New Amazon Store From Me!

I’m just gonna write this in red!

I just found out that I could create my own Amazon Store that has all the Vocaloid Albums and MP3’s that I listen to and buy, but haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet. I’ve just created the complicated thing and it is tiny, but on hindsight, you can search Amazon for Vocaloid Music and Software… But only most of them. Some of them didn’t register because of Amazon’s “Let Amazon Pick Products” options because it is the only one that offers a search bar. Plus it takes a crap load of time going through individual items and adding it in by hand. Plus, the MP3’s that are a part of an album of MP3’s doesn’t have the full set of songs in one place, except each individual MP3. It may not be the best as of now, but it is just a puppy compared to my big dog site (Yeah  right).

Let me go over your concerns!

How do we know that you aren’t trying to trick us?

I get it. I don’t buy things from aStores either, but you can click the “Powered by Amazon” button in the categories menu in the sidebar to take you directly to Amazon. I mainly did this so that you could search Vocaloid music without all the hassle of other bands or stuff (ads) getting in the way. So just open Amazon by clicking the button, open in a new page, and look back at the album you’ve chosen and input the name.

What albums did it not get?

I truly don’t know, the list is big, but obviously not big enough. I have a special list called “My Album Picks” that are some of the albums I enjoyed and bought on Amazon… that I could find. Chipbox and Nude were not whole albums. They were individual MP3’s and I’m just going to have to make a new, personal MP3 category. Who knows. But if you see one not there, then email me and request to add it!

Does this sync with my Amazon Account?

Yes. But like I said, I prefer you use the real Amazon store. You know, trust! But sometimes items won’t be available on my aStore, and you’ll have to purchase on Amazon from one of the other providers.

Will you get money out of it?

Of course I will! I’m so happy you asked and care! All you have to do is buy something. MP3’s are 80% revenue. Anything else is 4% until my next 7 referred items sold, then it’s a sweet 6%. Eventually, it’ll get up to 20% and then when someone buys a $100 thing, I get $20. Think about if 100 people bought $100 worth of stuff! @$2000.00  I’m set for life. But then I’ll have to pay taxes (^_^”)!

What’s our benefit?

Well, you buy, I get food on the table, keep the internet on, and use the money I get to buy more stuff to review. Plus, it’ll mean I’ll have more time to share and talk to you guys!


So without further ado, I hereby open “Demo’s Store Buddy” powered by Amazon. Remember to buy lots!


Any concern Email me at:

So what'cha think?