Sacred Visions EP – ODDEEO

Name: Sacred Visions EP

Producer: ODDEEO

Release Date: 8/7/2015

Vocals: Avanna

Rating: 8 out of 10

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The Sacred Visions EP was just recently released not too long ago. With only 3 original mixes, this EP has Avanna as the main vocals. Ambience everywhere, it is so soothing to listen to. ODDEEO is fairly new on the scene and so far only used Avanna. He’s a western artist so this is in English too. Not only that, From the Cartographer is one of his more popular songs, given that there are a number of remixes for that song. Ambient remixes are easier to come by because of its slow, floaty essence.

1) Sacred Visions

-The flagship song of the Extended Play. Full of Ambience and no singing, so this is an instrumental song. If you don’t know what Ambience is, then press the link title to listen to it on VocaDB! It has sort of a soft piano and electrical grind. It feels more like an Intro song that sets up the EP for From the Cartographer.

2) From the Cartographer

-Avanna sounds beautiful, and her English is not Engrish- perfect pronunciation. Deep and Dark in a way, the Ambience is sleep inducing in my little brain. Avanna sings the same stanza rhythm throughout the song except for the chorus. From the Cartographer is a nice piece about someone going along their chosen road without a good friend that has been left behind, this person is the Cartographer who will save mankind- or their kind. This song gives the EP the “8” rating because it is so well made. Ambience or electronic isn’t my best-heard brand of music, and I can’t review that genre as it deserves, but this is a great song. There also seems to be a violin, I’m guessing, solo. It ends with a nice tune from a Harpsichord.

3) Will Save Us All

-The music is soft and Avanna does a duet with a piano. Good timbre and Avanna’s honeyed voice makes it sound so deeply soothing that it almost makes me want to sleep right now, and I just got out of bed, exercised, had a cup of coffee, and wrote this review. It’s best that you listen to the songs by following that link so you know what I’m talking about. When it comes to Electronic, I can’t review it correctly, and when it comes to Ambience, well, beddie-bye here I come.

4) From The Cartographer (Ikaros イカロス Remix)

-This remix by Ikaros, also known as Pygmy Pug, has a lot of energy to it and is more Electronic than Ambience. A tad of dubstep makes it a little more uplifting, making you dance in your seat. Nice to sing along to, if you can hit Avanna’s Soprano voice at the end of the Chorus.

5) From The Cartographer (Lytrix Remix)

-Lytrix, has only this song to call home. More Electronic/Pop but on the slower side. Not too much different than the original mix, it does have some exceptional sound effects.

Avanna is one of those that are a piece of candy in the Vocaloid scene, she can be horrifying, like in “The 9”, or she could be sleep-inducing (in a good way) like in this album. I have to give a hand to ODDEEO this being his first album and all. I don’t normally listen to Ambience for obvious reasons, sure I used to listen to it at night when I had insomnia, but now that I don’t, it’s fairly easy to nod off during class, or breakfast. This EP has an atmosphere that just envelops your brain, and the best news is that it doesn’t get on your nerves as easily. Hats off, or in my case consciousness, to ODDEEO for his first successful EP.


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