Introducing: The Producer’s Glide (Video)

The Vocaloid Producer’s Glide – A Boost for Your Music

This new segment is for those who are making new music for Vocaloid, Utau- or maybe even something about anime… I don’t know how far I’m reaching here. But if you are an upcoming Vocaloid Producer with an upcoming album, you can contact me and I can section your new releases, whether it be Single, EP, Album, or maybe even something like a super album with 50 songs… God help you!

I’ll be conducting research into Bandcamp and other music Producers so that I can find new albums, and who knows, you may not even have to tell me- but if you want extreme confirmation if I will or not, then talk to me. I’ll add any album you are producing, or maybe if you know a friend that can provide music…

Who knows, I may review it as a definitive album review! Man, I’m running out of dough to shell out for albums… So I’m backing up, shifting my focus from Amazon reviews and making more and more contributions for my community, because I know you’re out there.

I named this the “Producer’s Glide” because it is a way for “Producers” to “Glide” up a little bit for promotion for their albums coming out.

(“Producer” in quotation marks is not saying you’re not a producer, it’s talking about the name.)

Also, “Philosopher’s Glide” was a little thing I did with some friends so I wanted to think of something easy and quick. Get over it guys, it was a failed project!

The Rule is Simple: Know an Upcoming Album

That’s it. Nothing else to it- although, I would like to get some information about the album, but if you want to keep it mum (hush-hush) then I’ll keep it hush-hush. You don’t even have to give me a name, just say, “New Album Coming Your Way”… the only thing you really have to tell me is your Producer name, and possibly other names you go by, considering no one will know who you are otherwise. Man, I feel so disappointed in myself not producing much content.

I’m trying my best, but I am just one person. So here’s to subtle growth! I’ve been doing this for close to 2 years, and my family is starting to lose faith in this, but I’m going to keep going for you guys, your happiness is my goal!



The new ‘Pro-Gli’ post will be a conglomerate of all of the videos of the month… starting yesterday- seeing as how it would be stupid to upload one song… Anywho!

So what'cha think?