Top 10 Christmas Vocaloid Songs


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Hey Sawbat- Merry Christmas [throw gift]

Ow! What was that for…

Oh, just shut up and open it!

Uh, ok! [explodes]

HA, I can’t believe you fell for it!

You pulled that from a very old cartoon your grandparents watched!

Grandparents… oh, I remember those things!

Things? You do know they’re people… right?

Yeah, no, I’m talking about the cartoon!

Yeah, well, I’m superior to them in every way!

Oh really?

What don’t believe me?


Oh yeah, well then go get one and we’ll have a Christmas battle!

I know the perfect one!


Lady bugs and gentle mintos, we are about to witness the battle of not the century, not the year, and quite possibly not even the day! Sawbat vs The Grouch- because saying his real name may incite lawsuits, I don’t know I don’t want to find out!

I hate Christmas!

You hate Christmas? What kinda lazy snow hater are you?


Not talkin’ eh? Well, eat my flaming fist of… holy crap, it is flaming!

Do not question the magic of Christmas!

Right, I’ll just punch him and… [get’s blown away by giant yell]

Wha was that?

Oh come on, you knew Smuffs had loud voices to drive away predators…

What? You do know that was the Snoks right?

I always get those two mixed up!

Wait, that one’s not a interbred species is it?

I’m not even sure that’s possible…

Don’t care- I’m just… bleah, [get’s crushed by sack]


I wonder what’s inside-

I don’t think you should open that going on what he said!

Yeah, probably filled with lip balm or wine bottles…

…what the crap is in your fetishes Demosthenes?

What, people do it- someone out there does- tight- I mean right?

Just start the show already before we get too dee-

[breathe in]

Don’t you dare say something pervy either!

[breathe out]

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Welp, here we go, the Top 10 Christmas Vocaloid Songs! By now I’m probably done unwrapping presents and drinking my cocoa! Glad it’s pre-recorded-

Unlike my bowels!

  1. Andante – Dixie Flatline

We start off as one of the more greater songs by Dixie Flatline! This time, Miku wants a few days to herself to recollect on a past love that she hopes to see again. This is less about Christmas and more about the winter love story we were all taught about in romance books and other such stories. Just because it doesn’t mean much to Christmas, doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song to listen to at Christmas- but don’t worry, the rest have Christmas in the name- except for one!

  1. Christmas is a Part Time Job! – Sumomo-P

Santa needs a helper… and he’d prefer someone who isn’t an elf, apparently! Miku goes to the North Pole and takes up that offer to help Santa carry his presents to all the children of the world, who are all little Rin’s and Len’s, and houses with doughnut chimneys! Most of Miku’s job is dressing as a Reindeer and doing tidbits of odd jobs like fixing snowmen, feeding reindeer, dropping presents, eating the cookies because Santa really needs to go on a diet, and kissing little kids on the forehead- and even kissing Santa on the cheek, though its only implied! And as morning comes, she finds out that it was all a dream and has a very peculiar present for her! Cute!

  1. How Many Nights Until Christmas? – Neutrino-P & Tempo-P

Another great song from Neutrino and Tempo- the sensual duo of Vocaloid… sensualness- I don’t know where I was going with that one. This one is specifically a perfect chorus filled with over 5 Vocaloids- and is one of the first uses of CUL. I thought she sounded great- even though I get her extremely confused with Miki and Iroha- which I don’t know what she looks like anymore now that I think about it… this isn’t about CUL! This is about the anticipation for a new day, a Christmas eve day to see your boyfriend, because apparently Christmas eve is the best day for couples? YEAH!

  1. Christmas Morgue – Hachi

You knew there was going to be one of these weird scary ones in here! I couldn’t find a translated version- but I’m guessing this kid, Miku, is dead? I don’t know, but with the ink splotches, and the cross… with the hand, I’m not too comfortable saying this is just a kid taking a nap in the desert… mainly because of those rocks and what looks like a cactus over there, and if that is a severed hand… this just got really dark! Let’s try not to delve too much into this one, shall we not?

  1. Christmas Eve Supreme Destruction Approbation – Chuutoro-P

Are you one of those buzzlenuts that think Christmas is just a sham built by the Chinese to get us to buy their stuff? Well, you’re in luck, because this is the song for you! Miku and Gumi want to eradicate Christmas off the face of the earth, while ironically dressing like Santa would if he cross dressed as a nun! You all know how stressful Christmas time can be, some of you even forego this video upon uploading at Christmas day just to relieve yourself or get ready for the big day! Just take a Christmas to go nuts and drink bottles and bottles of water- just water, it’s good for you! And maybe even tear open those gifts like animals and use those sexy teeth of yours! BITE THAT PAPE’

  1. Snow Song Show – DECO*27 (deco-ni-ni) x sasakure.UK

Bring on the groove Miku! When the whole city is a complete cesspool of cynicism of all things Christmas, Miku takes the role and paints the town red; actually she wears a red suit and carries around presents. The bigger trouble that this song so perfectly represents among generations is the fact that as we get older, some traditions die off, I mean, I don’t have stocking anymore! It’s not that I’m over it, it’s just I don’t know where they’re at, and I understand that getting a bunch of smaller things prevents my parents from buying bigger stuff, but that’s just me! But the song also says that Christmas was on the 27th of December… I don’t think that’s right… or at least not to Americans- anyone with a different nationality celebrate on any day other than the 25th? Comments!

  1. The Little Christmas Eve Letter –

There is nothing like Christmas than a letter, a fairy, and fish’s flying in the clouds! What, that’s a different holiday? No that does not happen on Leaf Erickson Day, that doesn’t happen- any who, this is one of the more heartwarming ones on this list! It’s so cute; I don’t know why I haven’t seen this one before! WHY!? I love this one, I may just set this as my alarm for Christmas morning at 5 am- yes, I still do that- I’m 21, but still a kid, don’t knock me down for loving the song about a fairy finishing a letter to Santa from a sleeping girl, flying into the clouds and then losing it, and then understanding that the only thing the girl wanted was a snowy, white Christmas- and it happens… Ok, I kinda cried a bit, shut up!

  1. Ruby with the Shining Body – Bucchigiri-P

Digital Santa anyone? I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but I’m just assuming that Miki is the brand spanking new slick sleigh that Santa’s packing. Comparing her long flowing hair to a Ruby in the sky, but the worst part is that no one knows what it is, and no one wants to believe it’s Santa- if I saw, I’d think Santa! I think this was just a song to show off Santa’s new ride, he likes to show off a bit and so do I- sometimes you see me eat 2, chocolate chip cookies in one bite, or drink a whole glass of hot cocoa in a few seconds- there were regrets that year!

  1. Merry S-E-Xmas *Len – Giga-P

What is it with Giga, Len, and Sex? Anyway, the original song of Merry S.E.X.mas by Madaco was on the, I believe the first video I ever did… This is a cover by Len, and I know I wouldn’t accept covers, but this is arguably more popular than the original! Besides, the first one was original anyways… but enough with the differences! This is unique because you get not only 1, not 2, not 2, oh wait I already said that- not 3, but 7 Len’s! Your welcome Len fans, all you ladies open up your legs because I got a present for you… I was not joking that is actually one of the lines in this song!

Remember to watch the whole video through to the end! If you’re really well endowed in internet connectivity and Christmas joy, you could maybe, set my entire video list on autoplay over the course of the day and night!? That would boost my ratings to the sky and eventually let me get so high, that I won’t have to worry about it anymore- you guys are why I do this! It’s just unfair that the main reason you don’t see anyone’s content when they come out is because the ratio to having a subscriber number to watch minutes counts! I can’t beseech thousands of people to do this, but maybe I can hundred- just a few 10 – 20 would suffice to boost me into growth poles!

  1. Christmas Spirit – GuitarHeroPianoZero

You know, Christmas is a time for joy! Instead of all the presents, the eggnog, food, alcohol, or sad music you listen to while sitting at home alone moping about your lonely life, get yourself some genuine Christmas Spirit and make someone’s day- see someone randomly, give them a penny if that’s all you can afford! Christmas isn’t about you; it’s about the world and its peace-

Also Christ, because it’s in the name- so what does MAS mean? Unless you celebrate Hanukah in which, I don’t know I honestly have never studied that holiday at all! So if you don’t celebrate Christmas, because some people don’t, I know someone who celebrates it on January 7th– depends on your religion and lifestyle! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas- because it seems like if you say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays is creates a certain tension that you just want to get out of, but who cares because this is pre recorded and I’m probably already taking my annual Christmas nap at 2 pm!

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And have a Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year

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