According to Demo: Why is Yuzuki Yukari So Cute?


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Yuzuki Yukari is one of those Vocaloids that is special in her own right. Of course, each Vocaloid has their own unique personality in their singing and style, but Yukari is a little bit more special because of the fact that the public has caught on to her in the most peculiar of ways. So, why is Yuzuki Yukari so cute? This is our conversation today on According to Demo. This video is brought to you by my paid sponsor, Kirara Seika- so go give her some love- after the video of course!

From birth, Yukari has been in the scene for having a more mature feel while still being adorable. Sure there are lots of Vocaloids that have that, but what makes Yukari so special is the love she garners. Her fame precedes her. Yet she’ll always catch up to it and grow bigger and better. But since I want to start keeping these shows a little more in the line between showing both positive and negative traits… because I tend to go over one way or the other in the last videos… Now don’t go and get me wrong, Yukari is a single Vocaloid I adore a little bit less than my little Flower Petal like last time. She may even be above Gumi and Macne Nana, but it’s neck in neck. It’s hard to choose your favorite Vocaloid, but Yuzuki Yukari has solidified herself as many people’s favorite synthetic singer.

Let’s start with her image in her basic style and also how the community as a whole views her.

Yukari is dressed up as a purple bunny, as in her hoodie has rabbit ears, what looks like a maid uniform, those sexy stockings, as well as her having my favorite hairstyle for a lady. If you notice, Fatemah has smaller side burns than Yukari, but keeping them in place with a hair burette is something I’ve always found to be cute and adorable- might also be biased…

Her voice is soft enough to convey a lovingly emotional semblance and strong enough not to be seen as too cowardly to give it her all. I don’t have to go on to say that the community is kinda infatuated with this girl… in fact, her entire being is saturated in an appealing nature. Next, we’ll have to discuss why she, as a Vocaloid, had a step in the right direction rather than say, Kokone, or Zunko. It all comes down to one word… Marketing!

Making a Vocaloid famous is so hard with this saturated market… actually, that’s a lie, the market isn’t exactly saturated, but more or less the community is too small and jumbled to certain provinces with few splotches far and in between. You see, if you have the best song in the world, it won’t make any difference, as if it didn’t exist, if no one knows about it. You need to get out there and do stuff to promote your image… maybe that’s my problem… anyway, but with all of that marketing, the Vocaloid MUST be able to handle the fame and garner more fans than dislikes for her to stay afloat. It’s hard to imagine someone disliking this cute wittle face. So if you hate Yukari then go one ahead and Cook that Dislike button, and if you love her, cook the like button- I won’t get mad- just want to know what you guys collectively agree with…

No matter how many times I go out of my way to say it, this will always be the most crucial part of fame of any kind: Back It Up!

I honestly do think Yuzuki and her creators can back up the fame. The reason that is, is that when ‘zuki was first put out there as a Vocaloid, she was marketed like all get out… and had so much going for her right off the bat. Nowadays, the expansion of the marketing has made her fame more and more of a monster that I hope won’t stifle anytime soon. On that note, I’m going to show you just how famous Yukari is over there in Japan!

It’s hard to say that Bunny-‘zuki would outweigh Miku, but, and I’m going to get a lot of hate for this comment- I think Yuzuki will be the next Miku in reference to fame and commercializing in the near future. This comes from those life size figurines they made for a Japanese fast food chain. Not to mention you can buy a life size figurine of Yukari is a sexy police uniform, you know, like D-Va from overwatch did. Suits her nice though…

Next to those, and most certainly, these life size figurines capable of speech are not complete without actual speech- and if you think Vocaloid can be used for fluent speech, then boy, are you only half right- it takes a master to make it sound like she’s talking normal, but that’s with any Vocaloid. This has led to the creation of Yukari’s Voiceroid, designed specifically for speech. Not very many Vocaloids have a voice roid alternative, but some do, and it’s available nowhere outside of japan. That’s the catch.

The deal with all this marketing is that it actually makes people like her more. It’s a proven fact that people subjected to a single piece of entertainment over and over again, can slowly become accustomed to finding it appealing. This also works for war manipulation, and advertisements that constantly say BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! And by God’s favorite Kaito song, we all know that even though it’s annoying as god’s least favorite kaito song… What, God has a sense of humor, look at ostriches and tell me that isn’t so, but we all know that it works! Colors apply to this thing as well. Blue is calming, Red makes you hungry, and purple, just so happens to be the color that makes people want to protect something- so yes, yukari is cute to a bunch of people because of her unique coloration that makes people protective, just like a cute wittle bunny, or a puppy, or a kitty, or one of those lizard things a Mudkip is modeled after- maybe even a Drapion, I dunno know! And the more you find her cute, the more you buy her stuff! It’s actually a very smart business plan.

Combine that with the bunny hoodie, long hair, and her being cuter than miku and still being older by 2 years, it’s a hell for people who buy anything cute… … … …help

Also, I had to just bring this up, but I honestly tried not to, but holy mother of pearls and diamonds and platinums and blacks and whites- whoa, I did not mean that the way it sounded… don’t take that out of context! But, you guys know me so it’s ok. Did you know there is an abundance of Yuzuki Yukari Hentai out there on the internet- almost more than Luka or Miku or Meiko!

This is also the bad part about publicity- or maybe a good part? Rule 34… don’t know what I’m talking about? Too bad, I don’t want this video taken down! Yeah, yeah, I know, what you’re thinking with the age thing- but Yukari is actually confirmed to be 18, so her full frontal nudity isn’t illegal compared to someone like Rin or Otomachi Una- OR MIKU FOR THAT MATTER- but it’s more a culture law thing where no one in the world can agree on the age of consent… Next thing you know, they’ll raise it to 25 when the brain fully develops and boom- we’d all be in hot water! Except for me… WAH!

So, do you think Yukari is Cute? Let me know in the comments below, or Cook the like if you agree with me, or cook the dislike if you disagree- I want to utilize every portion of my youtube buttons, so go ahead and press something you align with and share this video to everyone!

Last time, on the Flower video, I learned a lot from you guys. So go back and check the comments to get the low down. And remember, if I got something wrong, or if you know something I don’t then just comment, I’m not an all knowing miku over here.




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