[PG] 3 Songs From Circus

I will now do 3 sets of PG’s from now on. Either album, ep, single, from different producers or one producer, You’ll get even more music than you’ve been getting!

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Dream: https://youtu.be/ew1Ww-_7L8A
Lovesongs: https://youtu.be/ha31k7wdfrU
Like Whatever: https://youtu.be/S61uYpID5gM
VocaCircus (Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqqGrk6R24GUb9aPTqvqVw

Ever feel the need to listen to some extremely soulful melodic singing? I have to give Circus-P’s singles, Dream and Lovesongs, the seal of perfect melody. As a fairly recent release, the whole of Dream sets its own style of tone and singing to a very catchy beat and memorable singing along with unique lyrics. Circus-P made a great song that is resonating with many people, and not to mention it reminds me of some American music hits of today, while still having a very subtle call to 90’s RnB style with Luka’s powerful voice! Lovesongs is actually an UTAU song using the voice of Kikyuune Aiko along with collaboration with Empath-P, and is about as good as you’ll ever hear from an UTAU vocal. Both songs utilize the techno-pop synthesis perfected to sync up with each of the respective singer’s voice as the beat pulses into your eardrums… try not to let your ears burst from progressively turning up the volume. I’d say that these songs are very well made using a newer style. And to add on, he released a MAIKA song, Like Whatever, and it garnered many positive reviews like the last songs I mentioned. And I have to say, MAIKA has never sounded more sexy! Quote me on that!

So, like with everything, if you know of new music or are an artist and want this small boost, then go ahead and message me on anything… maybe except facebook or google+… and remember a new video next week! [outro]

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