Shinigami Folklore – CasteP

CasteP is one you don’t hear as often, but he sure does come with power when you do. Shinigami Folklore is a single from Vocallective Records. Vocaloid Yuzuki Yukari and Utau Hakaine Maiko hit this song up nicely. Who says Vocaloid and Utau can’t cohabitate?

If you’ve ever heard a band called “Anthriel”, they’re a progressive metal band that uses a lot of frantic piano keynotes- this song sounds just like them in my opinion. It starts out with a very fast piano but then quickly shifts to an up-beat, fast-paced song that is sure to make you feel the adrenaline. There is screaming in this song done by Maiko. Yukari takes the stage as the clean Vocaloid. The youtube video is Here.

But does anyone else think the art looks kinda like Panty&Stocking- or possibly even the Disgaea Empusa? Anyway, you can download via Amazon below!


So what'cha think?