Demo Talks Kizuna AI Performs With Hatsune Miku (I Called It… Kinda)


September 15th, 2018 is the day that Kizuna AI and Hatsune Miku become one at the Tokyo Kabuki Girls show. Not actually as one, but they are apparently a duet. Tokyo Kabuki Girls will be held at Shin Kabuki-za in Osaka on September 15th~16th. Ticket pre-sale is currently live. So yeah…

I’ve got some thoughts on this- oh, that was the news by the way. Yep, that’s all I could get. And it’s from the official source of Kizuna’s facebook and on the TKG post… unless Kizuna AI is just a major troll, which very well may be possible. But just to poke the imagination, let me talk about my feelings of this.

I actually heard something about Kizuna AI being 2 years old on youtube, and I tweeted something along the lines of- how dare you have over a million more subs than me. And congratulated her for a job well done, while also asking if she’ll ever do a Vocaloid… I’d like to think that AI is able to pull off a great show. I mean, for all I know, she could be a singer, backup dancer, or even stand up comedy! Whichever way, with both Kizuna AI (I almost said Kizuna Akari… I sense a conspiracy) and Hatsune Miku along with a bunch of other talented ladies who are, by the way, in real life.

Last minute redo- Kizuna now has an original song out called Hello, Morning. So… nevermind that whole other thing I just said. She will be performing that song at the festival. Here’s to Kizuna AI being a virtual singer… that is actually voiced without vocal manipulation… wait- what would that classify her as?

…how about A.I.Songstress – go ahead, go on everything and do a #AISongstress and tell them Demo VD sent ya so I can get more subscribers and pass that 1,000 sub mark!

So, this is small- gonna do this more often so you can hear more from me! And honestly… this is the 3rd reedited video in the past week… I can’t get a break!


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