According to Demo: Why Is Len So Hot?

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Top 10 Hottest Vocaloid:

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  • Spice: Momo -chan
    Devil in I: Hikari Neko
    Lenventures 3: BatteryMaster Multiverse
    Len Hates Rin: Hikari Neko
    Romeo & Cinderella: Mikura
    Poll dance: Moka and Foxvinny Entertainment
    Sweet Devil: Ash Yagami
    SAO Kiss: Natali Zalognikova


         Well, here we go with something I wanted to talk about for a while… and don’t consider this a little wrist-flickered when I say this but, I want to ask… “Why is Len so hot?” And this isn’t about my channel having 2/3rd female viewers compared to male!

Now a lot of you just questioned my sexual orientation, or maybe you did that when you looked at the video title… so to tell what exactly my true sex-ori is… here’s what I look up every night before… mmm… bed!

Show a sexy Luka montage!

Now, Len’s a little kid in essence. And that means there are a bunch of teenage fangirls equivalent to Justin Beiber. Don’t care… Len is not my favorite at all, but I’ll listen to Len anytime other than Justin Beiber! Guys got talent, but the music just doesn’t resonate with me at all! No matter the age of the fangirl, or fanboy even, there are always those that are a bit older than you’d expect to be a Len fan!

All across the internet, there are a lot of opinions on the Vocaloids, but none are more prone to hate and love by a very thin margin. You either love Len or you hate him! I personally lean to the hate side… but it would probably upset Rin, and he does have a place in the reason Vocaloid got more famous! So yeah, I love you for what you did, but hate you because of personal taste!

Len first started out as a duet with his sister Rin- although, many songs indicate that they are more lovers… incest is wincest I suppose… Oh, Japan!

The whole thing is, his voice with Rin is astounding to me, while his voice alone is bleh, and that plays a major role in my ranking system of favorite Vocaloid!

Branching off of the common canon, the fandom community has set Len as a handsome playboy that gets all the girls. There are many songs where he bangs each and every Vocaloid chick- except for the more unnoticed ones. This led a many fangirl to go wild in ovary explosions! All over the world, new fanart of Len in a six pack and unbuttoned shirts with a snarky, mischievous, “I want you” face, rose up and inserted Len into the Hottest Vocaloid! has a “Hottest Vocaloid” list as where Len Kagamine takes 1st place with 124 votes next to Miku! Now, I would argue that Luka is hotter than Miku by a long shot, but Luka is arguably more “sexy” than “hot”! The difference is simple!

Hot – A good looking person with appealing looks that you can look at all the time while getting a little hot in your chest!

Sexy – A word used to describe a person whom if looked upon by others incites sexual desire and blood flow… in your pants!

Whether boy or girl- or tranny as in Miku’s “Lake Oman” song- these definitions apply to you! And yes, the feelings of tingles affects the body parts mentioned!

If you see someone Hot, you have an innate feeling to marry- and you feel heat in your heart- which can’t be spelled without heat!

If you see someone Sexy, you have an innate feeling to bang- and you feel heat- and maybe moist- in your perineum area (that’s your private area)!

See the difference? Don’t worry, I’ll cover Luka next time!

So what is it when their combined? “Hoxy”…

So, we’ve decided that a number of people find Len either Hot or Not! I mean just looking at his face, you see a little kid- but then again, you look at Rin’s face you also see a little kid, and that hasn’t stopped the community from making some seriously sexual fanart of her!

That just proves that both men and women are perverts sometimes… and some all the time, but its okay as long as it doesn’t come escaping into reality!

If you are one of those people that find Len adorable or hopelessly sexy, shoot in the comments your views of him. If you are one of those people that find Len pathetic and overrated, shoot in the comments your views of him. If you are indifferent, then say so- because I’m going to make a reveal of all the comments on which side you chose in the next video when I talk about Luka!

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