Producer: Zanio/ざにお – PaipanP/パイパンP

Release Date: 08/27/2011

Vocals: Miku, Rin, Luka

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This is one of those albums that is so freaking soothing you can’t really listen to it without getting entranced within the beats and calming down from a stressful day. It’s just so peaceful the way this album is designed. When I listen to it, my heart says, “Thank You!” Unfortunately, some of the songs seem to run together and I tend to forget which song I currently am on, also it’s not in english and I have no idea which song has which singer because it doesn’t say. When I first listened to this album, it was in Drawing class, maybe it was the soothing music but I seemed to draw better… is what I’d like to say, except I actually fell asleep and slobbered all over my paper. I kinda made my teacher mad, but who cares- I dreamed I was dancing with a piece of broccoli and a fence post for whatever reason- God my mind. (^3^) – Z z z Z z…

Vocadb Info is Here

1) Showered

-Forgive me if I don’t actually tell much about this song, but that’s only because it’s such a drowzy medicine that you can replace your lunesta, or whatever you take to fall asleep with it. But out of the rest of the songs, I give this one a “FIGHTING SLEEP” review…

2) Distance

-Nope, can’t make it through this song without wanting to curl up with my little carrot body pillow. But overall, this song is well versed that it stands out as one that has a more upbeat tune and a piano that sounds fabulous. I would give this a “SUNDAY MORNING SLEEP IN” review!

3) This is the Ketchup

-“KetchupKetchupKetchupKetchupKechappu desu no”  I’m assuming, but those are the only lyrics in the song, funny, given google translate says “No is the ketchup”. The electronic beat really does get you in the dancing reflexes. Reminds me when I first tasted ketchup, but I would give this a “DANCES WITH FOOD” review- You know, ketchup is kinda a weird word. I wonder who came up with it- Tom Ado?

That’s a Pokemon reference!

4) The Socialist

-This song has like an R&B type Jazz feel, like something you’d hear in a coffee shop. Go to Dunkin Doughnuts and sway from side to side trying to get awake while listening to this song. Though, towards the end it shifts slightly to an electronic song, but it still holds the beat that turns your emotions to fluffy cotten. I’ll give this a “COFFEE SHOP MIX” review.

5) Pair & Young Davah

-Now we’re getting to the beats, but it doesn’t eject the feel good of the album and tends to use a heavy set of echoes. Short and below 2 minutes, this has been declared the “I’LL JUST TAKE A REST FOR A MINUTE” title.

6) Overwrite

-The harmony is getting really apparent. Like the rest of the songs, soothing as all get out, but it does have a slightly more upbeat tune to it. I know for sure, that Luka takes a subtle rhythmic talk approach in this song- and though the only word I caught was “MIRACLE”, from her, that’s what I’ll give this song. It has a lot of “La’s” in it, so you can sing along.

7) Sign

-You really can hear the bass guitar in this. Miku’s song, maybe, that sounds like one of her natural aria’s. She reaches a high note that she hasn’t until this point in the album. If I had to rate it, “WHAT I DO WHEN I’M BORED” would be the accurate rating.

8) Silent

-Silent is my favorite for an obvious reason- there is a guitar and is classified as a techno-soft rock. I love soft rock by the way, just in case you ever hear me rave on that heavy music that I always listen to. The first guitar solo in the album and PaipanP does it very well. “CONFLAGRATION OF A COMING DAWN” comes to mind when listening to this, you know like when you wake up and you’ve got a big happy day to get started. Anyway, #1 in my favorite.

9) Akitomo

-Jpop all the way in this song. I feel it could’ve been a little shorter, but it’s nice anyways. I know I said that This is the Ketchup hit your dancing reflexes, but Akitomo forces you to dance even when you don’t want to. I can’t help but wiggle in my seat while I type. Here comes the “MIKU, YOU’RE HERE!” rating!

10) Tokyo Beat

-Now this is where the album shines. This electronic Tokyo Beat will have you clapping to the beat… literally, (am I weird?) Towards the middle, it has a perfect break that leads to a nice dance tune. For reasons unknown, I’ll give this a “INCOMING HAPPINESS” achievement.

11) Last Night, Good Night

-This song sounds much like what the title states. “BEDDIE-BYE TIME” is a majestic title for this one- and thus, caused me to fall asleep and drool all over my drawings. This is a nice end.

PaipanP really does know how to strum your sleepy chords in your soul- or maybe that’s just me! (~.~) But any other day I’ll listen to this album again when I’m under a deal of stress and calm down and eat a burger with “KetchupKetchupKetchupKetchupKechappu desu no”

So what'cha think?