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Using the form below, you, yes you, can submit your favorite Vocaloid related content… it could be literally anything. I will even allow UTAU, Alter/Ego, or Synthesizer V. Basically anything related to Vocal Synthesizers. You could even go into how you can make music from certain DAW’s and instruments. These are the current rules you must follow:

  • Must be related to synthetic music in some form or fashion
  • Be Kind/No Drama (Unless it’s about how much you love/hate a Vocaloid or program, that’s fine)
  • Cursing: No more than 25 curses per 1,000 words… basically, don’t use them willy nilly, but to convey emotion!
  • You are allowed to link to your own website, video, or anything else you own as long as it’s not NSFW
  • No NSFW content unless it’s specifically in the medium you are discussing
  • No copying exactly from other websites; that’s a big no-no
  • You must realize that I will read ALL posts on my YouTube channel every month or so, you will be featured
  • Anything you write will become the sole property of
  • Any affiliate links you put will be replaced, and I will put them to products… Hey, it’s a business~
  • Rants are allowed – the more you type, the better
  • If you cannot provide a thumbnail, one will be provided for you
  • No more than 25 pictures per post
  • No more than 3 pictures per 5 sentence paragraphs
  • If you become a regular, you may get to rise in ranks on this website, getting perks I will come up with later

All of these rules may be able to be bent, depending on context. Context truly matters to me, so be cognizant of that!

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