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Time to do something a little narcissistic for this video! This time I’m doing my own top ten list, filled to the brim with lots of awesome music that has influenced my life or permeates a conflagration within my innermost conduct-

SAWBAT: No one understands your poetry Demo, move on!

I wanted to choose one song per artist- and I finally managed! I have at least 45 songs I absolutely love, if not more- I don’t exactly count!

So, yeah! Welcome to My Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of All Time- or at least the past 6 years~

  1. Night of Blizzard – SOSOSO

I actually reviewed this a while ago on my second video reviewing the album it was on! On it, I stated over and over that this song was haunting, and while I won’t delve into the same repetitive joke now, it still is eerie to listen to- in a good way! It actually inspired a novel I’m writing, it’s already 60,000 words in, but I’m not releasing any info until it comes out! Just keep it in your minds, and listen to this song for clues about my inspiration! There’s a reason to listen to everything on this list if you want to know a little about my book(s)!


  1. Miasma Theory – Shiromeshi

Do you know songs that the chorus just takes you away and you lose time listening to it? This chorus guys, it’s great! Shiromeshi was a producer I found while searching for all the Vocaloid Record Labels… turns out he owns RiceRecords and has some pretty heavy music! I couldn’t help but replay this song over and over again while I was in high school! I even bought the CD and played it in my vehicle! The amount of passion Rin has in her voice in the chorus just sends chills through my spine!


  1. Blushifying Phenomena 100% – LamazeP

Guilty pleasure song right here! You know how you need some sugar sometimes but you’re trying to eat healthy and keep yourself in a straight line? This is literally the song that gives my emotions diabetes! Not only is it cute, it introduced me to a cute Vocaloid song that had meaningful lyrics in a fun way! Sure, there are loads of them now that I search for them daily, but this was the first! Others were depressing! The problem here was actually choosing a song by Lamaze-P… I just love his songs so much!


  1. Blue – Yuyoyuppe

My gosh, this was the song that introduced me to yuppe’s songs! I was fascinated and gripped with the sound so much so that listening to this over my phone in the car- this song was so epic that it reminded me of Evanescence style music and lead me to buy the disc, which was the second album reviewed on! So yeah, one of the first songs!


  1. Inside Darkness – DevilishP

Gumi, the one that I found my acceptance in! A very special place in my heart to this song that some people will feel terrible about- but I’m just going to say it anyway! I was searching through a list of songs and not two minutes before this song came on, I got the news my grandmother passed away! Sad, but it gets sadder! I dropped everything and it’s like my heart resonated with these beats and my tears began to fall according to the guitar! Of course that’s just a poetic look at the situation. I’ve seen the blackness, but all the loneliness begins to bite down as soon as you lose a loved one! Even the name of the song sends chills to my soul, buried inside darkness!


  1. Come La Divina Commedia – XenonP

Oh, you’re gonna hate me for this one! The song is 29 minutes long! This entire thing is like a play of sorts- but it’s all in JAPANESE!!! I can’t understand it! But listen to this! *1:47 – my God this is epic! It’s got the whole organ thing too! The whole song goes through the whole album with commentary from the Vocaloids and has some very serious talks with some deep voice that I can only place as Lucifer from The Divine Comedy, like the album states! He also sings! His growls are unique in pulsating rhythm that not many guttural screamers can pull off! I’ve practiced, but I’m not that good at screaming anyway! Also, there are a lot of conversation that I personally don’t understand and want to ask the audience, Is there a freaking lyric list or something? I really wanna know what their saying, I recognize some English words, Japanese words, and even some French words, must be from the original print of the Divine Comedy! Even though I’ve got a bunch of song to go through and I could just keep talking and talking- I’d kinda like this video itself to be shorter than this song! So… does anyone know? I really wanna know!


  1. Lie – CircusP

The very first song to be on two lists! But, it really does hold a special place in my heart, but for a reason some of you won’t like! Sadness warning! I used to find comfort in crying to this song just to get to sleep when the insomnia wouldn’t let up! When you have the kind of depression that causes you to lose 40 pounds in 4 weeks, you take your happiness where you can get it! It still makes me cry though!


  1. Diarrhea – UtsuP

This was, likewise, one of the first songs that got me into Vocaloid! During this time, I hadn’t hit full despair and gradually started to hate everything! I found this song and instantly fell in love! I even made a cover of it a long time ago when I was severely pissed at the world! I was absolutely horrible, but I do have the rhythm and lyrics to get it done- if you want the cover, maybe I can do it, but specify! Also, I used to box with this song in my ears!


  1. Daydream Cinderella – YuchaP

There will be no more sad songs on this list from here on out! I found this song when just casually reviewing for Vocaloidemo and instantly fell in love with this song- and later Yucha! The slow, peaceful chorus, and the fast paced verses poetically echoed what I’d found after all that darkness previously mentioned! I found peace in a hell that eventually turned into a playground where I could control the fire! From hatred and depression, I turned compassionate and peaceful! Oopsies, I didn’t mean that to be depressing! Sorry! Now you know why Gumi is a good fit for me!

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  1. Angel Bullet – Caz

You guys know I’ve done a cover of this song, and here it is, just press that little “i” on the top right hand corner! I didn’t do it perfect, but I thought I did pretty good considering that I had to make it with no English lyrics and rhythm that obviously didn’t match the translation! I also tried to keep everything the same while making it my own! But enough of my narcissistic banter! The big, primary reason I labeled this song number 1, is simple: It’s my favorite! Why is it my favorite? It’s probably the emotion Caz put into it, the obligatory lyrics about angels, the way Luka screams, the chorus, the absolutely destructive break, or all of them put together! As this song is still being played since finding it on YouTube a long time ago! Going as far as to recommend friends to this song, I was in love with this song! Caz- you have my thanks! But please come back- I need more!

But, really, I should be thanking everyone out there who has taken the time to make a Vocaloid song- even UTAU- I’m not leaving you out little guys! And not only that, my lovely community of 780 some subscribers that I love, and all the Vocaloids themselves for being around when I needed them! I love you guys so much I wanna just make your face shrink into your stomach from the amount of cringe you receive from my loving words!

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