The Crypton/Vocaloid Split #2 (Vocaloid Stocks?)

(NOTE: All of my studying doesn’t just come from convoluted books, but also from family members and friends who are wise in business such as my mom who has a bachelors degree in business, my papaw, or grandfather, who has invested in stocks all of his life since his war days, shifting his investment strategy upon the movements of the stocks, and a few other friends who actually own a business and how they would think they would be impacted by having a stock of their store, which they, unfortunately, don’t. But translating all of that information is going to get complicated, so let’s just stick with the most crucial points and not the nitty-gritty.)

Before I continue, I just wanna say I’m sorry for being so slow on writing this. I’ve been extremely depressed lately, unable to find the will to do anything but sleep, sleep… and I think I’m forgetting something… oh yeah, SLEEP!!! But while I’m working with my doctor to fix my medication because fibro and hypothyroidism is a killer on my mood, I have extensively studied stocks and how they apply to business movements.

First thing I want to note is that when we are talking about Crypton Future Media, you’d think I’d look at their personal stocks from Japan, right? Well, no… because they don’t have any! They technically are an online business, however, they are a big name in Vocaloid, the fandom they’ve helped create, among the stock market, they are literally nowhere to be seen. Many people wonder why that is, but it’s simply due to them not wanting to actually be in the stock market or that they don’t make enough money or don’t have enough assets for investors to bid on. This also includes every other Vocaloid studio, but ironically somehow applies to CyberStep, an MMO video game creator from Japan that makes a few games I like such as Onigiri, but I have no idea what else could factor into someone having a stock.

So, stocks… what are they? What is their history in Japan?

Stocks are like investments! Not “like” investments, but more across the line of “are” investments. Since the Wallstreet, there have been a number of reasons why stocks are detrimental and upholding to the nations and worldwide economy. The thing about capitalism is, the natural person is going to pay to support the economy in more ways than one. We support it by taxes, buying goods, donating to charities to help the hopeless find ways to help support the same system (that’s a very bad way to look at it, but it’s true!), and most importantly, just blindly giving money to companies in hopes that company will give you something beneficial in return, whether it be in goods and services or stocks.

That’s why stocks can be good and bad for the economy- without them, we wouldn’t be living in this luxury that we do and might even be working to feed ourselves from fields instead of the grocery store, but with them, we risk economic collapse because people with money tend to be caught in this strange addiction of absolute power and oftentimes get greedy enough to ruin a perfectly good thing. Consider the Dust Bowl in the United States’ history that the World War pulled us out of! The stock market collapsed, American banks gave too much money to their investors, so the investors saw that bad mojo and took out their stocks, leaving banks with no money to pay what was owed to them, so what do they do? Take buildings and lands they were owed by poor farmers to help pay the money they didn’t have to the ones that they owed to investors, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Can you imagine how many people were shot when someone with a bulldozer came to crush and take your house? Watch The Grapes of Wrath, it’s an oldie, but it’s the epitome of economic decline and what owing stocks could do to the world… and if we didn’t have that World War, the US probably wouldn’t be that amazing powerhouse of wealth and foolish children that it is!

The United States was brought out of stock hell by other countries buying machinery and weaponry for the assault against the Axis forces. This, fortunately/unfortunately however you want to look at it, included Japan. Japan’s military was by far the most tactical and by far the most ruthless in their articles of war. The famous day that lives in infamy, Pearl Harbor, was simply over oil and how Hawaii, a US sanctioned base of operations, insulted the general of the Japanese army, Isoroku Yamamoto, who was a very smart puppy! But this post isn’t the history of Japanese/American Stocks, the point is the United States woke up from that depression because of the Japanese effort to overthrow the world, and the atom bomb was deployed, causing the reformed Nihon into becoming an ally to the US and vowing to never go to war again!

This switch and forgiveness between my country and the country where many of my friends and I want to visit is something of a miracle… something we, as individuals, should take to heart and become thankful and respectful of all men and women and children and any part of the Earth that was rocked by that war. The evil that men do can never outweigh the kindness of the few!

And this guy called his mom a B*tch!

But this switch came into Japan mirroring the capitalistic integrity of the US, and many nations around the globe followed suit since Communism/Fascism/Socialism/Monarchy was no longer working for the wealth needed for trade between countries. Cuba’s embargoed infrastructure comes to mind! Which also aids in the economy of the Black Market, a place of uncertainty. So it’s only natural people choose this newer form of wealth among common people.

Why am I saying all of this? It’s because each nation that is capitalistic have a stock market that trades with other capitalistic countries, even going as far as to have an International Stock Market, which YAMAHA is apart of. YAMAHA is a very big company that sells music/motor vehicle equipment. Getting around the rugged terrain of dirt and water, but also having the joy of music is something every person in the world NEEDS TO HAVE!!! That’s what makes YAMAHA so big, it tapped into human needs, and with Vocaloid, it decided that they may have met everyone’s needs, so they experimented with this new Vocaloid thing, because Vocaloid wasn’t actually developed SOLELY by YAMAHA, but by other companies around the globe that I forgot the name of… oops… I do know one was in South America and the first Vocaloid Leon/Lola were British! It should also be told that YAMAHA Japan is not the same company to YAMAHA of other countries- well, it is, but not in the stock market is what I mean. YAMAHA Japan may crash while YAMAHA US may skyrocket, see the point? It depends on the investors in the said country to collectively decide to take away what they are owed in their accounts to make stocks fall.

What are stocks in Vocaloid?

Vocaloid has no stocks that I know of, and I scoured the markets of major countries such as Japan, the US, Britain, Australia, and other Asian countries. YAMAHA, however, is in 3 countries: Japan, US, and Germany. So I looked at YAMAHA for all of these countries as far back as MarketWatch would allow me, except Germany because IT WAS LITERALLY A STRAIGHT LINE!

I don’t know what that means… Provided by MarketWatch

The best part of it is, YAMAHA is so big, they sectioned their YAMAHA Motors into a totally separate stock line. So what does that mean? It means one is only slightly influenced by the other. But we’ll look at the rest of the most important nations.


This one only goes to 2004, the very year that Vocaloid was released. Now, you can see the rise up to $21 per stock in about the beginning of the second quarter of 2006. That’s not worthwhile information in the US when we’re talking about Japan, but it’s important to notice the spike in 2018, and this will show in Japan as well. But take a look at the dip just before 2009, that was the US stock market crash of 2008, but just how you can get the point on how it can affect a company not even based in the US, let’s look at Japan’s YAMAHA stocks…


During the year of 2008, which is on the second darker line in the stock, indicating the US stock market crash, it’s telling how one nations stocks affect another country’s. But, let’s take a look at something VERY crucial, important dates for Vocaloid!

2004 – In that year, Yamaha came close from it’s 3rd lowest dip in 2003 and into a 2004 rise of almost Y2,500. That was all well and good, but was it because of Vocaloid? I don’t know, but you have to admit, Vocaloid might be at least 1% of the cause, and that’s heartwarming!

2007 – Miku’s release garnered tens of thousands of sales, so much so that it was on backorder. What happens in 2007? It’ the time YAMAHA crossed that Y2,500 mark. But directly after that, due to the US crash, it kind of dropped to one of it’s lowest, but we can’t fault that to YAMAHA or even Vocaloid, because nearly all companies went through that.

2012 – Vocaloid 3’s release was in 2011, and the stock didn’t change much! It wasn’t enough to create a massive jump, and after it was a dip to the LOWEST stock dip in its history. Why? Well, as it turns out, Tokyo and Seoul had a slight crash as Shanghai rose a bit, detailed by this article.

2014 – Vocaloid 4’s release! This was, and still is, YAMAHA’s last year before reaching that Y2,500 mark and beyond. It hasn’t dropped much, and it just keeps rising, up until recently where it had a slight dip, but gained it again, where it now has double-dipped into today’s numbers.

2018 – Vocaloid 5’s release! This was, and still is, YAMAHA’s HIGHEST rise in stock in its lifetime. Although, as someone who guessed Vocaloid 5 would be a thing when they started abandoning older Vocaloid models and cleaned up the store, that release was WAY~ too abrupt. There was no blatant release date or even mentioning it. Only a few hints lead most of us to believe it was coming, but not that quickly! I still remember the day, and you can check out my video on the Vocaloid 5 engine right here.


This is all well and good, but can I definitively say that Vocaloid caused all this? No, I can’t. But make notes of YAMAHA’s ability to make/see certain criteria in their efforts, and either release new software at the right time or sync up their other releases of musical instruments or vehicles to boost their stocks. This is called smart business! But, Vocaloid shouldn’t be about stocks, and I wanted to show you all what I found, but what does this all mean?


The CFM/YAMAHA split likely has NOTHING to do with YAMAHA’s stock that I can see right now. They may have something up their sleeve for the future that some people don’t like or aren’t going to stay along with, but we’ll have to wait and see. This information will probably still be relevant in 2021 and further. This biggest issue arises that you may be wondering why I even wrote this out if it had nothing to do with it… My main goal was to show you that even though YAMAHA’s stocks are at it’s highest, Crypton Future Media is still going to go it’s own way. That’s important to know because they may be wanting to get into the stock market as well. And all honesty, I have no idea what may happen, and neither the reason for it happening. It’s all speculation. And none of this is definitive…

But ask yourself- isn’t it fun to know that crucial things in Vocaloid’s history are shown even in YAMAHA’s stocks, whether it was the true cause or not? No? Well, I guess I’m just a giddy little baby then. I enjoyed studying it, so I just wanted to share what I found.

I think my whole point was to prove to myself Vocaloid itself isn’t in jeopardy. Crypton Future Media has said that they have the support of YAMAHA, and in truth, I just wanted to prove to everyone that wasn’t saving face. To somehow come to terms that as I write on this name, VOCALOIDemo, that my existence isn’t going away into the tiny obscurity that is my already tiny box of fame. I wouldn’t give it up for the world, but to know that Vocaloid needs to be only 1 thing I cover, I will never forget the grandeur it gave to my name and online identity. Sure, I might delve into others such as Synth V, Alter/Ego, CeVIO, and even UTAU, but Vocaloid will always be the one that caught my heart and helped expand these other names into the light of fame.

Vocaloid grew so many programs, businesses, and people around it. So I guess I wanted to give comforting words to the future of the Vocaloid name. I feel it won’t go into obscurity after finding all of this out. But I do believe YAMAHA will only strive to make the VOCALOID engine better, come out with newer, more fresh Vocaloids that can compete with its once poster child Hatsune Miku. It will be a long time and I’ll definitely take a hit, but I’ll be glad the waters are shallow when the river runs so cold once, or if, it ever does.

I, as well as my viewers, must expand our tastes, our worldviews! I am a person who enjoys talking with others, and sometimes I get things wrong, make things no one cares about, and ultimately wastes a lot of people’s time… but I know my truest friends and family will look at my works and see that if I enjoy myself, then they will enjoy themselves as well. I like my videos to be conversations, not just time wasters. I want people to see someone who can be relatable, and ultimately, make them seem like they have a friend! Because everyone needs someone to talk to. Maybe I can’t help everyone, but I’m sure as hell going to try and beat the darkness buried within our souls, bringing light into them with the power of music/laughter/pep talks/true feelings/wholesomeness!

I love you all, no matter who you are- never forget that! I may be an angry boy sometimes, but even when I’m angry, I will always try to choose to not react in my anger, because whoever makes me angry is not at fault. I am responsible for my emotions! And if I can teach the rest of the world that, to people who are unsure who they are deep down, I will just be ok doing this forever! Tell me what you think about this stuff… and make sure you catch it next time and see how Crypton may have other reasons other than Vocaloid to move away from YAMAHA!

Next, I’ll go into Crypton Future Media’s other endeavors, because I feel the move from Vocaloid isn’t just about Singing Software!

So what'cha think?