The Crypton/Vocaloid Split #1 (Reemsborko Agency)


A couple of days ago, I spent some time thinking and asking knowledgable people on what may happen to the Vocaloid community when or if all companies decided to split up completely from Yamaha and their child program, Vocaloid. I didn’t have high hopes for it happening and I even went out to blatantly say that I was, and am, very worried about where this will all go. But now that I’ve looked up all of the information I can… I can say that I have found some things that put some worries at ease but threw coal on the fire of other worries I had. For starters, in that post, I went into theoretical economics, rather than factual actions taking place in reality. So I am going to tell you all what the truth is and why it’s all-important to this wonderful community, while also trying to not let everyone be as naive as I am to most other things… possibly even this, but that’s why I research!

We’ve heard that Crypton Future Media may never go to Vocaloid V on a certain live stream that I CAN’T FIND FOR SOME REASON!!! But to make up for it, here’s Vocaloid News Network article on it because it’s a more reputable source, although it doesn’t link to it either, likely because it could’ve been originally in Japanese. The problem is, other than this message on VNN and a few prominent creators such as Mitchie M and Circus-P, and many others, have commented on this… but, where’s the proof? Where is the live stream that it was hinted at? Well, give me time to find it because I’m kind of on a tight deadline with certain business prospects of my own… So if you know, help me find it, PWEASE? ( >3<)

(This post will be one of many where I explain the findings of my research in what has happened behind the scenes of Crypton Future Media splitting with Vocaloid)

You see, not too long ago on September 4th, 2019 (Yesterday on writing), acknowledged an agency appointment for Hatsune Miku in European and Australiasian (meaning they cover all of Asia and Australia) countries. Crypton Future Media has chosen an agency known as Reemsborko as the agency to fully support Miku in her worldwide growth.  Although I will admit that both Crypton and Yamaha both actually have ties to the head of this business already, Max Arguile, so take note this is an individual deal, although it is known that YAMAHA may have pointed them in the right direction with this in full support, it is also unknown if YAMAHA are still supporting Crypton financially as of now or in the coming future.

Remember when I said in the last post that without YAMAHA with collaboration connections that they’d be essentially in a dried-up lake? Well, they’ve proven that they know what they’re doing, but also to the notion that they are erring on the side of implicit trust, or the opposite of caution, in expanding their titles. The reason I say this is simply because of Reemsborko’s history, but I’m not throwing shade at anyone, and in fact, I think this is a smarter business move than most businesses would ever make in their entire career.

Reemsborko is a Specialist Licensing Consultation company based in the UK. The main reason I said Crypton was erring absent of caution, was because this company was established one and a half years ago in March 23, 2018 (Link To Official Registration)… and you see why it’s kind of mind-boggling, right? A company only a year old acquires Hatsune Miku, who was likewise 10 years old at the companies conception. So why would they go with this? Simply because it’s not the business they were looking at, it was the people they were noticing, and that is the most perfect display of business responsibility that I’ve ever seen!

Max Arguile, who legitimately sounds like a superhero in a comic, has a history as Senior Licenser at GB Eye, a company that has gotten so many contracts for big major things, including anime, video games, music, and most importantly, niche indie music, along with other things like TV, films, sports, and who knows what else, but their specialty was Wall Decor and Drinkware… which is surprising and makes me think they licensed Sunday Night Football much like at my neighbors house. Take notice though, that Max is no longer with the company, but the most important thing is that he, himself, has over 20 years of experience in this job.

According to, these are both parties words:

Max Arguile of Reemsborko, said: “Only two deals have ever been done in Europe – as they have both been incredibly successful, we look forward to pushing into new categories both here and in Australia/New Zealand.

“The fanbase is super-engaged and Miku fans in these territories will be delighted to finally be able to buy quality official merchandise locally, rather than as expensive grey area goods from Japan.”

Guillaume Devigne of Crypton, added: “We have been very happy with our past collaboration with Max, who secured several profitable deals for us as a consultant, and we’re looking forward to working with him at bringing Hatsune Miku closer to her fans in Europe an Australasia through meaningful and exciting new products.”

The two deals in Europe he’s talking about isn’t just about his only 2 appointments, Crunchyroll’s Junji Ito’s horror anthology (which you should watch if you like short horror stories) and the Netflix original Cannon Busters (which was completely lackluster and had many plot holes that annoyed that ever-loving crap out of me- but fun and stupid was the goal I guess), but also to the fact that Hatsune Miku has only had 2 Miku Expo’s in Europe, the first being in 2018 at Reemsborko’s conception… funny how those things align, right?

“Hatsune Miku has only had 2 Miku Expo’s in Europe, the first being in 2018 at Reemsborko’s conception…”

But overall, that’s a good telling that over the course of these simple years, that Hatsune Miku has been limited by representation in western countries. Now, that may seem hard fetched given that the Miku Expo in the USA is by far the best thing that ever happened to the USA next to New York Cheesecake, but let’s be real here, Hatsune Miku’s name is a business model, it isn’t just a character, it’s an actor, it’s a singer, it’s an image! Anything that could hurt that image would harm the reputation among people who don’t know her before then. So that’s my take away, so I’m glad they did this, and kudos to Reemsborko, whatever the heck your name means…

I wish you all the best I can muster, and hope that my smaller moocher business I have doesn’t capsize in the midst of it… (‘;’O~O’)> But you know, now I know where to go if I wanna get an anime set up and going! Maybe even a few novels I got!

But that brings to the table, what happened to the rest of the Cryptonian Vocaloids? Are they in on the deal? Or are they even considered? No one knows at this time, but all of the cards are on the table… and like any business does or as Xenon-P famously lyricized, “Eat Them All On The Table- the last one alive is sinless!”

Next, I will cover Yamaha’s Stock price and why the heck it worries me so much!

So what'cha think?