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Welp, time to crack my knuckles and get back to what I was born to do- review! Envision is an album with EDM and house made by a load of producers including names such as Circus-P, Empath-P, GHPZ, and many more… like 12 more. Much like the last ASDR album they are giving all of the proceeds to a mental health charity. It’s a lot more extravagant than Colour By Neon with most of the 16 songs being more than 5 minutes long and at least 5 that are close or over 7 minutes long. They collectively went all out, and this is a great collaboration album. Just to let you all know, this video is in tandem with the detailed review of every song on VocaloiDemo.com, so check that out. All the links to buy and see the review are all in the description below! Now onto the music. As you’d expect with my horrible skills at understanding Trance and House music, I can’t say much other than it is a modern rendition of music to lift your spirits- I mean that’s what the point of the album was. To showcase songs, the first song… I can’t read that, by Guitar Hero Piano Zero, is the only Japanese song on the list, but I will say that it is perfect to start out with since it has such an awesome starting sound.

Moving on to a song called Crowd Control by IrisFlower, a 7 minute song, the air is rife with thick emotion and so lossless that it almost puts me to sleep at how calming it is. And on to my favorite song on the album is track #9. Darkness In My Light by MakushiFrequency. The amount of varying electronic instruments are immense and install a kind of unity of many into the solemn of one sound. I swear I hear electronic organs in the background towards the end… that’s why this song, so masterfully created, has the Sawbat Approved icon as the personal favorite!

The other producer’s shouldn’t be left out either, with baggagelizardKarnia*JoyKNΞMΛTCSLesMangaMSKyuuninostraightanswerPlus/MinusQuasar PS.O.U.L.SlightlyShreddedVocallegraHelen, and the great and powerful Mrs. Peach and the aid of R3K0D4 as well as Purpled that made the artwork. Of course, all of these producers are fantastic people with stories, hopes, dreams, and most importantly experiences to tell. So if you don’t realize how much passion went into this, for a charity who helps save lives every single day either with immediate aid or groundbreaking studies, then I want you to watch what I myself had to go through as a kid, laid bare with my heart on my sleeve… actually it was a hole because it was Halloween when I made it, but not the point.

The album costs $15, while I can’t afford to buy it with me just getting my bills in order, maybe you can add yourself to the growing masses who want to see a better future for those without the ability to push forward with mental stability. I just wanna say I love you all.

Ok, so APOLOGIES: I am so sorry to the members of ASDR and to Mrs. Peach personally because I kept saying, “Yeah, I’m gonna be with you the whole way!” as a producer and then I fell off because I said, “Oh, is this a butterfly?” Why do I keep breaking promises? ( ; – 😉 I even had a song set ready to go- which I never actually got Macne Nana to sing yet because I never made the melody. I’ll probably release that song soon, because I feel like I owe it to both myself and everyone who I’ve let down. Not only that I will make it free on my platforms when I get it up. I could go on forever about how epic my song would’ve been on this album, but they’ve got it covered. I… really did disappoint myself on that one. I am making no excuses, I want to be better at doing this, because it is my job. This is what makes me happy, so why does life always kick me in the nuts? Idunno… just stay with me, forgive me, and I’ll be fine- and let me know if I’ve hurt you because I can take a hint, but I’m kinda slow at it.


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