Top 10: Fun Vocaloid Songs


I love Food!

Sawbat: I do too!

I love waffles!

Sawbat: I do too!

I love to cuddle with Gumi-

Sawbat: mmm… nah!

What!? Are you mad? Have you been smoking that flower I planted out front [bush of berries]

Sawbat: Umm… those are berries, and what makes you think that? Is it because I personally don’t like to get caught in her massive breasts!

…            How can you say that! I love getting caught there- she has captured my face near her heart!

Sawbat: I like my women… NOT so well endowed- because of gravity later in life!

…            I’m pretty sure you just offended all busty women!

Sawbat: And I’m pretty sure you just offended all flat-chested women!

…            I think we need to stop talking before we get targeted by the offended!

Sawbat: Don’t worry ladies, we’re just men… you know how us pigs are! Well… I’m a bat, but Demo’s not that bad- he can be cheesy, tsundere, shy, e-even poetic with a touch of romance… oh and he can cook-

Sawbat, what are you saying?


Wow, this offended society has hit you kinda hard! Why don’t you go home and take a rest!

Well, I hope we didn’t offend anyone- haven’t really gotten a hate comment yet, but DON’T PLAN TO START!

Getting on with the video, we have the Top 10 Fun Vocaloid Songs- do not misread that as Funny, because we’re talking about the feeling of entertainment with a sense of pleasure without laughter- but happiness!


  1. Encounter With Miki – Mukuso-P

I can’t help it, the rhythm hurts like an itch- I must resist the urge to dance!!! I have to admit I got caught up in this overall generic Vocaloid song, and I kinda love it for some reason! Lyrics are not too flashy, but just meeting Miki would be awesome! We could go to a karaoke bar, maybe hit up the beach, go by auto zone to get her a tune up- never mind, roll on to the next one!


  1. Ton Ton Mae! – Satsuki ga Tenkomori

This is a short song about something… I have no idea, but it’s so catchy and cute that I couldn’t help but love listening to this song! This part gets me… {laughter} Internet, Yay!


  1. Always Be ^o^ – Einshine/Static-P

Always be happy guys, you make yourself happy! I felt really calm when I first started listening, and it lifted my spirits, and just thought… Hey, this is fun- I should make a top ten about fun Vocaloid songs! So yeah, this is who you should thank for this top ten!


  1. Kuru Kuru Pa – Lamaze-P (or anything by Lamaze-P)

Talking about food and love is all I like in a song! Nothing else but food… and kissing Miku on the forehead- you know you would! This song is dangerously catchy to the point of insomnia! That’s what makes it fun and worth your while to listen! You know, if you’re not the kind to get annoyed by this type of stuff! I personally can go either way depending on my mood! Let’s go 7200rpm to the next song shall we?


  1. I Refuse – Atatata-P

Good on you Miku, not letting the downer days get the better of you! Of course, the only reason why is that you refuse to care! Well, I do too! I refuse to care about stupid things- unless I’m letting my idiot cousin diffuse a bomb- now that was stupid! And- heh, that is one sexy miku face! Yep sure is- no thank you stupid, I’m good just being here having fun- that was not only cheesy but corny- like cheesy corn on the cob- put some butter on it and you may just have some slick moves! Okay I’ll stop- don’t thumbs down just because of that horrible metaphor- if you can call it that!


  1. Sugar Coated Waffle – Shibayan

Yes, I love waffles! Seems like miku does too, but by the time she got to her special waffle house, they were sold out- so she scattered throughout the earth to find herself a Belgian Waffle! That’s dedication I admire- No one stand in the way of MY food and gets away with it!


  1. Land of Bacon – Alex

I remember first listening to this song- I had to replay it once it ended, and in KFC (not joking here) started humming, then somewhere started singing- its English so it wasn’t too hard to understand- but it’s just too catchy and hilarious not to say that bacon grants you friendly heart disease! Nearly everyone listening died laughing- the girl at the register couldn’t even take our order she was laughing so hard! Oh man, you should check this song out! It only has like 160 views!


3.            We Are POP☆CANDY – Runo

Oh, why does this have to be so adorable! This one is just music to my ears- like good music to my ears! It makes me happy!


2.            The Empty Stomach Song – Nagi-P

Okay, so I have no Idea why most of these songs are about food- maybe I was subconsciously thinking it was food instead of fun, but who cares- how I have fun is eating- correctly though, I’m not a pig- eat yer veggies kids- fallen from the roof over 4 times and never broken a bone- dislocated sure- but never broken! This is turning out to be what I call fun rather than what other people call fun! I like to be on a fluff cloud sometimes, so shut up with your criticization! I’m lazy, don’t patronize me! Joking!


1.            News 39 – Mitchie M

This just in, breaking news reports that this is one heck of a fun song to listen to! Bringing you happy stories at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. where all bad news is banned and bleeped out at your pleasure! It’s no secret that the news today is full of horrible and sometimes exaggerated crap that shouldn’t even be making news! Who cares about good things when things are so bad, right? Wrong- I hate the news, and if miku did this as the news, I’d watch it every time just for the weather segment!

Well, that’s the funnest songs I can come up with! Funniest will be later- and I have my top ten X-tra ready to hit the upload next week! So stay tuned for that! And you know, all this fun has made me hungry! I wonder why? Imma go cut me open a sweet potato! That sounds good- with some cinnamon, brown sugar, butter with pesto sauce, a cantaloupe slathered in ketchup!

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I had way too much fun making this thing! I didn’t even do double takes! I really just went rogue and threw away the script! Those Vitamin D3 supplements the doctor recommended really does do something to your energy levels- it also gives you a massive appetite that may have contributed to this video kinda heavily!

Man, I feel great today, but I have to come up with $1,000 tomorrow for summer college- no pressure!

Sorry if I offended someone, but I tried to be more bold! Also, remember to be a mature pervert! We all can be perverted every once in a while! IT’S HEALTHY!



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