NEWS… that will change my network!!!

Been a while since I’ve done an album review. With all the YouTube, Social Media, College, Health, and Personal Needs like Eating and Sleeping, I’ve had my butt handed to me by internet frustration on multiple occasions. Whether it was righting a review that never saved, misplaced audio in one of my video’s, publishing getting stalled, computer crashing, phone running out of memory to store Vocaloid music, the entire works of technology hell beat the living crap out of me since last November 2014! But I persevered!

I will keep this short:

This website is about to celebrate its 1st birthday on July 9 (The Official Creation Date), and around that time I will have finished summer classes and gotten my Psychology Associates Degree! Also, I’m commemorating having only 15 subs for my YouTube Channel! I have a bunch of work to do on this site to help integrate it into the YouTube thing, but it will eventually work!

In essence, these are big achievements for  me working on this an entire year! I’ve had the pleasure of working with MikuDB- but Amazon had a cow for stupid reasons- I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some awesome Vocaloid producers! I’ve had the chance to buy my own Vocaloid software… only to realize that there are no voice banks when I did, so I was out another $200.00! Even though I have no idea how to compose music, I have the songs in my head! I’ve tried my hand at Vocaloid Covers, which I am too shy to actually upload to YouTube! I’ve come to know Vocaloid as a passion of mine! And I am sorry to announce…

That you will all have to put up with me until my death!!! I have made enough income to do this full time!!!

Sure, it’s only a couple bucks a week- in which Amazon takes 2 months to give me- but you guys are buying the stuff, even though this website gets like an average of 5 people a day! The only bad part, is that college is not a job that pays, but being my own boss can have many perks like taking time off when needed- the downside to that is sometimes you guys are impatient! I miss one video top 10 video (that I uploaded the next day) and I lose 7 of my subs! Boohoo for them, because it’s about those (you loyal guys) who stayed! While I still have trouble with time and health- when college ends, I’ll be more free! And in later years when my income is higher, I can support my family better and the health and time problem will eventually, hopefully, fade away!

The big announcement is this:

Since I have successfully made profit, I can now invest in you guys! I will hold Amazon Giveaways… But I haven’t set up a schedule yet! I may hold the first at around the end of May before I start summer classes, and find out how that worked to figure out a system! There are some kinks in my plans, like Imports that get damaged through Customs, Prime stuff, albums that cost nearly $80.00! I’ll have to do more research, but I hope we can push forward.

Later years will prove to be hard to reach, but I’m not one to quit… just ask my mom, I ran a race until I passed out on concrete! I’m not one to let pain get me to stop- it may slow me down, but it will never extinguish my will! It would be awesome doing all this without college, more money, so I can make as much as I want, and doing all I want outside of Vocaloids, like video games, books, anime, SLEEP!!! Maybe even exercise to grow in muscle rather than just brute strength and speed! I’m not an intimidating person to glance at- but people don’t like it when they pick a fight with me! I’m a nice person as I can be! I always grow, but some days I admit I lose my way and backtrack to see what I messed up on, falling back into a sea of unhealthy habits and health!

Now’s the time to focus! Every single one of you have been awesome! Even the ones that left!

This is Demo and Sawbat saying, “Thank you for your awesomeness!!!”

Blade of Sunction Excited (Done)

So what'cha think?