According to Demo: What Makes Luka So Sexy?


Come on, we all know that Megurine Luka is a sexy piece of software created by Crypton Future Media! But did you know that they said Luka wasn’t sexy enough-

This is what we are covering today on According to Demo!


Luka’s strong voice resonates with her strong body frame and sensual nature of Rock’n’Roll! How they can say that Luka is not only NOT sexy, but also say that it was because her voice was too soft for it to be sexual! We’ve already covered what is sexy vs. what is hot in Len’s According to Demo Video so if you haven’t watched it, go check it out with the little “i” up there!

Running down what makes Luka… Luka, we’ll have to delve into what makes her appealing to a lot of people! This can also be applied to all of you out there too, so here’s the 6 ways a woman is irresistible to both men and women:

  1. Humor
  2. Popularity
  3. The Release of Personal Information
  4. Personality
  5. Being Emotional
  6. Body Type

These may come off as being egotistical, but it’s not all black and white like you’d expect it to be!

Looking at Humor first, since it’s the first on the list, we see many ways Luka can be funny! I mean come on, her character item is a Tune, she has a little octopus (which we’ll cover later), and even laughs at a lot of stuff-

The kicker here is that being funny is a psychologically bad thing when dealing with depression and pain, but most of Luka’s humorous shenanigan’s are inadvertent and not like a comedy routine! These things just happen- sometimes your tuna wants to eat your microphone, sometimes your severed head becomes an aquatic animal with tentacles while your own head grows back like a snake! But you can be sexy by just laughing at jokes!

This is just one, but let’s now look at Popularity! When Miku decided to create a bandwagon that millions of fans got on- Luka was just being born! Around this time everyone seen her as a more mature version of Miku and the Kagamine Twins! Some people resonated with her because she was reported to have a mature/soft sound like a mother, which lead to fan arts of her in motherly fashion! The biggest kick in the jeans is that she didn’t have jeans… just a slit skirt showing that sexy leg of hers! There were a many people leaning to the motherly as well as the sexual side of her! This created more fans and thus we have it!

By the release of personal information, I don’t mean credit cards or anything like that, I’m talking about your feelings about things, showing how you genuinely act in certain situations without lying or putting on a mask! It’s kinda strange, but I find Luka the most blunt of everyone… well, except Meiko- But the canon work of KEI, the artist of Luka, shows Luka as a loving yet kinda dense Vocaloid that has less in her thoughts and more in her actions! This is actually pretty accurate given that she has a song called Just Be Friends!

This segways into Personality, because as far as I’ve seen, Luka doesn’t deny her sexy/motherly/air-headed nature in many of her songs, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a beautiful singer that creates meaningful lyrics! Luka knows she’s cute, but doesn’t flaunt it like Miku or Rin! That makes her humble, and a lot of people like that!

And this is also a perfect segway into Emotional intentions! UH- SO MUCH PERFECT TRANSITIONS! Being Emotional is not at all like being emo, like itself is used to define, but being emotional in a more- now I don’t wanna sound poopy- productive and less destructive way! Cutting yourself would not be sexy to most people- but there are always those that do! Writing poetry and creating music is more productive and can really overlap with being emo on a lot of cases for Luka, but she doesn’t destroy herself- she knows what she feels and acts on it- the thing is for everyone who doesn’t know why people cut themselves, as someone who hasn’t really done it, but felt the same at one point- it’s because you can’t feel anything, neither your heart, so you see if you can bleed! If you do it for any other reason, you’re just a poser getting off of a real problem that people feel! It’s not for attention, it’s for feeling!

This transudes to how people view you! Anyone who is a productive person that acts on impulse has to be dependent on what they actually do to be viewed as either good or bad- to Luka’s point, she does it pretty well! We’ve already discovered that Luka is an Emotional Airhead that knows what she feels and tries desperately to fix any problem she has, but what about her looks? What about that sexy top or that slit skirt? Or how about that lovely pink, long hair, her jewelry, or those boobs- boots, I meant boots those are some sexy yellow boots… okay her boobs too?

It also has to do with her color style as well! Yellow is calming and signifies Truth and Positivity! While Burgundy is considered the lighter side of darkness- and this fits her perfectly if you’ve ever heard at least a 100 Luka songs by different artists! According to recent studies on attractiveness, it seems that it’s not the voluptuous butt of a lot of people that are attractive, it’s more in the illusion of your spine curved that makes the butt look better- go too far and it’s noticeably unorthodox! They also came in to say that the masculinity of the calves are also appealing in an unconscious way to both female’s and feminine males- because somehow knowing your emotions and being loveable is feminine! Not all ladies are like that- Meiko included!

The hourglass figure is really misleading because a lot of women and men have an hourglass figure- then have a massive muffin top! I have a small one, not gonna lie! But I have a 4 pack does that count for anything? Plus I’m hilarious- well, actually it’s spontaneous that you would perceive as funny or not! It’s really just about your perspective in sexiness! Each one of us have our unique opinions and likes, and that’s where we will conclude this episode!


But before we depart, the Why is Len to Hot? Numbers are here!

Most of you said that he was cute rather than hot, and others said he was a perfect ship for a lot of people! But I think that just means he’s hot enough to be with anyone! Anyway, thanks to these people who commented and gave me these numbers- see, this could be you on here if you just tell me what you find about Luka? Do you find her motherly? Do you find her sexy? Do you hate her? Do you find her all of these things and just consider her a M**F? The community will have it’s moments of being perverted, but with Luka it’s okay because she knows people find her that way, and allows the community to flaunt her stuff so that she doesn’t have to!

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NOTE: KEI’s “Unofficial Hatsune Mix” is NOT CANON! Why I said that, I’ll never know!

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