According to Demo: What is Meiko’s Real Age? (Meiko’s Birthday)


Meiko has been considered the grandmother of Vocaloids- and if you said that to her she’d probably hurt you! As one of the first Vocaloids with a proper art design, she was number 01 before they started their line! Yep, Meiko came before Miku by 5 years! But even with all the different ages like Miku being 16, Luka being 20… the problem with this is- Miku came out before Luka by about a year, but Luka is older by 4 years… so this is no easy task to do being that Meiko has no confirmed age other than her birthday which is today… and as mine too! We share the same Birthday! Anyone wanna make a fanart of us kissing… on second thought-

Let’s just get on to her achievements:

  • First Japanese female vocal ever released
  • First Japanese vocal released for the VOCALOIDengine
  • First VOCALOID produced by YAMAHA Corporation
  • First Crypton Future Media VOCALOID released
  • First feminine sounding VOCALOID released by Crypton Future Media
  • First VOCALOID to have an official avatar
  • Being used in the oldest known VOCALOID related song


So yeah! Meiko was a huge first step for the Vocaloid community back in 2004! If we went on that notion- she would be 12! But she’s obviously not because she’s always drinking that sake… hey, come to think of it- I’m old enough to drink sake now- HEY WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE MT. FUJI?

But seriously, I haven’t tried sake, but I’ve seen the effects. The whole thing is like 100% alcohol and can seriously take you for a ride! #NoExperience! And she even carries a bottle of that stuff! No wonder she’s always so bitchy!

Back to her age, she has no given age, but the way we’ve seen her, she seems to be shown as a middle aged woman! But what is her real age?

KEI, the artist and comic writer, mentioned that he didn’t know her age either, but drew her as a woman slightly below her 30s… so is he right? I’m going to search deep for this one on According to Demo! I probably should’ve said that earlier!

The biggest part of this was, YAMAHA commissioned a vocalist named Meiko Haigo as the vocal provider for… you guessed it, MEIKO! To learn more about Meiko, we need to know more about Meiko- the voice provider… I’m just gonna call her VP!

VP was born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 18, her unit Fragrance Balance received an award in an amateur music contest held by Yamaha. This event set her up with Yamaha, and she closed a contract in 2001- really, it took 5 years to get a contract? The contract expired in 2006 and she has been in solo career since then. Wait, so it took 5 years to get a 5 year contract? God, that’s stupid! Say the same for cell phone providers too I guess! You know with upgrades and all that other crap they upsell!

So here’s my question: WHO VOICED MEIKO V3? It came out way after 2006! Welp, VP actually did, on the side lines- being more relaxed as she’s already done this before, and not only that made 5 voice banks between the years 2009 and 2014! There is nothing official, but the VP’s age at 2001 was 23- I was 6- so, we add 3 to 18 because Meiko was published in 2004- which makes the age 26… That fanart is really sounding nice right about now!

But we’re not done yet, The VP right now is 39 years old… I’d say that’s middle age- I don’t wanna make you feel old VP, I’ve heard your songs you sound great! It is kinda hard to say that because the Vocaloid software songs and your personal music are so similar, it’s unorthodox! The date the V3 version of Meiko came out, it was 2014… so that would place Meiko at 37! Hmm… still hot though! Although, if we’re going on Meiko V3 on age, we’ll have to go with it on birthday too, but that would make it February 4th! Which means we did this for nothing!

The point of the matter is, Meiko is older than me! But, she is either 26 or 37… you know, it was 10 years between releases! So here’s to being a double age Meiko- you’ll always be my favorite friend of Moma Haku!

This is beneficial because most of the Vocaloid girls are just that, girls- Meiko is a natural woman! She’s literally old enough to be Moma Haku! Sure, Luka is 20, but I kinda feel weird passing her age, a year ago when I started Vocaloidemo, I was 19 and a year younger than Luka, just yesterday I was the same age- and now I’m older! How does that make sense?

But, then there is Sakine Meiko- who is not a derivative, but Meiko at a younger age. She was 16 in her release in 2008 along with V2! The biggest kicker here is, it would make Meiko 27 now, but 12 when she was officially released! I know I’m trying to guess the age based on actual years passed, but I have nothing to go off of! I tried an age guesser for your voice and only got an error!

Sakine Meiko is just a super high pitched Meiko with unknown vocal manipulations! So is she 26, 27, 37, 39, 12? Those are literally the only ones she could be!

We can knock of 12 on release! But that still leaves 4! To just hurry up because I literally have no way of doing this other than creating straws to grasp at- I’m just going to do an average on these four numbers to get 32.25, which I’ve never seen someone’s birthday on a .25 year in their life other than Leap year…

BUT, I added in the 12 along with the rest of them and got an exact number- It’s not official at all- but I think we all can agree that Meiko is around the age of 28! But you can make her whatever age you want! I prefer to keep her 28… because I did the math, learned something about her, and I wanna remember that! So to me, Meiko is the ripe young age of 28!

So what do you think of Meiko’s age? Do you agree with me?  What is your choice of Meiko’s age? Is she an older woman in your fantasies? Is she a younger college type girl in your fantasies… and by fantasies, I obviously mean thoughts! I just gridlocked the issue, didn’t I?


I couldn’t get the Luka one out yet due to internet problems, but it’s coming! Here’s what I’ll do! I’ll document your answer for the next AtD after Luka- since that one has the Len numbers! Then on the 4th AtD video I’ll tell the numbers on this video… shouldn’t be too long! About a month… maybe!

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