Amazon Giveaway #1 – Complete

The Winner of this giveaway is named only Tiffany. She/he was the 598th entry on June 7th 2016 at 6:23 P.M. PDT… surprising! I have severely underrated my fame! Or maybe it was just random people entering that never heard of me… oh well, I hope you like that prize Tiffany, and look in your mail for your winnings!




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Yes… Finally done it!

I bring you the Amazon Giveaway!


To enter, you must be over 18 and a USA citizen. Each individual has a 1 in 450 chance to win! It’s already at 392 so I may have underestimated my fame… I should’ve had a requirement like following me on twitter or something! Come on and share to your family, friends, and enemies: gotta give them love too!


You are entering for a chance to win:


Boku Wa Hatsune Miku Wo Kissu Shita

Produced by: Mikito-P

A classic Pop album featuring Hatsune Miku as our Frontlady! It is Mikito-P’s first major album, and I’ll review it eventually!



Press this link, and you will surely be told what to do:

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