World Breakout – SOSOSO

Name: World Breakout

Producer: SOSOSO

Release Date: 1/30/2010

Vocals: Megurine Luka

Rating: 10 out of 10

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Yay, I finally get to listen to the album that was released on Luka’s Birthday! What is she, like 20? I know Google says that she weighs 99 lbs and is 5’4”. (・□・;) Wow, she weighs 70 pounds under me and is 3.5 inches smaller. Well, here I was thinking she was the tallest of the bunch and I at least thought she had more muscle than that, I mean I may be a little fat, but I have only 16% percent body fat- that should at least count for something… right? Wait… she’s a robot, nevermind! Now that I do my research, I am more closer to Kaito’s height- except he’s taller than me by 3 inches- hey I’m the perfect height between the two: 5’4” – 5’7” – 5’10”

Okay I’ve rambled enough. Now on to the singing!  ┐(・。・┐) ♪

SOSOSO is one of my favorites to say the least. He’s made some good albums like “REBOOT” and “Next”. Plus there are some of his most recent albums on Amazon like the ones I just mentioned and, of course, this one. He’s really good at what he does. This is all Luka, all the time.

1) Change the World

-This song haunting. Good start to the album. Luka’s rich voice is as pure and sounds more robust and edgy with this kind of Rock/Metal music. Strong chorus and smooth piano tunes- you know how I feels about my piano sounds! I feel this song is more Emotional than the rest, but hey, I love it. The piano’s tune is constant throughout the entire song, but it is haunting. You know, there is something about a beefed up guitar that adds to the haunt that I can’t exactly understand. In the end, Luka chants “Change the World”. I love this song and it is a great beginning to a great album.

2) World Breakout

-Sound effects at the beginning, awesome riffs and more haunting choruses, meet the most powerful flagship song. Definitely Hardrock and Metallic guitar solo, sounds awesome. The quality is superb, and Luka’s vocals registers in my ears as “Goddess” but her vocal register is also very good as well. I know that a most of my posts have been about Luka up until now, but there is a good reason: She’s perfect to use… er, use as in Vocaloid Rock Music. In any way, the bass in this song is perfect beside the keyboard. I tend to get lost in the verses, because they are entrancing, so I don’t really have much to say except listen to it. Also the bass solo is a nice touch.

3) Looking For

-Much like the last song, but has a less haunty, more uplifty aura. The chorus “Looking for your Dreams” is half engrish/half Japanese, and you can really hear her accent. But it is really nothing too noticeable, besides the vocal slides she does with her voice makes up for it big time. The music is pretty much the same as the last song, minus the guitar solo, bass solo, and sound effects at the beginning. Luka decides to sing the Chorus at least 5 times in this song.

4) Egoist

-I’m pretty sure that my mind first thought of the artist Egoist who I’ve come to know by way of Guilty Crown, and it really does sound like them a bit. I may just make an Egoist review just out  of pure anime respect. Now that I think about it, this song was made in 2010, yet Egoist was first born in 2011. Luka’s and Inori’s (there cover girl) hair are both pink- similarities abound. Nice acoustic vibe, got a blues style guitar solo, drum beat that will make you want to air drum (slightly), and a chorus that will make you sway. Luka sounds very calm and is almost makes me drowsy. It’s a nice song to transition into the next song…

5) 永遠のはじまり

-Traditional style. The name means “Eternal Beginning” and may be wrong since I used google translate. Remember my post about “No is the Ketchup”? It has a lot of traditional instruments like a tambourine and chimes, but it still has the good old guitar, drum, bass, keyboard. The guitar solo is hidden within the music and it is very catchy. But for the life of me, I can’t place the instrument in the intro. Maybe a guitar, but it has a certain sound. The chorus is a passion filled ocean that is a WA zillion miles deep. WA zillion isn’t an actual number, because after a certain Zillion it becomes Exa- Examillion, Exabillion, etc. or is that time? Anyway, the flow of the song is consistent and may sound like something you’d hear at a Shinto Shrine (Don’t quote me! I live in the South of the USA! I hope that doesn’t lower your opinion of me! I’M NO HICK!)

6) 千年一夜の夢

-Oh man, this reminds me of something Nightwish would play. Nightwish is a Finnish Progressive/Symphonic Metal band that uses a bunch of flutes, organs, and one time a bagpipe- anyway, this song means “Dream of a Thousand Years, Overnight” and it does seem folkish. There is a brass instrument along with a bunch of clappers and chimes. Luka’s voice is no less perfect than the last 5 songs, but I just like to mention her as much as possible.

7) I Am Queen

-Well, there’s the sitar. This is a powerful folk metal song. I interchange folk and traditional for the easiness of it all. It has a beat that is slow but extremely abrupt and lively. All the instruments line up their notes with the keyboard in the background and that makes the song Luka’s Power Reign. She is the Queen. Luka’s voice gets a few octaves higher, and it suits this song well. Minorly haunting, but it still is.

8) A Boy’s Journey

-Progressive and reminds of that Sonic Heroes theme song when I was a kid. The keyboard is 80’s style and the chorus is finally something to dance to. The song is a little repetitive, but nothing too much that you want to change to the next song. Got an 80’s style guitar solo that I like. Well, I think this song is 80’s, it may be 90’s, so tell me what you think in the comments.

9) Night of Blizzard

-This song starts off creepy, and only gets more intense with the introduction of the beefed guitar. I’d say we’re back to the emotional side of the album. In any light of Night, it is very haunting, like ghost movie haunting. Like a Blizzard of Halloween- it does have a creepy organ going in the background. And Luka, her voice makes this song haunting, I mean she even says “Nightmare” in the chorus. I don’t know what else to say but: It’s Haunting- but in a good way.

10) Walk Your Way

-Compared to the last song, I feel this was a little out of place, since it really does sound more traditional and would have went better before A Boy’s Journey. Not as haunting, and is a casual Japanese Rock song- you can tell the differences between cultures and their genres of music. Also, I hear some rustling, or that could be very low-frequency claps. The Chorus is, to me, thrown off by the low claps because it sounds like wood grinding.

11) Mind Flower

-Dat Piano! (^~^) Luka and a Piano Duet… Enough said! Eventually the whole band gets in on the action.

12) I Sing For You -Monitor of Love-

-This is a bonus song, and is titled “Secret Track” but this is the actual name of the song based on VocaDB. Got kind of a Jazz feel, with some horns and pianos. The guitar is toned down and soft. Monitor of Love is a perfect end to an album because it sounds like an end to an anime.

Well, Luka is 20, I’m 19, and now I have to use the bathroom… Doing this under time restraints is not easy. Especially when you’ve drank a Hoover Dam’s worth of water. But any who- World Breakout is a very nice SOSOSO album that is one of my favorites. No chance you guys could help this artist out at the English Amazon that will provoke them to add more albums? They currently have REBOOT and Grow, but I’ll review those later. So tell me what you think about this album, or post, either one. Open Arms!


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