500001 – Giutli & Layetri-P

Name: 500001

Producer: Giutli & Layetri-P

Release Date: December 1, 2016

Vocaloid: Miku, Meiko, Gumi

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As one of his newer albums, I decided to give Layetri-P and Giulti a chance on this, and plus to fill up my EP base. So here’s my review of one of the newest albums this year… or last year, because it was on December 1st. You can buy from either Amazon or iTunes!


  • 500001
  • Human’s Need is Love
  • Doesn’t Change at All

Emotion Rating: Look under the song titles in the “Detailed Review” to see Mr. Opinion Face’s emotion on the song. Plus, if there is a “Sawbat Approved” Icon, the song is top notch as mine and Sawbat’s favorite of the album- we have the same tastes.

Sawbat Approved:

9-10: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

7-8: (•‿•) – Good!

5-6: (•~•) – Meh!

3-4: (•︵•) – Disappointment!

1-2: (╥﹏╥) – It Sucks!

Detail Review:

1) 500001

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

The beginning sounds familiar as the beginning to ‘Once Upon A Playground Rainy’ by Poets of the Fall- yeah, I know it’s a weird name, but that isn’t about that song, but 500001. I honestly chose this because it’s alternative rock, just like my said favorite band above! I wanted to see what type of creation Vocaloid and Alternative could make… and it’s actually very good!

The song has a cool acoustic intro, and then shortly met with a clarinet- or wind instrument- that made a very different sound than what I was anticipating. Then Miku takes the microphone and sings like a happy girl in an open field. It’s kinda short, but it has a clarinet- or wind instrument- solo that is killer… although, Miku’s ‘LA’s were good and all, but some hit bad notes, but I still give it a 9 because it is pretty catchy.

2) Human’s Need is Love






Enter Piano!

I can’t decide whether this is a jazz feel, alternative feel, but most definitely melodic to the point of… yep there’s that brass we’ve all wanted to hear! It is really smooth and I’m just going to call it, ‘Alternative Jazz’ because that’s a thing. Anyway, when the chorus comes in it somehow manages to get even more melodic and leave a trail of dance steps in your wake. Miku is beautiful and calming… passionate is what I’m going with. She has a certain air to her voice that makes you think, “Hey, She’s Happy!” and then proceed to smile yourself.

The combination of the piano, brass, drums, and guitar- can’t forget the bass- makes this song the number 1 of the album!

3) Doesn’t Change at All

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Meiko’s single has a rather rough start. I couldn’t get any coherent rhythm, it almost sounded like Christmas with those slay bells, but it doesn’t take long until we get the full on shake-inducing wave that is Meiko’s voice combined with jazz instruments.

Moma Haku like’s saxophone’s- she kinda flipped out over this one’s beautiful sax solo! I agree. That instrument is the redeeming quality of this song that sets it apart from the rest, both on this album and the other Vocaloid songs scattered around the world. I really do love that wicked sax, but that weird start brought it down. I’m sure you can overlook that, like I can- but this is a review of both mastery and faults…

Jazz lovers would be proud!

4) 歌

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

This means “Song”

Do I have to keep mentioning that Gumi is one of my favorites? Come on, Gumi and Jazz! Must I persuade you to read more into this?

Ok, for real, this one is more reminiscent of “500001” with its lonesome clarinet- or wind instrument- unlike the previous 2. It also has a mellow guitar solo that is remarkably sensational! Perfect for the sound. Lovely!

Quickie Review:

9 out of 10

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

I don’t know what all these guys were doing when they were making this EP, but they need to do it again… unless it’s something like catapulting babies into crocodile ponds…

I’m still not sure how to provide the pic to iTunes! I’ve tried putting the codes in and everything, but it just doesn’t work like Amazon does… Okay, so here’s what I’m going to do, you can get this on either Amazon or iTunes! Take your pick.

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