Forbidden Happiness – Sweet Revenge

Name: Forbidden Happiness

Producer: Sweet Revenge

Release Date: 1/30/2011

Vocals: Megurine Luka

Rating: 6 out of 10

Deciding to switch things up a bit! Here’s how we do this now… I will review the whole tracklist in a different fashion. Tells me if you like it!

Been a rough week filled with tests and disease… ’tis just a cold don’t worry too much. But now I’m back and ready to experiment with some things. Beginning with Forbidden Happiness, another Luka album, I’ll be doing some weird layouts that will keep changing until I find one that suits me and you guys the best. Me reviewing each individual song was hard! So I am going to toss everything in the blender and do things my way. Last time I did a Luka album- oh, come now, don’t get all stiff in the riff- I review a lot of Luka because her voice is mature, and I like that a lot. Besides, she’s the most popular Vocaloid on Amazon. I can hardly find any Gumi songs on Amazon. And if I did, you know I’d be all up in that review skirt- SKIT… skit is what I meant to say… Heh, heh! (  ˵• ~ •˵)

VocaDB Source- track links lead to VocaDB video, lyrics, and such.


Forbidden Happiness (released on Luka’s Birthday, 2011) is an original album from Sweet Revenge. Other awesome hits include “Miracle is Dead : Infection” and “Crimson Camellia“- watch out when you are searching amazon… there is an old 1985 band named Sweet Revenge as well- whom released an album this year. A lot of Sweet Revenge’s (the Vocaloid band) songs are on Amazon… in fact, I linked to their pages in the links of the other hits. Out of everything I’ve seen and heard, Sweet Revenge uses mostly Luka in English. He uses Rin and Miku too, but the songs are not in an album, but are individual songs- and not on Amazon.



Forbidden Happiness sounds like a rock band’s debut album. The music sounds more like real live instruments than synthetic sounds from FL Studio. You can tell the difference side by side. Sweet Revenge implants Forbidden Happiness with energy, edgy gracefulness, heart strumming lyrics, and a V2 Luka with not so accurate English… I wonder what these songs would sound like with V4 Luka. Overlooking the dated Luka- come on, you guys must know that any Vocaloid 1, 2, 3, or 4 is still good, no matter the years that pass- these songs are pretty much all the same length- give or take 30 seconds. I told myself that 8 songs are too short for this album, given that I really wanted to hear more. Don’t get mad but I docked a point for not enough songs, but I added a point on the account that they may have done that so you would lust to hear more of their songs and albums. The beef guitar and power drums make for an exhilarating listen.


The lyrics are poetic, and in a way, sad. Emotional lyrics coupled with Fatal Farewell is really an unraveling of your heartstrings. All songs tell a story of a breakup, struggling in the absence of love- not wanting to see that love again. So yeah, Straightforward. Grab the audio popcorn, cause it’s about to get dramatic in here! Boy, that was cheesy- unlike the lyrics.


The staple of the album, Forbidden Happiness, is one of the first English Vocaloid songs I watched on Youtube. I rewatched it at least 20 times and I have to say that the lyrics was what brought me in. Poetic and modern. My favorite of the album is Fatal Farewell and along with Until the Bitter End and some of Sweet Revenge’s more popular songs. The thing that makes Fatal Farewell a unique song is that it uses the guitar amp buzz to simulate an EKG- eventually flat-lining towards the middle of the song. Broken Steps and Valkyria are two songs that are English versions of Sweet Revenge’s previous songs- good job on lyrical transference.


Elixir was a… well, out of place when it started and is only the transition flub up that is in the album. But it slowly grew into sounding more like the album does. Speak was forgettable, unfortunately. But out of 8 songs, 2 were not my thing- stable ratio. I know that it may be a “meh”, Elixir is actually a good song, but not in this specific album I feel. Listen to it as a single rather than an album song.

Luka’s Vocals:

In this album, she puts in motion a very low octave. Luka has always been the more mature sounding one, but it seems a little too low, so I docked a point. She does go well with the music, but since it is Luka V2 we are working with here, I won’t dock any points for the Engrish. Not to say that it is bad English, it could be better, but V2 was only that powerful so it was the best they could do. Besides, English Luka always has a accent to her voice, being coupled along with the Japanese version and not divided like Gumi is. Luka V4’s English capabilities are superb and you can understand her more easily. I really with Sweet Revenge would Remaster the Album using Luka V4.

Final Call:

Forbidden Happiness is an emotional look into Luka’s love life… I wish I could date her at least once. Her being 20 and my birthday only 2 weeks away from the same age, I think we would hit it off good, don’t you think? Dating Miku is likely illegal at my age. Gumi doesn’t have a set age (but she does have an ADULT voicebank). Rin would obviously be a pedobear warning. SANiKA is 17- close but not quite 18 yet. Avanna is 18, and originally English. Cute freckles too. Prima is also 18, and is a definite robot with a fox tail. I like Neko’s!   Σ(゜ロ゜;) – Don’t read too much into that… GUMI ALL THE WAY!!!

Well, despite my innate ability to get sidetracked by my own words, Forbidden Happiness is a late-album in the V2 series and not a bad one at that. The music is progressive, aggressive, and filled with Luka’s deep voice. I gave this album a 6 out of 10 because I feel it could have been a little better. Give a little love to the old Luka of V2 and buy the album, and possibly look up the other songs from Sweet Revenge- but look out for that other band.

So what'cha think?