Akahitoha – WhiteFlame

Name: Akahitoha

Alternate Name: Red Leaf

Producer: KurousaP / 黒うさP / WhiteFlame

Date: 02/29/2012

Vocals: Megurine Luka

VocaDB Information!

Been a while since I did a single.

Akahitoha is just the written out kanji “紅一葉” which means “Red Leaf” just like it says in the Alternative Name section at the top. I would call this Folk Pop, but I don’t really know if that is an actual genre. It has just the perfect amount of flutes, violins, piano, and Luka’s voice. They all sound beautiful together, like a waterfall of rainbows and wheat- you know, the stuff they bail hay with (The stuff in your cereal is fabricated in a food lab, college chemistry allowed some of my classmates to make some out of germs! Yeast in fact… just yeast!)

Red Leaf is admittedly the only song I know of WhiteFlame, but I’d like to hear some more. Sounds a lot like the “Ray of Light” credits song towards the end of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. There are similarities, but it is a standalone song that I just adore. Soft, Loveable, and what you need after a stressful day or when your Healer is revived in ANY JRPG! Anyway, take a listen and if you like it, support the artist, me, and yourself by buying it either from his Website or Amazon. But either way, you still have to buy it on Amazon!

“STUPID 8MB MEDIA CAP”   ME → ( ╬◣ 益◢)y━・~ ———- (◎益◎;) ← 8MB CAP

Have to convert it to a smaller file! Wow, this esclated!


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