Peachy-P’s Top 10: Vocaloid/UTAU Songs That I Love

(Demo Notes: “The numbers in the image ’10<3′ both represent ’10 Heart’ and ‘LOVE’ just in a messed up, natural text way! Also, I wanna say to my lovely that I appreciate what she did for me. I love her and everything that she has blessed me with! Give her some love~”)

Hiya! It’s Peachy-P again! Demo’s been pretty preoccupied with stuff right now, so he asked me to post something onto the website. I tried to think of something, so I figured I’d do a top 10 of Vocaloid/UTAU songs that I love for right now. These are listed as follows: The first one you see under this paragraph is #10 and the rest count down until you reach the last one before honorable mentions (website is weird for numbering using videos right now…) So, here we go!


Tokio Funka by takamatt

I love the genre mishmash going on here. Dubstep and Japanese Folk? SIGN ME UP! I’ve listened to this so much, I’m starting to be able to sing along perfectly to the fast parts. Yes. I can do that. My favorite cover is by Kyounosuke


Melty Land Nightmare by Harumaki Gohan

This is just so catchy! My friend showed me this because he had a dream similar to this video, and I don’t blame him, because this song and video is like a long dream! Welcome to the melty LAAAAAAND~~!


Propaganda by Crusher-P

The dangers of propaganda can be deadly. Also anxiety-inducing. This song covers that feeling, and I freaking love it.


Even If I Keep Getting Turned Down by EZFG

I love this song because I love almost everything 80s, and this song sounds like something you’d hear in the 80s. The music is so good, I even just listen to the instrumental! Basically, it’s about a guy loving someone but won’t give up even when she turns him down repeatedly.


Piece of Art by KIRA

I just can’t stop singing this song in my head. It’s pretty much a song about the singer admiring someone heavily, almost to yandere levels, according to the video. But it’s still such a great song!


Those Who Carried On by GHOST

I just love the beat for this song. Plus it’s a song about saying that it’s okay to let yourself fall apart, as long as you can pick yourself up again, and you just watch ‘those who carried on’ until you yourself have carried on. See what I did there?


ARROW by niki

Oh. My. God! If someone played this on a dance floor right now, you bet your biscuits I’m going onto the dancefloor and breaking it down. It’s just such an upbeat love song and I LOVE IT!


Orphan Keeper Song by toya

This song is an oldie, but a goodie. It’s so sad because it’s about a child with horns who was abandoned by everyone, even their mother. If the child is completely forgotten by everyone, the child will disappear and die. I can’t stop listening to it because it makes me remember my trauma and how sad I was then. But it’s alright, I end up happy again because of where I am in my life now.


Honey I’m Home by GHOST

This is dark as hell, and I love it. The lyrics are great, the video art is great, the freaking DIGERIDOO!! “Don’t remember it, don’t return to it” will never leave your head after you watch/listen to this song.


Iya Iya Iya by Neru

Vaporwave aesthetic. I’m all over that. Also, it’s about being a depressed introvert and not giving a crap about it, which I can relate to heavily.

Honorable Mentions:

Iolite by GHOST

I love this because even though the lyrics are somewhat hopeful, it’s depressing yet relaxing atmosphere makes you just want to lie down and just zone out for hours.

The Bluefin Tuna Comes Flying by Koronba

This song is just weird. Basically, flying tuna comes into town and kills everyone. No, seriously. Look up the English lyrics. Why I love it is because of the beat!! The instrumental is so catchy that you could dance the minute the beat drops.

Welp, that’s all folks! I hope this has helped you discover new and great music, or brought back old memories of when you first found these gems. Until next time, see ya!

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