Miku + Luka: The Best Ship! (Guest Post)

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Miku and Luka the best ship

Let’s talk about my favorite love song by Miku and Luka!


Magnet is about 2 girls (Miku and Luka) who love each other but they don’t want to express it.

I wish girls would like meh 😔

Next topic!

My personal opinion is that Miku and Luka are girlfriends or engaged (I know Miku is 16 but girl whatever) and I think they look so cute together!

Me: yeah Luka is a girl who dates miku…..

Society: No she shall go to ze heck!

Me: And Luka is 20 and Miku is 16…..yeah she is dating a minor…

Society: this is zé bad we shall throw Luka in Hell!

Luka: noooooooooo!!!!

Miku: babe!!!!!

Yeah, Luka is 20 and Miku is 16…….

I love Vocaloid and this is my first time posting!

If you are still reading thank you so much for spending your time doing this!


According to Demo: Miku X Luka – Magnetism

That is a very enlightening story by Nuggetz… Oh, and this is Demo by the way. I hope you guys don’t mind me interjecting my thoughts and discussion on what this post has given to me in terms of a Demo Talks idea. So this one will be precisely about this ship, putting two characters together in a relationship in an unofficial way only fans can do, and the problem presented in the story, otherwise known as pedophilia ideology. I can say that on here! Isn’t YouTube stupid when I can say more about this than on YouTube? I’m still going to upload it, but don’t be surprised if I have to age restrict it!

To get into it, a couple needs a name, like a combination of their names, but Miku and Luka both are 4 letters and half of that is the same on both, so in my ignorance of an already made couple name, we are just going to call these two MiLu because Lumi is an actual Vocaloid… So, MiLu it is!

Now we are going to go over their ages since pedophilia is a problem for a lot of people. The difference, first off, is by 4 years canonically (2 years by real-life mechanical production means). Hatsune Miku was made in 2007 on Vocaloid 2 as a 16-year-old girl. Now, Megurine Luka was created in 2009 on Vocaloid 2 as a 20-year-old goddess! The obvious problem is that Miku, in the US and many other dominating nations, is legally a minor, meaning that she is under the age of 18, which is normally the age of consent, but be fair warned that many nations have a consent range of 16 in the UK and Australia… some… below that… so just be glad this isn’t Rin we’re talking about, but she’ll come up later, such as Nigeria has an age of consent of… prepare for this one… 11… Are you about to explode yet?

Courtesy of: SBS News
Here’s a map… Japan is 13! Courtesy of: SBS News

It’s important to remember that American ideals isn’t and should NEVER be attributed to other nations, even though I 1,000% agree that the natural age of consent should be above at least 16. But let’s go into what the age of consent actually means! The age of consent of every country is simply the age a person has to be to give consent to sexual relations… once you stop being a minor, determined by the age of consent in legal terms, you get to legally do the hanky pancake with anyone over the age of consent… while obviously having the consent part- that’s kinda important. But, if you fall below that age, you are legally not allowed to give consent even if you wanted to, and the person that you consented to bang will be doing a crime, that being you! If the authorities find out, they’ll go to prison and other such things. So it’s only illegal for the person above the age to do it, while someone under it, if only a few years older, would get off scot-free… unless someone gets pregnant, which isn’t the point of this.

But however, in America and rare countries, there is a general law named the “Romeo and Juliet Law” saying that if the person over the age of consent has relations with a person under said age o’ consento, then they are legally okay, as long as the person over the age is a few years above the other. Consider if an 18-year-old was dating a 17-year-old… get it? The same happens up to a 3-year difference and if they were dating beforehand. Like we’ve already discussed, MiLu is 4 years apart, and I doubt they were already dating by that time. The other point here is, Japan’s age of consent are varied across provinces or prefectures, and this includes other nations as well as states in the US, whereas a really confusing and convoluted reason to legally get passed the age of consent, Massachusetts allows a 12-year-old to be married to a lover while in other states like Mississippi and California the court has to approve all marriages below age of consent, which is overall 18. In other countries… in fact, MOST of the countries around the world, require someone to be 18 before marrying, even the ones with a low consent age like the Philippines. So this can get complicated.

So MiLu is technically perfectly ok in Japan. and ok in nearly all the countries shown in the graph. But, this is technically homosexual love, which also is a constraining proportion on this age of consent thing. You see, in a lot of countries including the US, Japan, and Canada, homosexual relationships below the age of consent have its OWN age of consent in some countries… but to be fair… most of these countries are just coming out of Homosexuality being illegal, and are mostly Africa and the middle east. Moscow, I know, is a gay paradise compared to the country that considers being gay “illegal propaganda”, so take note of that because I thought it was neat to add… my bad~

But overall, the average age of consent from all countries is around 14 years.

Now here’s something extremely important to ask: If someone like Luka is in a legal relationship with Miku in Japan, but in the US it’s illegal because of the age of consent, what happens when they visit or move there? Well, you’ll be happy to know that if someone who is a citizen of another country with a lower age of consent, for about 2 years while they stay in America, they will still have their native countries’ age of consent… which is why a number of human trafficking perpetrators get around certain loopholes when having relations with a 12-year-old from Africa. Well, I take that back, the American can go to other countries and not be legally detained for bedding a 12-year-old in Africa… this is actually a pretty sad discussion, isn’t it?

MiLu is a perfect example of homosexuality in the Vocaloid community, either because it’s so totally hot lesbian action or because it empowers people in the same situation, but there are obvious people who still say that if a character is under 18, that the real-life people who view them as their “Waifu” a generalization for BEST GIRL I WILL ALWAYS LOVE IN THIS FRANCHISE~ which also happens to be the Japanese corruption of the word “Wife”. See the point? When you call someone under the age of consent a Waifu, you get called a pedophile, neglecting that the age of marriage consent in America, at the lowest state, is the age of 12 and the rest at 14-16 years of age. But I get it, there are real problems out there in the real world about this subject… but that’s in the real world.

Vocaloid is a fantasy, a place where any artist or producer or fan can make their own worlds with their own rules. You cannot say that just because Miku originally has a B cup breast cannot have a G cup in certain worlds… or that her hair always has to be twin-tails… or that her age always has to be 16… you see my point here? But what about their confirmed age? Well, for that you have to think about this: a Vocaloid isn’t just an image, it has a voice, but lacks a personality, and thus is created as a blank slate. The voices of these Vocaloids, however, ARE over the age of 18 and are closer to their 30’s actually! So it depends on WHY you love Miku that makes it pedophilic or not…

Do you love her for her voice? Perfectly in the clear! Their voices are over 18~

Do you love her for her personality in a song? Personality is important for love (check out my YouTube video about how we fall in love with anime characters for more on that!)

Do you love her for her appearance? That’s fine, she’s cute!

Do you love her for her small chest? If you think loving a flat chest makes you a pedobear… you have just insulted over a couple 100 million natural women!

Do You love her because she’s underage?

You see the points I’m trying to make? I’m in defense of MiLu because of the reason we love the ship, because of the song Magnet and the subtle hotness of it all. Not because of an underage fetish, that is primarily illegal, and if you do have something like that… just ask yourself if you’d love them as much if they were older and hotter! It’s simple: If you say yes, then you’re clear! If you say no you won’t like them when they are older… seek help, please!

Listen, I am always a man of my emotions worn on my sleeve. I am that 0.1% that realize that pedophilia is a mental disease and that some, if not most, pedophiles do not want to be sexual offenders and find their own thoughts gross and disgusting. If you do know that you’re a pedophile and are having intense urges to do an extremely serious no-no that would make me personally beat your bones out of your body, then there are places you can contact where no one will know that you are there if you fear reprimandation or scorn or isolation from the rest of society.

This URL will send you to a pedophile helpline to get some help with your problems:


It’s important to know that pedophiles aren’t child molesters just because of thought. Thoughts lie to you, and anyone who says otherwise is either a hardline sadist or a person who is willing to murder someone or even themselves. You are not what you’ve done, your thoughts do not define you! Don’t let a reckless society bent on selfish hate sway you from getting the help you deserve, pedophile! (Not you specifically, but for people who actually are pedophiles and know it…) For if you don’t get help, and you do something extremely destructive… I have nothing but apathy for you. The only person I am reaching my unjudging hands out to are the ones who have committed no crime, and those who suffer from vile thoughts that make them cry, only a select few can understand… and I don’t know exactly what it feels like to have those thoughts, but I have had thoughts of doing some evil things I’m not proud of like hurting someone. As I said, thoughts aren’t important, it’s how you act on those thoughts that matter!

Apotemnophilia, attraction to an amputee, used to be considered a mental illness, but it isn’t anymore because it creates no moral crime- only to some of those people that say “Why would you be attracted to an amputee?” which is why I ask “Why would you not love an amputee?” I get the sexual part is kinda weird… but it’s a kink, kinks are meant to be… well, kinky! You can’t tell me BDSM isn’t kinky!

And the differences between those desires and pedophilia is simply the moral implications of it. This also includes a number of other philias including Necrophilia (Banging Dead People), Contreltophilia (Raping), or Parturiphilia (FREAKING BANGING WHILE SOMEONE IS GIVING BIRTH… EEEEEWWWWWW~).

That was a tangent to bring to go further into what I believe pedophilia to be… you may not agree since most psychologists don’t agree either, but just know that there are help groups out there for pedophiles, just in case you are one or have to deal with one, like a video Anthomnia put out where he and his team sent a pedophile to jail, where the cops were called but turned out he was already being investigated by said police… so… yeah…

It’s important that if you have a child, you know this stuff, because most child molesters are the people you know. So… even more yeah…

I thought that was a necessary tangent I’m sorry…

MiLu may have our love, and in Japan, it’s perfectly legal… also legal in Australia, UK, Argentina, Ireland, France, and Brazil. So I think it’s stupid for America to consider Japan created characters, created by Japanese people, as underage if they are under 18. But then again, they are placing the blame on their fellow American citizens, which I can fully understand the fear coming from that, but in MiLu’s natural setting, it’s usually the homosexual part that is the hardest part about it. Because I can say anything about homosexuality and someone will hurt me!

In America, it’s not that big of a deal… some people make it out to be, but overall you don’t exactly have to hide it legally speaking. You can get married and do all kinds of stuff every married couple does. That’s the gist of it. Japan, itself is a VERY Conservative nation. They still have racism in the country against Koreans, which I will discuss the effects of that racism against SeeU at another time. Coming out as gay is only going to hurt the nations already horrible birth rates. Mainly because the working jobs they have are their marriage… Japanese culture values work and nothing else I guess is why… maybe they can stop working for about a day? I dunno, that may help!

I’m not saying Japan would hurt or maim people for being homosexual, it’s accepted over there to an extent, but not as an extent to America, even when the song Magnet was created in 2009, in March of that same year, in America, 9 states allowed same-sex marriage, while Japan only allowed same-sex marriage with a Japanese citizen and a person from a country that allowed same-sex marriage, and even this year, in 2019, in February, Thirteen gay couples filed Japan’s first lawsuits seeking to force the government to recognize same-sex marriage in Tokyo! Safe to say, in Japan at the time of Luka and Miku being a thing, it wouldn’t have been legal since they were both from Japan, and even now, they wouldn’t be married, they’d just be together… in love without sharing financial ups and downs, which can put a major strain on relationships from what I’ve seen.

So MiLu, as we know them, wouldn’t be so fine and dandy in Japan, and would only work in America… but the pedophilia thing… So it wouldn’t work anywhere other than… the UK and Australia! But oh well, they say you can’t choose who you love, but I say you can choose who you show love to! It is totally up to you to go and face the rest of the nation or even the world for your desires, as long as you don’t hurt someone and do immoral things, I raise my glass and say, “Here’s to you!” Chase your demons and your path of grace will be open!

I hope you all learned something in this, and I just completely took the spotlight from Nuggetz… I’m so sorry Nuggetz… but seriously, you brought up a great point for a video I didn’t even have planned! And don’t worry, girls will like you one day! Just work on that charm of yours and be confident when you speak! Although… most women I know think it’s cute when I fumble my words… so… uh… I’m not the best to give advice like this, so I’mma stop!

But remember, if you want to be featured on a video, then, by all means, write your best Vocaloid post! I took a long time writing this script and trying to edit it into a video, but DON’T YOU DARE EXPECT ME TO DO ALL THIS FOR EACH ONE!!! I’ll still feature you in a video and discuss my thoughts on what you wrote, but I am expecting it to be a rare case like this one where I actually go full on According to Demo on you!

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So I love you all, and remember to catch it, next time!

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