Introducing ANiUTa: Anime Music Streaming Service

On March 24, 2017, Japan confirmed one of many Anime Music Streaming Services, but this is no ordinary service, oh no! Other’s have music based on random choice of the maker of the service, possibly not getting certain songs because of licensing, but ANiUTa is officially a cooperation of 10 major music labels which immediately throws away the licensing issues. Every single music label that will be included are unknown to me at this time and I’m completely unsure they will add any more to their group, but I’ll tell you when I find out. Does that sound good? Here’s a picture of 1o of those music labels:

Executives from left to right:

  • Eiji Sashida (SUNRISE Music Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Hideo Katsumata (avex pictures inc.)
  • Takashi Yoshimura (PONY CANYON INC.)
  • Shiro Sasaki (FlyingDog, Inc.)
  • Shunji Inoue (Lantis Co., Ltd)
  • Shinichiro Inoue (Kadokawa Corporation)
  • Yoshiaki Matsumoto (Marvelous Inc.)
  • Takeshi Oikawa (Frontier Works Inc.)
  • Keiji Ota (TOHO CO., LTD.)

ANiUTa is a combination of “ANi” and “UTa” or “Anime Song” (or if you like bugs, Aniuta is also a genus of Moth), but that is a little specific for what they’re aiming for, because they provide far more than just Anime Related Media. If you noticed that some of those companies produce games and they’ll hopefully include some of the music from them as well, also including Vocaloid, Live Action Shows such as TV Drama or Movies, Voice Actor collections, and add special effect music into the mix- like say a Science Fiction SPACESHIP BATTLE THAT WOULD DECIDE THE FUTURE OF ALL THE HUMAN RACE NO MATTER HOW MANY HOLES IN THE PLOT SAY OTHERWISE (cue the epic drama music)- and that is what ANiUTa is here to do, bring the music!

LoveLive Music? Yes, Please, & Thank You!

Some of you are asking if it’s going to be universal… I’ll get to that, but the media will come from a few other countries than just Japan later on in the future. What time will the media be from in the entire history of Anime Rule? According to sources, you can listen to the old gold of the Anime world as well as the brand spanking new things that are coming out now and in the future.

That’s a win for me!

ANiUTa is going to be a home to its own original content as well, from certain TV shows and other things. I wonder if they’ll do Drama CDs? That would be a selling point for me- but then again, I don’t know Japanese and most likely they won’t have English lyrics… but if they did- I’d instantly pay for it!

Oh, you thought it was free? Pfft, nothing this spectacular is free! I have to say, I have the Amazon Prime Music app where I can download millions of music anytime, but it costs me $50 a year ONLY because I’m a student, but even though it is my main source of music, it’s limited in Vocaloid- which is why I created this website- and Anime music. Well, you can back it up by paying around ¥600 ($5.40 USD) a month, that’s a 2.8 gallons worth of gas… from my area at least ( – 3-)

The ANiUTa app can be downloaded free through the App Store (Japan) and Google Play (Japan), for iOS and Android, but you can’t do anything until you apply for the service. Right now it’s only in Japan, but by the end of 2017, if they do well, they’ll spread to the world including America! The subscription costs a monthly fee of $5.40 USD… they will also be offering extra services, such as priority concert ticket reservations and anime merchandise… but I have no idea how that’s going to work. Maybe it’ll form into an “Anime Amazon” to rival the giant. What’s more, around 20,000 BRAND NEW songs from the 50,000 are available for stream.

Seiyuu from left to right: Mayu Yoshioka, Suzuko Mimori, Minori Suzuki, Nanaka Suwa, Yuri Komagata

Seiyuu = Voice Actor (if you didn’t already know) All of the links to their name link to their profiles on the Anime News Network.

Now let’s talk about how UNiUTa came to be and what it intends to do as a music service: ANiUTa was established by CEO’s of FlyingDog, Inc., Shiro Sasaki, and Lantis Co. Ltd., Shunji Inoue.

iPhone スクリーンショット 1
Walkure Attack!? I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for     letting me know!

I’ll give you a personal example on why they thought this was a good idea!

I like Anime and Vocaloid music, of course, but even though streaming services like Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube Music, and to an extent Apple Music have a fair amount of music from these very specific types of music I love to listen to every now and again, they are severely limited!

Apple Music has to be the most versatile of them all, but some albums I bought and loved from Japan, were not available on anything. For example the Miku Symphony album that I can not get enough of- Apparently, on iTunes, you can’t get music from countries other than your own, which is one of the MOST CONFUSING IDEA I’ve ever heard.

Recently, after getting a hold of the Jojo’s Bizaar Adventure (2012) anime series, I’ve come to love the first intro Sono Chi No Sadame (It’s The Blood Of Destiny) by Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga. I searched on Amazon and found it! But then I searched for something like Alsatia by Galneryus from RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne… NOTHING!

Side Note: I like operatic/grand sounds

This is where ANiUTa comes in, although I don’t know if either of these songs are on it, I’m sure it might be in the future… maybe. And this little information right here is the best part: you can search for specific anime! This won’t only create an awesome listening experience, but it can also lead you to find new anime because good anime music can have the same feel as the anime itself, and that’s why a lot of people like it!

It will have everything in Genre too- so if you like metal like I do, you can search and find it, and hopefully an awesome anime that would enhance your anime collection!

This, in turn, is a big help to the Anime community because we all like music, heck, this is what my website/channel/podcast is made for! For us English speaking folk, we’ll have to wait like everyone else until they decide to launch worldwide, but if you’re in Japan, know Japanese, and are an Anime fan (because not all Japanese people are fans) then go and download it and then come back here and tell us how it is. I’ll compensate for your aid by putting your comment in the post! Is that good enough?

Anyway, I’d love to know your input on this. Do you think it will be a success or a flop? Would you get it?

I’ve got lots of work to do, so let’s get things done together and help one another out by checking it out… just for wittle ole’ me! (- o . o)-

So what'cha think?