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Mecha: Will you be my master?

I thought you already had one…

Mecha: He uses me for a garbage can- it makes me sad.

How can you be sad? This does not compute!

Mecha: Incoming bogies, Get in my cockpit.

I don’t think I’m ready for that commitment

Mecha: I guess I’m not either…

Wanna go on a picnic while we wait to be destroyed?

Mecha: I could go for lugnut salad

I hear ya!



When I was a kid, Gundams were awesome robotic machines that were almost like transformers, except with human drivers! I loved me some robots, as well as giant ones. But, now that I’m older, and science has evolved more every two years as it doubles, I want to know how far we are from massive Mobile Suit Warfare- or if it is even possible!

All information will be taken from actual sources, along with some other trusted websites like the Mecha Anime Headquarters- link in description!

Basically, what I do is connect Anime logic into Real Life reality. No, I’m not going through the logic of bread in your mouth, late for school, or somehow falling and getting a look at a girl’s panties. I’m talking science! Explosions! Other stuff! Anyway, I have a set of rules that I use… If more than one thing is not connected I won’t classify it as plausible! I’m going mythbusters here, but I’ll give you loads of facts that might help those of you in school! How would that be, learning is only fun if you learn by what you love…

If you don’t know about Gundam… you’re either too young or not young enough for this old franchise and you should go experience the epic territory that influenced a genre!

In Gundam, there is a multiverse, meaning that some spin off and are not connected with each other. The first one is the most revealing with its reasoning to the reality of the mech suits, so I’ll only point to that one- Universal Century, and it covers over half the franchise.



Unfortunately, the universe is vast and confusing. So stay with me as I do some epic sci-fi introductions!

The year is 2045 and the Universal Century begins as humans begin to colonize space. There are a few points that made this possible that will be covered.

  • Lagrange Point
  • O-Neill Cylinder
  • Minovsky Physics


Let’s talk about Legrange Points.

The Herschel satellite is used as a massive camera that detects influid radiation. It needed to be just enough distance away from the earth to be sufficient in its pictures. But, with that distance comes irregularity in orbit, because the closer the object is to the sun, the faster its orbit.

To combat this problem, the subtle gravity of Earth needs to hold the satellite over one latitude and longitude of earth, to keep the satellite a relative distance away from the earth but close enough for communication. So like the moon, but farther away and always over the satellite station! This is called the L2 point, or the Lagrange Point. And it’s exactly 1% the distance from the earth to the sun- 1.5 million kilometers, also 4 times the moon from earth.

Let’s talk about that sexy astronomy [sexual moan] calm down. To avoid solar flares, the satellite must ovulate in its orbit… not the ovulation you think it is, like the moon does, except that there is no body in the middle. The L2 is the farthest from the sun on the darkest side of earth. The L1 is closest to the sun, and must orbit slower. L3 is considered the anti earth, on the other side of the sun where there are satellites to detect solar storms. L4 and L5 are around 60 degrees ahead and behind the orbit of earth. Anything at this point will orbit around the tiny inexistent body that the sun actually orbits around. Causing the orbits to shift.

If you want an example of L4 and L5 holds- Jupiters L4 and L5 holds the Tojan and Greek asteroids. Hildas asteroids hold the L3- the far side of the sun.

But here is the thing- L1, L2, and L3 are unstable and over time, the objects would drift away. Luna (our moon) even has Stuff at its L4 and L5.

These are used for the space colonies in the gundam universe. But could colonies ever be put there? Thing is, no one has even tried- it’s just a theory, but unequivocally sound.


On to the O-Neill Cylinder!

An O’Neill Cylinder is basically like the Halos from… well, Halo! Except they are cylinders, not rings. This cylinder is basically an artificial life preserver, and has been tested by NASA! The points that made it sustainable for life are stable. The Island Three design, better known as the O’Neill cylinder, consists of two counter-rotating cylinders, each five miles (8 km) in diameter, and capable of scaling up to twenty miles (32 km) long. Each cylinder has six equal-area stripes that run the length of the cylinder; three are transparent windows, three are habitable “land” surfaces. Furthermore, an outer agricultural ring, 10 miles (16 km) in radius, rotates at a different speed to support farming. The habitat’s industrial manufacturing block is located in the middle, to allow for minimized gravity for some manufacturing processes.

It rotates to create artificial gravity. It would hold foliage in abundance so to increase oxygen, while at the same time preventing cosmic rays from transforming humans into raving hulks! The whole place would be artificial air mimicking earth’s atmosphere using Helium-3, while the outer layers of the cylinder walls would create an artificial, yet more robust ozone! It wouldn’t fade as fast if the ozone is glass. But that leaves the possibility for asteroid crashes! The inside would get sunlight using mirrors. And the whole thing would need to be perpetually aimed at the sun.

The problem… NO MONEY!!! NASA has suggested that the amount of time to create and preserve these things would take over hundreds of years and every nations consent and cooperation. But since these things were built in 2045 A.D. in the gundam universe, it may not have been too farfetched because they said that over 40 years ago! And even in 1954, a German scientist Hermann Oberth, declared the possibility of something very close to this. But this is not yet disproven- just very far reaching!



Minovsky Physics Time!

This is the only thing that has a different real life name. Minkowski Space is the real life alternative. Putting it very, very basically, this is the physics of spacetime! You know, the massive E=MC^2 conundrum, and how black holes manipulate gravity and time! Imma just say it, this crap is extensive and it’s all greek to me! Mainly, because it is Greek! This is high level stuff- and branded the famous String Theory we all hear about! I will try to make it simple- but I might be wrong…

In Gundam, Minovsky wanted a nuclear reactor, he made it and named it Minovsky-lonesco reactor. It was clean, meaning absolutely no neutron radiation. The nuclear equation was this:

(Helium-3 + Heavy Hydrogen (Deuterium) > Helium-4 + Phosphorous)

(ER: 18.35 MeV = 18,350,000 Electron Volts) To put that into perspective- the gamma rays that created the hulk were at 0-3 MeV’s. In real life, you’d be fried! The highest radiation is Alpha with 2-10 MeV known. Combined with others, it can get up to 1000 TeV’s- meaning Trillion, which means the M for Million had to pass B for Billion! That is some super nova stuff. The nuclear reactor was the highest humans can make, but pales in comparison to the rest of the universe. Did I mention that an X-ray machine only puts out 0.2 MeV’s and a Supernova is 0.5 MeV’s?

For this reactor to function, however, it needs Helium-3, which is only in small amounts on earth. But, guess what, Jupiter has lots! The Heavy Hydrogen part is just in deep oceans and abundant.

IRL, this atomic combination produces Neutrons due to the two Deuterium atoms. If you removed one Neutron, it might be Neutron-less, but be severely unstable. 18.35 MeV’s are enough to destroy the entire ozone from earth to the sun. Might even throw the whole system off its ballast. 18 MeV’s is enough to blow away gas planets like Neptune and Saturn- Maybe even combine the explosion of Jupiter’s Helium-3 causing the entire system to collapse. All because of a tiny mathematical equation that shouldn’t even be possible.

I just found something on the internet during search, and the only neutron-less atom is an isotope of Hydrogen called Protium- and is considered the most simple atom. Hydrogen-1 is Protium, and Hydrogen-2 is Deuterium. This would throw out the neutron from the Deuterium combination likely giving the atom a stable radiation. But the only way to equal Helium-3 + a Photon is to have Protium + Deuterium. So if there are any physicists out there, tell what and if it is possible. This is not my best subject.

Math + Science = Fail

In terms with the God Particle, This thing was created from the Reactor. It is the basic particle of the Gundam suit and is so powerful, it forms itself into an I-field, or a cubic shape that will eventually grow in the vastness of space- like a slow big bang- without the bang! It cannot be judged with reality physics, like say a black hole. But it does have a mass, as does a black hole. I love black holes- they break reality! In essence, it is a quantum apparatus. There is an experimental particle in real life that is said to mimic this fantasy particle, but the name and creation eludes my internet search.

This also explains why these suits are so freaking large, is because that the Minovsky Particle is capable of disrupting all electronic waves, communication, and unprotected wires and jets. No guided missiles either. But, it created powerful close range combat robotics that are agile enough to mirror that of a human fighter on earth.

The Craft system gives these things the ability to fly. And for sake of time, let’s just say it sealed the particle in electronic fields to generate a magnetic effect of the charged particles on earth, water, and air. When the ground is the only thing you hover on, you have no balance, but if you are surrounded by pushing particles in the air as well, you just stay at one spot until moved, in Newton’s Laws of Motion. Think like you’re under water, you don’t sink to the bottom, because water is heavier than you. The particle is lighter than air, and such the weight of the mech keeps it from rising like a balloon.

Now that we’re done with that crap, let’s get on to the fun stuff: Seeing if the Gundam Suits can be created and supported in real life!

Let’s start with the specs of the most famous, RX-78-2 Gundam “White Mobile Suit”! This is probably the most recognized of the series for old-schoolers! It was the third gundam built and used to develop more variants.

Model number: RX-78-2
Code name: Gundam
Unit type: prototype close combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Earth Federation Forces “Project V”
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Rollout: July UC 0079
First deployment: 18 September UC 0079
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso with Core Block System using FF-X7 Core Fighter
Dimensions: head height 18.0 meters
Weight: empty 43.4 metric tons; max gross 60.0 metric tons
Armor materials: Luna Titanium alloy
Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 1380 kW43
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 55599 kg total (2 x 24000 kg, 4 x 1870 kg)
Performance: 180-degree turn time 1.5 seconds (1.1 seconds after magnetic coating upgrade); maximum ground running speed 205 km/h
Equipment and design features: sensors, range 5700 meters; “learning computer” system; re-entry coolant system; magnetic coated joints (subsequent field upgrade)
Fixed armaments: 2 x 60mm vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x beam saber, power rated at 0.38 MW, stored in recharge racks in backpack, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: BOWA·XBR-M-79-07G beam rifle, powered by rechargeable energy cap; BLASH·XHB-L-03/N-STD 380mm hyper bazooka, clip-fed, 5 rounds per clip plus 1 round in chamber; beam javelin; hyper hammer; Gundam hammer; RX·M-Sh-008/S-01025 shield, can be optionally stored on backpack


The starts of this test begin with:

  • Dimensions: 18 Meters – only 60 foot. Just put 10 six foot guys on top of one another, and you got it!
  • Weight:4 to 60 Metrictons – 94,800 lbs. or three sperm whales!
  • Armor: Luna Titanium Alloy – A Titanium Alloy that has no basis in reality. Or does it? After going from Luna > Moon > Armalcolite- this thing is Titanium based. Meaning that the Armor might just be Armalcolite Titanium Alloy! Cheeky! But no Titanium alloy reaches any higher than Rockwell C of 50- that we know. As of 2018, the amount of untested and uncombined titanium alloys are in the thousands, each with different tensile strengths. Maybe we’ll find one that is enough to hold the Rx-78-2 together!
  • Powerplant: Minovsky Type Ultracompact Fusion Reactor – The Gundam Wiki says this:

“According to the timeline deduced by the Gundam Officials, in UC 0071, Zeon researchers created the Minovsky ultracompact fusion reactor. Instead of the conventional magnetic field, this improved version of the Minovsky-Ionesco reactor used an I-field to confine and compress the reactor fuel, triggering a fusion reaction. The Minovsky particles produced as a byproduct of the helium-3 fusion reaction were recycled to keep that reaction going. The Minovsky particles that form the I-field lattice also helped catalyze the fusion reaction, in a process similar to the muon-catalyzed fusion investigated by real-world scientists during the 1950s. This super-efficient design was only a fifth as large as an equivalently powerful Minovsky-Ionesco reactor, for this reason it was adopted for use on mobile suits as the standard power plant. This unlimited source of electricity supplies the power needed to run an MS’ avionics and life support systems, as well as the actuators and motors control the MS’ joints.”

The Muon-Catalyzed Fusion – a Muon is an negative charged particle with 200x the mass of an electron. Unfortunately, we cannot build a muon-catalyzed fusion power plant with today’s technology, because nobody knows how to get enough energy out of each muon to make up for the considerable amount of energy that it takes to create the muon in the first place. Meaning that time is, again, against us here. It also uses Deuterium gas as well and is confirmed to form into a nuclear fusion- because of an accidental occurrence, you know, like penicillin!

  • Powerplant Output: 1380 kW – world record breaker lasers equaled 500 trillion watts – I think we could do something that miniscule with a muon fusion!
  • Propulsion Rocket Thrusters: 55599 kg total – To lift this thing, it would require 9.39 for every pound. 94,800 lbs x 9.39 = 890,172 lbs of propulsion. 55,599 kg = 122,574.81 lbs… WHAT!? It wouldn’t even lift correctly! Remember, it has a Reactor that helps it float, and it isn’t going all the way with its fuel. Basically, the Reactor helps it stay constant in the air, and the propulsion would propel it at… MATH-


Acceleration = resulting force (newtons, N) / by mass (kilograms, kg)

12.6798342019  = 545239.93335 N / 43000.557 kg


Then we check the force using:


Force = mass * accelerating

545239.933349 = 43000.557 * 12.6798342019


Well, we’ll just throw that one out the window. This is literal rocket science. Other number crap and we get the top speed to 165 km/h- or 102.5 mph… Not so fast is it. Compared to the thrust, weight, reactor, top speed, everything seems stable enough to replicate if we had the technology.


So how does this weigh up to real life standards? Well, minus all the epic propulsions, particle cores, and such, and they’re already here!

In the summer of 2015, MegaBots, inc. completed construction of the USA’s first giant piloted mech. The Mk. II MegaBot is a 15-foot tall, 12,000lb robot capable of hurling 3lb projectiles at speeds of over 130 MPH. Upon completion of the Mk. II, MegaBots challenged the only other known giant piloted robot in the world to a duel. A 9,000lb robot known as KURATAS created by a group in Japan known as Suidobashi Heavy Industries.


Designed specifically for mechanical warfare for your enjoyment. A specific bot meant to battle other robots… that the USA has made and already challenged them to a duel. And I anticipated the best show EVAH! Until this happened… [show fight]


It may be a while until we inhabit space or design ultra mobile Gundam suits, or even a stable combat mech, but we are well on our way. With technology doubling every two years, I would guess some actual mobile suits until the year 2090 A.D. The only thing blocking is money, time, and effort! But until then… let’s just sit back and watch the “fantasy” shows, because no one really gets hurt! Unless you’re hardcore fan and throw your gundam figures at me for getting something wrong because I’m pretty sure I did.

Happy jet trails!!!

Strike Freedom

I list some fixes in my incorrect information lower, so read them before saying you’re smarter than me… you probably are, though to be honest.

“First off, let me correct some wrong things: Volts Do Not Matter, Amps do. The best I can explain is if 18 MeV’s have 0.01 Amps then it won’t do near anything. Volts are a cup, and Amps are the water, and you can’t get drink a cup! For more info, I’d recommend Gnoggin’s take on the Pokemon Electivire Voltage Checker here:

Also, a Muon Collider that makes energy isn’t already in use because they form Neutrino Radiation. Neutrinos are ghost particles, anti-matter if you will. Neutrinos can and will turn you into a ghost if you’re not careful. Neutrinos can kill you by evaporating your cells at the atomic level, so you can see why this system was banned and only used in warfare. Actually, the UN actually banned this tech in war after WWII. The amount of conjunction of tech and death is scary!

The reason the Higgs boson is no longer considered the God Particle is because it’s a massive anti-matter substance that decays even faster than it produces more anti-matter… once it dies, it will actually produce actual matter, but then explode once it reaches a certain point, except the explosion is so minuscule or so massive that our tech can’t pick it up- but we do know it goes away somehow, if not making a black hole or evaporating into nothingness- which would ironically fight the theory of relativity because it states matter can only come from something, not nothing, and vice versa. Finding this out could change the fabric of our understanding of how matter works. I theorize there is a separate, or third sect of matter, that which we do not know to exist or understand!

I hope I mentioned everything… I feel my math is correct though, but I would like a second opinion! I don’t want you guys to just believe every word I say, because I know I’m wrong a lot.”

[Bet you can’t do all of these steps: 6 points and you win!]
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