Snowfall Stalker (Complete Set)



Snowfall Stalker is a song I took a year to finish. It’s an attempt at making a Vocaloid song in one hour, but it transpired into three hours in 3 separate videos, which are below in the playlist. I decided to go all out, releasing the song, the final episode showing me completing it, the Hellfire Redux which is an awesome metal remix, and a fully immersive horror story relating specifically to the song itself! I will leave this to you, as this Halloween, the claws come out, and I pray you to see how talented I am… even if it does come at the cost of being slower than a slug in a molasses pit. Also check out my single The Wishful Witch Hunter while you’re at it to get even more Halloween chills!

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Snowfall Stalker Official Music Video:

Snowfall Stalker (Hellfire Redux):

The Official Snowfall Stalker Short Story, Written by Colony Wright (That’s what I’m going with as my Pseudonym… cheese, I know!)


I fall down the road, taken by this snow, built upon the tears of the icy, fluffy feathers covering the sky. This village surrounded by the forest on all sides, except for a river to the southeast, was once inhabited by many, many people- even my own parents. But somehow, I haven’t heard from them for a good year or two. I took it upon myself to find out why they haven’t talked to me in so long. I have to admit that I got taken by offense that they would just ignore their own child like that… imagine, a 23-year-old daughter, trying not to fall over herself in a new world she had never seen before, and they just decide to go silent.

But then that anger eventually grew into immense worry. What if something had happened to them? My mind swirled for days on the possibilities. No news from the surrounding towns got me even more perilously engaged in the thoughts of their potential demise. I had to make sure they were ok! Strangely though, the locals refused to give me a ride to the town, which is understandable considering that a blizzard was just in this area. The roads are slick and I’m thankful that I brought not slip boots, however many times I’ve already slipped on the frozen road.

Busting my nose aside, I follow the wind to the off-road path ridden by an overgrowth of dead leaves… in fact, the more I walk down this gravel road, the more the trees seem to grow more dead than they should be. It’s as if they were completely drained of life rather than just hibernating in a natural winter season. But who am I to say, I’m not a biologist… oh wait, I actually am.

After studying a number of ways to tell what’s living and dead in college, I got into a prestigious research facility that has taught me a lot about what makes life so abundant and meaningful. It is truly a masterpiece of how a simple child that is afraid of all the world can come to enjoy even the bugs that scare the living daylights out of her. Speaking of daylights out, the glow of the sun is becoming redder upon its horizon. Dusk comes sooner than expected, but I will get to the village, and I will have a cup of tea and a warm bed once I get there- hopefully, that is.

Maybe it is just my incessant worry placating my mind with thoughts of feeling watched, but I am starting to remember that the village where I grew up wasn’t on such a long incline downward as if it was a village in a valley. “Did I go the wrong way?” My breathing is more capable to withstand the winter’s chill, but that’s not the chill I’m worried about as of this moment.

The pit of my soul and the curves of my spine shiver for no apparent reason. It’s just my imagination, nothing is watching me. Nothing could live down here other than varmints and possibly some form of wild dog or cat. It’s far too cold, and indicating to my meteorological watch given to me by the head of research on my travels here, it’s going up from negative three degrees Fahrenheit to a relatively warm negative 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit. I must be close by now!

How long have I walked? Miles? I check my watch again to dictate the length I’ve traveled…

You blasted watch!” It is going nuts with the shifting of its numbers. The steps walked, the oxygen, my heart rate meter, the weather meter, and even the stupid time is affected, but the temperature gauge is still actively resting. “I wonder why that is?”

*snap* – In a rapid-fire movement, I turn around to see what broke. That was obviously a twig in the distance. Not too far away, but not too close either. I shouldn’t be this worried, but I am. All that has happened up to now has disturbed me, causing me to make connections in my head that I shouldn’t, such as a monster about to kill me breaking the twig, when it could simply be a fox or gravity.

I slap my cheeks to retain my emotions from backsliding into that childlike, overly imaginative state. Why would I even come out here without aid? I am so stupid sometimes, but I guess I’ve always done stupid things without my parent’s guidance.

A few more miles and the moon has finally arisen into the sky. The clouds have vanished, creating a starry night that allows me to see the farthest distance. Even the wind has halted its breath for a moment while I bask in the lovely sight… until I finally walk up to the most ugly in the most beautiful.

This town… my home… it has no light! Are these people trying to do something or is something seriously wrong here? The first thing I do is walk towards my father’s cabin, but ever since I got here, the temperature on my watch keeps going up. It’s not unusual after a blizzard for that to happen, but it just seems to put me off a bit more than it actually should.

Walking past the well, I decide not to look into it. I always was afraid of a monster being in there, so I was never caught playing around it. And finally, there it was, my father’s cabin. It’s as if I never left. I pray he’s home so I can rest these weary, frozen bones of mine.

Walking onto the porch, I lean my hand in to touch the diamond-encrusted doorknob… wait, what? I notice the doorknob is very so diamond-encrusted, but what’s a rare mineral doing on a doorknob? My father is a peculiar man, but I’ve never seen him waste precious things for throwaway objects. This place must have hit a mine or something because that’s the only reason I can see anyone here doing this- or else he just went and stole it. He tended to do that when I was a kid, but I’ll ask him if I can take a sample with me to my lab to further my knowledge of these things.

I decide to knock instead of barging in like I normally used to, but something catches me extremely off guard. Heavy breathing behind me. Grunting and growling, deeper than the river next to the town, and I feel something staring a hole into my soul. My breath hastens, my body tenses, and in one quick motion, praying that the door is unlocked, I open the door, run in, and shut it. I grab a chair in hopes to prevent whatever that was from getting across the barrier. It could’ve been a wolf, but it sounded unnaturally large. Sadly, I didn’t get a look at even a single hair of it.

I calm myself down, alerting my parents in the house of my presence. “Hello, it’s your daughter, Meg. I came to see how you guys were doing. I know it’s strange that it happens so late, but let’s face it, I get lost a lot… But there is something outside, and I’m scared of it. Please help me.”

There was no answer. “Mom? Dad?”

Still no answer.

I do what I was told never to do, go directly into my parent’s room unannounced. Opening their door, I see the bed abandoned and yet neatly made. I go to the bed to sit down on it with the support of my tensed arms since the fear is getting to me again- no, it’s more of a sense of impending doom as of now. I have no idea what I’ll do if I can’t find them. I lift my hands up off the bed to my face to wipe the sweat appearing on my brow, that’s when I noticed the unhealthy amount of dust on my hands. I examine the bed with an abandoned curiosity to notice that it has at least an inch of dust on it.

I suppose my fear caused me to not notice the looming sense of insecurity that has come with examining the building. I go and check every room in a panic. No one is in this house, but what’s worse was the kitchen stove. There was something inside of it, but the gas was turned off. It looked like a very old dinner, but severely black with a ton of mold on it. This worried me greatly!

This was the only clue I had to come to the conclusion that something must have happened quickly enough to prevent someone from coming back. All I knew I had to do next is check the rest of the town, but the thought of whatever was behind me took my heart for a whirl so much it feels like it’s getting warmer.

Looking at my watch, I notice a drastic increase in temperature from negative to a solid positive 50 degrees Fahrenheit. How could it go from below freezing to this hot so fast? Well, my watch has been acting crazy ever since I walked into this forest, but I can definitely feel sweat looming both under my arms and my breasts all the way down to my toes. It has definitely gotten much hotter around here, but I have no idea what could cause it.

I lean on a chair from the kitchen table to rest on. This coat is making me sweat bullets, so I take it off and lay it on the countertop. As I sit on the chair, I stare at the ceiling to run through all that has happened. I can’t explain any of this, not while I’m in a near panic! Breathing heavily, I try to calm myself down, but I am startled by a shadow rushing by the window out of my peripheral vision. I stop breathing momentarily.

A few seconds pass, and I can’t help but hear rustling across all distances culminating into one word my mind screams… Hide!

Within moments, the house begins to shake. Using the noise as a cover, I instinctively, and quite fearfully, crawl myself into the cabinets under the sink, closing the doors behind me. I can’t control my whimpering. My throat seems to close in on itself from the adrenaline coursing through my veins. My vision is getting more and more blurry as I’m no longer able to see in the darkness as I once was not a few minutes ago. This is not good- I try to calm myself by imagining a… I hear footsteps that knock me out of my thoughts.

Creaking, the floor seems to be holding up something that would normally break them. But it’s strange- what could be that size? Or is the floor that decrepit? I don’t dare peek out of the cabinet.

Silence was this footstep’s friend, as these were the only two that came through my ears other than my own beating heart. At the next moment, I hear something… sniffing, then a sneeze. My soul wanted it so badly to be my father, but I’m just too scared to even move. I will take all of the mockings in the world in order to just stop this merry-go-round of despair and terror.

*gasp* I inhale a sudden burst of air, covering my mouth in order to not be heard. Whatever is out there is standing over the sink, within inches of my face. I begin to cry unrelentingly, and then my world shatters- I forgot my coat on the counter! A few seconds pass, and it sounds like whatever it is has just picked up my jacket and is smelling it.

But what does it mean? Will it find me? I start to calm a bit down by telling myself it is just my mother playing hide and seek like we used to do. Under the sink was a common hiding place after all. My whole being flooded into horror… It began to howl in this guttural growl that could never be made by any human I’ve heard. The unknown sound, not inches from me, lengthened into well over a minute- or at least it felt that way.

The cracking of wood began to flow away from me as if the creature ran away. I stay closely in my little cubbyhole, trying to prevent myself from passing out. Then, I hear a monster that I have heard before… long before, in this same area, as a child. The sound of a blizzard force wind. No… This can’t be my luck! My eyes are pulsating with a very intense headache, tension tightening my body across all my muscles.

Shaking has taken over me as these inner walls now seem to encroach on my personal space, trying to crush me into dust. No, I can’t move now because I have to sit out this… monster! However, I have panicked my last panic… I rush out of the cabinet not on account of my own will, and for a moment I attempt to run until I notice that the beast is outside of my sight. It’s always been out of my sight- always behind something, behind me?

No, thank God! Looking to the countertop, I see my coat is still there. I don’t want to be found, and I especially don’t want my scent being splayed out over a few hours- so I take my coat and put it on, trying to feel if it has been touched. I can’t imagine why, but the coat is much hotter than it should be. This has got to be a trick or something, and I’m fed up. If this is my parent’s way of saying to never come back, then so be it! I’ll never step anywhere near here again!

In a desperate display of courage and futile stupidity, I go out of the front door as it seems the chair hasn’t been moved that I personally placed there. Not even bothering to close the door, a cold brush of wind rubs against my face in the most scraping sensation I’ve ever felt before. Whatever this place is, I want out… so I do the only thing I can and hoof it rather quickly to the road I came through to get here, being ever so cautious not to run!

Running will only increase my visibility, my noise-making, and tire me out more quickly. I need to let my adrenaline grow a bit more to unleash it in the most dire situation. But who knows what I heard and felt back in that house. It could be anything, and I fear there could be more of them. If it is a wolf, it could have a pack, but what wolf is so heavy? And what wolf steps on a wooden floor with only the footsteps of a bipedal creature?

My stupid imagination immediately shoots to Werewolves, but these things don’t exist. Just as a child, I lose myself to the shadows surrounding me. My heart is no stranger to these beats of the woods. Shivering in the cold, these trees lie dormant probably due to their trauma of this sheer absence of conflagration… which is what I need right now.

Traveling across the snow, down the trail and out of the village I once knew, I begin my journey back to my home, or the home I call home now- my true home? I just came from it. It is absent of life, absent of joy. Whatever happened to that little boy I used to be friends with before I moved out.

My feet stop before me. My head is far too deep in thought and sorrow. For a moment, I forget that I might be hunted by a monster as I take the time to siphon a few memories from deep within my mind; playing in the snow with my family and friends, my father teaching me how to properly commit illegal acts without getting caught, my mother teaching me how to bring justice upon those who commit illegal acts, and so much more… We would ice fish in the winter, watch the fireflies during their mating season, listen to the frogs and cicadas while trying to figure out which cloud looked like what, just a myriad of things- a myriad of heartfelt moments I feel like I’ve somehow lost somewhere along the line.

Whatever expression on my face in this current moment, it was aimed towards the whitest ground… white… Wait! My mind slaps back into reality as I notice something uniquely disturbing against the rest of what I had just bared witness to- or bared everything but witness to… The ground was not dirt, it was too white to be gravel but too hard to be snow. I leaned down to touch it with my glove covered hand- it’s not what I expected, but this is definitely a very smooth surface that feels not unlike a perfectly tumbled precious stone. What is going on with this place?

I stand back up, hand on my chin, with my eyes scanning the area for anything else unusual that I should notice. I doubt I could, but maybe I can piece together what has happened. Whatever caused this is no phenomenon that I’ve heard of before. Could this area somehow be vulcanized? That would explain the heat, the magnetic displacement of my watch, and the abundance of rare minerals that somehow have seemed to appear where my memory did not. There is one thing I learned that could confirm it… but it’s risky.

Pivoting my foot back to where I had just come, I stare into the town. I cannot form a decision on what to do at this point. Should I go back and check the river for heat, fish, or bubbles? Should I just leave? For a singular moment, I forget I was being watched, if not chased by a freakishly huge creature of some kind. Sadly, remembering the beast, my will to walk back into that derelict town I once called home faded into the abyss.

Turning around…

My eyes… tears rush out of my eyes… I have paralyzed… my spine… it quakes at what my eyes are…


Saliva and snot are splashed onto my face, inside of my gaping mouth, but I care not the implications. Its appendage grabs the back of my head as if to crush it like an egg. Oh my God… it’s going to kill me…

AAAGH…” That’s the only thing my voice would allow out before my throat closed on me out of agonizing ensnarement of plastering terror.

I can’t help feel the claws cut my skull slightly, as it’s mouth gapes as if to show off its foot-long incisors for teeth. I’m so impressed that I was destroyed mentally by the instincts running through my nerves. My fist balled up on its own volition and drove itself into the hairy bush that I believe was its chest, but the hairs felt like needles, causing my hand to bleed. No matter what I could do, I couldn’t take my eyes off of its pupils… scarlet, like the blood of a newborn lamb, but glowing with an unnatural tapetum lucidum.

No, I can’t do this anymore! I have to escape, I have to turn back! But how? It’s been milliseconds, but it feels like an eternity. My fist wasn’t powerful enough, and it hurt when it connected to its sternum. Before I could reflectively pull back, its other hand grabbed my arm… it’s hand engulfed my arm!

The earth stood still in this call to my soul to brace for a devastating undesirability. Sounds exhumed from my arm, as I felt my shoulder being forced closer to the beast. Biting my lips to pieces in an attempt to prevent my own strength from crushing my teeth and bone, the legs attached to my pelvis acted on their own and lunged forward into the pull of the beast.

Then… the world began to spin again… my world began to spin again… my body is spinning… I cannot feel the ground… and just as I notice I’m being twirled like a rag doll in the air, that monster lets go of my arm. My frail frame wasn’t meant to act as a frisbee, but it was thrown like one nonetheless, directly towards that dead town. Placating myself to gravity and air mobility, I smartly curl myself into the fetal position, praying for my safe landing. God, if you’re listening… I need you right now!

A crash, my head against a cold wood, and my pants soaked from either bloodshed or wetting myself or both, I can’t really tell. Howling permeates into the realm of my hearing, as my eyes are seeing quadruple. Blizzard winds shatter me into sheer pain. Horrifically, I am alive… but I feel my skin on my legs form ice from the sheer cold. Sheer pain from a sheer cold- sounds about right.

It took an incoherent amount of time to realize I had impacted the well… the one I never really liked. I was waist-deep in the shivering water with the wooden roof holding me up by my back, which had crushed an indention into it. Pain… It was not as bad as I thought it should have been, but that could be either one of two things; either the adrenaline is preventing a nervous system shock, or I’m dying and my brain is releasing every single bit of its serotonin to let me go in peace rather than this ultimate despair… but would it matter in the end anyway?

Vibrations began to crawl it’s way into my skull, hearing a strange buzzing… I looked around with what visibility I had left to find that monster, but it was nowhere in sight. Remembering when I told myself that werewolves never existed, it was the biggest mistake of my life, if not coming here in the first place. I should have been more aware because somehow it snuck up on me like a ghost. But it was so huge, it’s own hand… or paw… or something… was thrice bigger than my own cranium. When I think of what might have happened if I hadn’t punched it, my spine shoots a jolt of pain in the form of impending doom.

That buzzing… it’s my watch. Somehow, it came out unbroken, but it wasn’t looking perfect either. Its thermometer and barometer were going in two completely opposite directions, something that shouldn’t be possible. Once near 50 degrees Fahrenheit, now 18 degrees below zero. The barometer, however, was increasing exponentially, as if the pressure in the air was directly correlated with the tension in my entire being.

I don’t understand… blizzards or any type of weather precipitation or coldness are low-pressure systems, but this blizzard’s pressure is higher than what it should ever be. Meteorologically speaking, this blizzard is not impossible, but at this altitude, it definitely is… unless I’m inside of an anticyclone. In which case, I understand not one bit what happened here.

Shaking myself back into reality, I jiggle my body through the wood, being ever so careful not to puncture something- or push in something further I’m not aware punctured me already. My body and my heart is bleeding, but I am alive and hopefully able to walk as I drag myself out of the well. Freezing, I test my resolve further, trying to stand on my own two feet, trying not to fall.

Well, it is luck incarnate. I’m able to walk. I’m able to breathe. I’m able to see… I think… What I’m unable to do, however, is think. For seconds, minutes, or hours- I’m unsure which at this point- my body freezes. It wasn’t until I heard the trees whistle did I shift into a very different state of mind, remembering something very important.

My legs about-face and juke in the direction of the old river. The snow seeming to sink deeper and deeper into the more I run, and then pounce, and then hop, and then leap from each hole I’ve made with every step. I came to the river at last… only to find my heart shatter with every beat. My muscles begin to tighten, and my hands shift down to my belt. If I can’t run, then I’m going to fight with everything I’ve got, even if it’s with a pretty expensive designer belt. There will be impossibilities if I try to turn around with the snow creating a packed in trap. Was this its plan all along? Am I overthinking a creature that isn’t human? I should be more careful!

I dare not move an inch with my belt in my hands. Bravery sunk into my bones… Oh Lord, I need you NOW!

Kneeling at the river, which seemed to be boiling, the hulking pile of hair, with a mane as large as a tree’s growth, stood up on its hind legs. Its claws reaching to its obviously canine-like ankles, what some would confuse to be a knee- but I know better… meaning hitting it will be more precise, as long as it actually has a canine-like design to its creation.

Turning to me, its eyes glare at me. I see it’s full stature directly aimed at my horrifically disfigured face. Nothing is going to make me run, because it would be my death sentence. I will stand and fight!

It begins to shift its torso with vigor, and its jaw opens to release a majestically vibrant, yet bone-chilling howl.

WHAT? This blizzard wind is growing more and more intense like it’s howls were the switch. The beeping on my watch grows… the glass is beginning to bust. Before it shatters into shards of glass into my arm and wrist, I read the thermometer read -30 degrees and the barometer was a very clear 32.18 inches, 0.17 inches higher than the world record in Siberia. A high barometer reading only happens during perfectly clear weather… I can’t trust that piece of crap anymore, what am I believing?

I’m not a fighter, but I’ve watched enough MMA to have a snowball’s chance in hell- or in my case, a bucket of water in a blizzard. I can feel my flesh begin to frost over, and it’s cold… so cold.

Closing my eyes for just a single moment to catch my fleeting breath, I open them to see that wolfman towering over me again. The little amount of warmth in my body fades, and I begin to accept my fate. I just hope to not be devoured alive… kill me before you eat me…

The eyelids owned by either of us do not close. We lock eyes. We lock souls. We lock in a connection between lifeforms.

And it leans down closer to the snow…

And its face goes to my knee-deep in the snow…

And it’s tongue licks the blood from my arm in the snow…

And it’s movement stalls in this torrent of snow…

And… the snow… it melts…

And… the snow melts…

This snow… it melts…

This snow melts…

Just like everything else, I cannot understand what is going on… until I look past the monster, and into the river. It flows, and it foils, and it babbles, and it boils. All in a way that is synonymous with underground volcanic activity. Is this really the reason?

I don’t dare strike it, especially since I feel less threatened for some unknown reason. The legs on the monster straighten, and it looks into my eyes once more. No one, not even myself, is able to understand why… why does it put it’s hand on my cheek as if to console a child? Why… Why are those murderous eyes teary?

Looking deeper into its pupils, I sense something less malevolent and more… emotional. It’s strange, but the last time I felt that feeling was when someone was guilty of their actions, but it was most prevalent in my father. What happened to this thing? What happened to this place?

My answers came in the form of pure shock as the mouth opened and plunged my upper body into its gullet… my face being crushed in the walls of the monster’s throat… I’m dead!

“My dear daughter.” I heard a voice… obviously my final moments playing tricks on me. And what a trick this is, a face is staring at me from inside the monster’s esophagus… That face… the face…

“Daddy…?” My voice is nonexistent, but my words reach this strange illusion.

“Do not fear, this is my fault. I have given my life away for my own gain.” That face is talking to me. Those sounds reverberating off the slimy, ick ridden linings of the worst fate I can think of.

“You must know the truth Meg, this is me. Your father is the monster who hurt you, hunted you, and gave the town’s life for his gift.” He keeps going, but my mind sticks to his mouth more than his sound.

“A few years after you left, I grew faint of morals. The night called me to be the darker side of me, and eventually, I uncovered a cave underneath the river. The air pocket was shallow, but there were writings inside, with jewels as shiny as my only daughter’s eyes.

“I mined those jewels and gave them to the town’s people. Everyone started to love me until I started asking for an absorbent amount of payment. Women would throw their bodies at me for these jewels, your mom would lean on me, hand and foot, and the men would treat me like their king. I grew materialistic.

“Eventually, I went back to that cave… and found the same jewels there that I had mined, as if I hadn’t mined at all. But I was wrong. Soundly in the wrong. The jewels, Megumi, they were alive… they would move on their own, and eventually, the town thought I had stolen them all back. No one would believe me… until one day when I lost the will to live.”

What was this thing saying? That all of those diamonds I saw were alive? I’m dying and my brain comes up with this excuse?

“Listen to me Megumi, I cannot breathe with you down my throat like this. Just know, those jewels moved through heat. I couldn’t find anyone in the village once I gave them back the jewels they thought I stole- but I could only find red puddles and charred flesh.

“I lost the whole town… I dug and dug and dug to find the cause of these living jewels. *cough* The death was written in the roots of the trees, where I caught myself going insane. My days were spent rearranging the roots of these trees around the town in the form of a sigil in occultist texts. I can’t remember what it was, but it had nothing to do with a pentagram I know that much.

“Please, Megumi, my loneliest living relative, I beg of you to burn these trees to ash. I tried to set them on fire, but they just burned underneath the ground… and somehow, it felt like the fire turned into magma. My body got caught in the crossfire, and my body formed a connection with the jewels, from what I gather.

“Don’t make the same mistake I did- uproot the trees, then burn them! This monster of me has abilities I cannot explain, and therefore means I cannot control myself.”

My breathing becomes delayed, my soul bereaved, as my body is vomited up into the warm ground. I stare back up at the eyes of the monster…

“Run!” I hear my father’s voice without the beast’s mouth moving. I crawl my way into a full-on sprint. The snow isn’t a problem anymore, and the overhead weather is dark and foreboding.

My legs give off the heat of an Olympic runner. What is my plan? Get away from this land no matter the cost! The pressure feels like it’s increasing, and my eyes are beginning to see spirits out of the corners of my eyes- likely due to the barometric increase. However, I look behind me and see that werewolf turning its bipedal run into a quadrupedal sprint. What is it planning? I have to think of something quick.

If I wasn’t hallucinating back there, the roots of the trees are the problem… but I didn’t notice a way to get to them so quickly with the little time I have, let alone break them! Given that my eyes are becoming more and more recognizing of floating objects in my vision moving from one place to another, like ghosts, I don’t have long until the weather crushes my proprioception into cosmic dust.

What am I to do? My childhood flushes back to me again, as I try to remember roots… and then I’m hit with an idea…

It takes a while to find my old friend’s house, but I distinctly remember there being an open root system going through their basement. I just have to cut it right? The sigil will be broken… I pray to an Almighty!

Running up the porch from the dead grass, no snow around anywhere anymore, I touch the doorknob only to yank my hand back in seething pain. It’s searing heat from the knob… encrusted with those jewels! He was right… but that means my father is alive!

…No, I have to stay focused, I cannot afford to waste time in hope. My life is on the line, so a few inches of flesh won’t be a problem as I smash my body through the window into the living room. It’s getting warmer… hotter…

With all of my injuries, it’s harder to walk, but I manage to tumble my way down the stairs into the basement. And there is lay inside the wall: a root as large as my waist from one wall to the next. I need to cut it… but how?

The sound of wood being forcefully broken isn’t a good feeling, as my brain scrambles for an answer to this life or death puzzle. What to do? What to do?

I have no more ideas but one. It won’t be fun, in fact, I could die, but I need to do this to lay everyone to rest. Stumbling over to the overgrowth buried in the wall- who knew this was connected to an underground Egregor Delphian script… knowing things about the occult and psychology really does help in certain areas doesn’t it? Even if I didn’t believe it before now.

Aching, my body rests on the root, and now I wait. I wait. I wait. I wait some more. I wait again. I wait. I wait. I’m waiting. I’m just waiting. For something. For anything. For that one last hope. For that one last spirit. For that one lonely orphan. For that one lonely wolfman to come barreling towards me and take out this stupid root.

He’s more than capable, and frankly, I no longer care if I die. This is my final judgment against his evil. Sacrifice! Was this what I was always destined for? To die by my mutated father’s hand? I suppose I’ll find out soon, as his legs appear on the stairs in front of me. It’s time. If I’m not able to move in time, I’m a goner, but I’ve accepted it.

“Come and get me, coward!” My courage intends to enrage him. It was a success, as in the blink of an eye, his face was just next to mine. A single movement of my hips allowed me to hit the floor as his body shattered the root in several different shards- severing it completely. This mission… was it worth it?

…Silence from the monster…

My vision… it’s clearer… My head… its tension releasing… The air pressure is dropping back into normal range I believe. But… how is this even possible? I care not about it anymore. Whether the beast eats me now or not, it’s up to him, as I close my eyes to embrace a sacred adventure into the afterlife.

I crawled down into this hell, created by this dead town. Fear forever rained over this land with my father’s flowing mane. Whether his words were true, or wrongful lies, I heard his beckon and saw those troubling diamonds on every doorknob, every house. On the ward… Oh, so toward, he somehow came to afford…

This time, he bartered me my life…

This monster who I think is my father, picked me up and carried me outside. As my feet touched the ground, I saw the sky part their clouds. Looking towards the river, I saw not water, but flowing lava. My amazement was immeasurable. Looking to the beast, I found a patience in him. Almost as if redemption for all of his wrongdoings.

One look at me, he turns and heads towards that flowing lava. I can’t help but look away, immediately heading out of the town before something else happens. However, I can’t help but look back and see a creature who I once knew, changed forever by avarice and lust, walking towards redemption in the form of death, becoming one with the sin he had wrought upon us all who lived in this small village.

I don’t look as his body is engulfed in the lava- melting his crystal-like fur into the same material that got him into this mess in the first place. I just walk away, leaving everything I once loved behind.

Eventually, I got back to the nearest town safely, and after a trip to the hospital, I went back to my day job in the city. Everyone I knew was worried about me, but I didn’t dare explain what had happened. But, I’m not without my wiles- I still have to check the material from those jewels that were implanted in my fists when I punched that monster…


My father…



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