Demo Talks Fake Hatsune Miku Vevo: An Honest Report

Welp, it’s time to cause drama. Get your pitchforks and fires ready and choose your side because it’s time… for… DRAMA CENTRAL-

Well, today we have the YouTube Channel Hatsune Miku VEVO where we all know about the recent “collaboration” with Nicki Minaj was obviously staged, so here we go. Will my investigation peg this channel as fake? Let’s finally find out and LET’S GET READY TO DRAMA~

But seriously guys, everyone knows that the VEVO channel for Hatsune Miku is probably fake to the point of being an imposter because I honestly thought it was real until that Nicki Minaj thing with Sand Planet. If you don’t know, let’s go into some history. This channel has the makings of the official Hatsune Miku channel, with all of the proper links and stuff. But one thing this channel never did was credit the artist of the song, and only gave credits to SEGA- which is understandable since they upload Project DIVA videos. But I do know that the collaborations are probably not real… and that can lead to some very HARSH legal action against Crypton’s, and most importantly, Hatsune Miku’s brand.

Talk about lawsuit city. So I wanted to take a look and let you all know about something I once thought was real.

First things first, it is in Crypton Future Media’s style to promote stuff by way of their main channel. Usually, they do it in Japanese because of obvious reasons, they’re Japanese let’s not be stupid! But, that’s not incriminating, a lot of corporations have both English and Japanese channels on YouTube, I’d love to have one if I spoke Japanese. But, why not credit the artists on videos? I dunno! Seems kinda shady.

Next thing we have to look at is if the credentials are correct. Piapro, Twitter, and Facebook all seem to be connected to the true account… but the iTunes one is something I’ve seen before… The id number at the end is an affiliate code. That means if you buy something, they get a percentage of money. I mean, I should know, my channel and website do the exact same thing. But according to FCC rules, you are legally obligated to say that it is an affiliate link because it’s essentially an ad link. Not doing this can bring down serious legal penalties, if they are stationed in America and not somewhere like Canada, which I don’t know. And there is a VEVO link… but recently there was a breakdown as VEVO couldn’t compete with YouTube, so they stopped a buttload of VEVO pages, so we can’t exactly get any info here. Very bad timing on my part, I’m sorry. So if you know what the page looked like, be truthful and share an image on twitter @VocaloiDemo so I can see it.

I want to be absolutely positive this is fake because I am not one to not check info before I start insinuating facts I don’t know is false- if I don’t know, then I will say I don’t know. So maybe this will add a bit of trust to our relationship- you love me don’t you- don’t make this love unrequited.

So, to complete this trial by fire, we’ll look at the most poorly made track except for my own music, Sand Planet ft. Nicki Minaj. This track was not ok to begin with because it isn’t even owned by SEGA, Nicki Minaj’s part is from her 2009 track Go Hard- yes, I looked it up. The comments are disabled for some reason on the video. And also, PEOPLE ARE NOT HAVING IT!!! The channel recently did a post on YouTube about the collaboration, and it can’t have comments disabled because that’d be defeating the entire purpose of the posting system. I say loads of folks and fans calling out Miku and Nicki Minaj, and even defending them both… Honestly, if you don’t like an artist, don’t listen to them. It’s one thing to be critical to an actual collaboration like that weird crossover they did with Transformers and G.I. Joe, yes, I’m that old, but it’s another to bash an artist when they aren’t officially in the song of choice.

Truth be told, I don’t like Nicki Minaj that much because I’m not that into her style, but that’s fine, she has her own, I’m searching for mine, so wait for me, my children muffins. Hatsune Miku on the other hand, how can this channel be fake? It has a verified status on it! I never got verified, where’s mine at YouTube? YouTube’s like the Oprah Winfrey of fake channels- You get verified, you get verified, you get verified… and the only reason they got verified is because it honestly fooled most of the community. I mean, Ievan’s Polkka video got 48 million views… while mine is sitting close to 100,000, come on play on repeat guys and gallies! But seriously, YouTube’s verified thing shouldn’t be trusted because it is YouTube. Their copyright system and trademark system is broke to a godless ocean of FALSE CLAIMING MY OWN DANG VIDEOS!!! YouTube, I know you’re watching but please, set down that edit code button, because you know you’ll mess something up.

Speaking of copyright, we have to ask if they are getting any money whatsoever from ads… from videos, heck no. All of those ads go straight to the rights holders on songs… unless they didn’t reply back within 30 days of a rebuttal notice in which case that’s their fault entirely- I’m looking at you EXIT TUNES. But, like I said before that the iTunes link is an affiliate link. So if you buy music from there, they’re getting money. Quite possibly illegally and breaking a number of international trademark statutes that could land them into some serious hot water and possibly millions in fines and years in prison. I’m serious.

So, why is this fake channel still up you wonder as you use the bathroom- yeah, I see you. Anyway, according to the MikuFan website, Crypton has constantly tried to reach out to YouTube to get it taken down. However, they’ve failed, to no surprise from me at all. YouTube isn’t exactly… listening to anyone except money. And if international trademark or copyright is broken, no big deal! No DMCA law requires ISP’s to take down videos- only if the video has stuff from American companies. There is a clause that talks about international trademark and copyright, but there’s this massive loophole you can get around by just not saying anything… seriously, we need to update this thing- but not like the UK where we all die on the meme black market.

Nothing will cause YouTube to take down this verified channel because it was verified before the actual Crypton Channel… which is the whole reason for the Verified button… to prevent people from impersonating you!

I for one reported this channel for a number of things that got me pissed off. But honestly, this wasn’t about Miku, I took my hatred out on this channel that was started by YouTube. I lost quite a bit of time and part of my own life worrying about YouTube as a small snail creator but in all honesty. I couldn’t care less about this channel. It could hurt Miku and her brand, but I know the community is ferocious enough without me. I mean, I literally can wait hours for a rat to fall into a trap and watch it die… I’m quite patient and I am fierce, which is why I said to YouTube:

“This channel is breaking international trademark. Some videos, in particular, could lead to defamation and libel lawsuits. Copyright from many different artists has been broken. The DMCA act enforces that this channel or 40 videos are taken down immediately, or face legal consequences as YouTube’s ‘Safe Harbor’ under Title II of the DMCA whatever that is, will be revoked by way of civil negligence. We as a community place all the action on YouTube and the impersonating channel user(s).”

Damniel ate my patience. I didn’t want to do this, but YouTube needs incentive. They, or at least one person, has to realize that Safe Harbor laws can be revoked by way of civil negligence and ignoring DMCA takedown notices. If just one person is changed by this, we’re already working on a YouTube cure. We can still save YouTube and Miku’s name. Use the strong arm of the law to bring down lawsuits on broken statutes. I love YouTube, but this You on YouTube, it means Me. It means the individual. It means the Us that makes this place great. Change the human monitors by persuasion, not by yelling and screaming. Time to step up and show those who monitor YouTube we aren’t as stupid as they think we are… I have pent up anger I’m sorry- and this just blew up the water for me. I don’t know, I’ve gone on far too long.


UPDATE: Channel Deleted

So what'cha think?