaloid is diverse!
  5. Heaven and Hell – HitoshizukuP – Okay, this song was far too cute to not put this in! So, it’s about a monk dying and having a choice between heaven and hell. Unfortunately, the devil, len, and the angel, rin, are basically in charge of the same place just with different rules and other funny stuff that caused them to give the poor soul an extra life!
  6. Redemption – KentaiP – When you’ve got the devil holding your chain, you ask if God will take you back when he’s done with you! This is a part of a series by Kentai, but I couldn’t get a name! Personally never seen Luka and Avanna do a duet together though!

Top 7 anti-religious songs:

  1. God of Marie – MASA Worke Design – It’s 4/20 and what other way to celebrate than to completely vilify the convent community, PRAISE IT! This is a bold statement for the girls to relate Marie of the Bible (you know the Mother of God) to Marijuana, and I have to say, catchy in a many number of ways! Welp, we’re all going to hell- who’s buying the nonexistent drinks when we get there?
  2. Most Certainly… Undoubtedly… A Goddess – UtataP – Not only does this song have biblical references and questions God’s sanity, but it is put in a parodically fun way! This is a song that addresses issues that have plagued moral followers since the beginning. I take it the 6.9 billion people were almost too much, eh! And is it just me or is Miku a kawaii (cute) little tenshi (angel)- or is she a megami (Goddess)! Aww, look at her cute little face!
  3. Repentance∝Scalat!oN – Yairi – This is the sequel to Faith in God⇒Exclamation! This puts into question if repentance is actually a thing that works! Once you lose your innocence, you don’t know right from wrong, so you have to experiment! Going to be a rough road!
  4. God Song – PinocchioP – To interchange God and Good makes this song confusing in a way. It could mean that God is the relationships of people loving each other, or that no one needs a God when we support ourselves! I don’t honestly know!
  5. God Slaying Machine – RegaP – I don’t have to go into too much detail, but this is a passionate song for the one that miku loves, declaring that if even God stole them away from her She would break those steel grips of God… extreme but romantic~
  6. A Wind Up God – Kemu – This is more of a part of a series called the Pandora Voxx series, I think? Anyway, when a God is made mechanical, it begins to question itself, because how can a god be made? I also have no idea if I have this right… I just- procrastinated… Watch the series to check it out!
  7. Religious War – sat – Finally, a song where nothing is subjective. This is basically Luka understanding the downsides to religious wars. In which I hope none of you are typing sh*t in the comments section!


Have you killed me yet? Am I a ghost? Well, I hope you don’t subject anyone to hate, because I can’t stress that enough! I’ve seen people destroyed for stuff like this, so I hope you come back after this, because I purposefully left a song out because it is going to be something special in the future! LATERS!

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Big shout out to the man upstairs for not striking me down with lightening! Also, take head to the warning this time… I am more serious than I have been thus far! I want no backlash for this! Hate is allowed, but not so harsh as to damage someone’s view of their religion! Be mature guys, realize that open mindedness is the key to everyone’s happiness!


Thank you guys for being lenient! I appreciate the maturity!



















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