Warufuzake – 鬱P

Name: 悪巫山戯 (Warufuzake) “Horseplay”

Producer: 鬱P “Utsu-P”

Release Date: 08/07/2013

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Hatsune Miku Append Dark/Solid
Gumi V3 Power
Kagamine Rin (鏡音リン)

For more information on this album, refer to my favorite database of Vocaloid Stuff, visit Vocadb.net – They have a lot more information and have Youtube links to the individual songs. I am just a reviewer, so their database save me a butt load of time. Normally, I would put up a link to Youtube for the “whole” album or single, rather than gather links to each individual song. This place is just a hobby… I have a job to go to every day!

Warning: if you want to buy it on Amazon, Vocadb’s links are in Japanese, so come back to click the link at the bottom for the English version.

This album is one of Utsu-P’s greater achievements. Mainly comprised of Hardcore/Pop tracks, the whole album is sorted so well that when two tracks don’t seem to agree “genre-tically” it is a smooth transition. Out of 12 songs, I only found 1 to not suit my mood. I listened for a total time of 50:55, and I regretted none of it, to say the least. This album is of the most highest standard, so you can expect some awesome songs. Here is the Track List:

1) ニャン黙の了解 (The Understanding of the Nyan Silence)

鬱P feat. 初音ミク, 鏡音リン

-Starts off fast, but not too fast. This first song may seem intimidating the first minute in but it slowly gets stuck into your head like a bug wanting nothing more than to devour your brain (I’m being graphic because I want to set the mood to match the Album), and yes, this is hardcore. It has screaming and clean vocals with Pop influences, and some awesome beats that fist pumps you right in the heart. Very good first song and at the end leaves your head banging.

2) 馬鹿はアノマリーに憧れる (The Fools Are Attracted to Anomaly)
鬱P feat. 鏡音リン

-This has my favorite instrument verse of the album. As soon as it starts you can tell that it is going to be one of those “Change tempo in middle of song” songs. Rin’s got some nice vocals when she screams. On the other hand, she takes the chorus and hammers it into your head by way of headbanging whether you like it or not. It has some obvious Dubstep influence. My second favorite!

3) 害虫 (Pest/Parasite)
鬱P feat. 初音ミク

-Parasite has a weird question, “Who would ever die for a Mosquito on their own volition?” It is very, very fast and is the most Metal song in the album. Deathcore anyone? Even though with Miku’s clear vocals, the chorus is pretty good but not great. Even without knowing the lyrics (which I do) I can tell this is all about death and decay in some form or fashion. True metal fans will get a kick out of this one. Miku’s voice isn’t as strong, but it does create a vibe of hopelessness.

4) Ghost Under the Umbrella
鬱P, ダルビッシュP feat. GUMI

-If you’ve ever heard of Devilish-P, then check out his wicked riffs in this song. This song is more related to the first in my opinion, except that it has an almost Rap based post verse. Gumi brings out the clean vocals for the chorus, and she does greater than I would have thought. This song has some intense moments, and it doesn’t let you just sit down without drawing you in. Epic is a word I’d use to describe this song. Makes you want to get up and move in some strange Meshuggah kinda way!

5) え (E)
鬱P feat. GUMI

-“E” is my favorite from the album. The power it brings from the instruments to Gumi’s voice is professionally made- we’re talking about 鬱P here, he came up with the idea of letting cute sounding girls (albeit synthetic) sing in metal music with deep guttural growls and high notes that I doubt anyone could actually hit without some form of alien technology, or getting kicked in the gonads- either one. It’s almost Progressive considering the fast paced guitar and bass verses. The atmosphere it projects is entirely like walking through a circus/asylum. Oh, and that chorus is still sending shivers down my spine. It’s so awesome to listen to! Gumi is one badass chick, because Gumi usually does the screaming like a freakin’ pro. Her range is vast and is my all time favorite!

6) コロナ (Corona)
鬱P feat. 鏡音リン

-This is Rin’s song! “Corona” has a nice build to it and keeps it up throughout the song. This chorus is dance material with a heavy beat. And the first in the album with a guitar solo. Rin is strong in and of herself, having both growls and cleans at the same time. Although, in most of Rin’s songs, she has a weird tick in her consonants that almost sounds like a ‘pop’ like her D’s and T’s have a lot of unneeded amount of emphasis- some may argue that this is one of Rin’s singing style, and maybe it is, but it doesn’t make it any less noticeable.

7) オトナのオモチャ (Adult’s Toy)
鬱P feat. 鏡音リン

-Ready for a song that gave this the Parental Advisory? Well, this song has a completely different air to it. Starting off very tense but slow, then adding in some extremely fast rhythm and some awesome vocals. Sassy as all get out, in fact, the lyrics are sexually explicit (in a death sort of way, of course like the lyric “feel the decay running down my back”) showing Rin’s naughty side, but if you can’t understand Japanese then you’re fine (bet now you wished you knew Japanese huh?). The power is made from long boughts of screaming and constant strums of the guitar. But instead of a guitar solo, it lets bass and drums take over for like an R&B impression post chorus. Rin’s high voice is perfect in a certain way!

8) B-Class Heroes
鬱P feat. 初音ミク Append Solid

-Progressive Hardrock is always my favorite. This song, in my opinion, was created well, but just didn’t match up to the rest. It did have a low time with a good, smooth gridline that pushed my interest to keep listening. I love the chorus and the verses are good as well. The Append Solid vocals hold very well! Get it? Solid = Hold Very Well! – Horrible Pun (”’-_-)

9) 看板娘の悪巫山戯 (The Poster Girl’s Prank)
鬱P feat. 鏡音リン, 初音ミク Append Dark, V3 GUMI Power

-Let’s mix Jpop and Metal. Not my favorite, but I did admire him using all of his vocals for this one. They all have their own segments and share the chorus. This is one of those songs that let you hear what each one character sound like next to each other. The use of whistles comes up as well that leads to a nice bridge. Though it wasn’t the best of this album for me, I still listen to it every now and then! But the three do sound great together!

10) 骸Attack!! (Corpse Attack!!)
鬱P feat. 初音ミク

-“DIE! DIE! DIE!” Up in your face is where this song goes. You can clearly hear Miku say “F#ck You!” in it. The verses sacrifice rhythm for talking, but it does something that suits the mood. Has one of the best build up to the guitar solo, and (Oh man!) best guitar solo by the talented Devilish-P. Miku takes the screaming to the back vocals that give her high voice extra beef. I found myself humming along just after hearing the chorus once! This song is the one that gave this album its Parental Advisory. It’s not bleeped in the mp3 for all you conscious people. But that’s alright, the world needs a little unconsciousness else we wouldn’t be able to sleep.  ~(^-^)~ Go You!

11) 風邪 (Flu)
鬱P feat. GUMI

-Gotta say, I love Gumi! She takes the whole song and makes it her true solo song! There’s way more clean vocals in this one, and I don’t even care. In fact, there is hardly any screaming going on. This is one of those Pop Rock song you hear on the radio, it has a catchy beat and rhythm that was MADE for Gumi! Her strong voice gave me chill bumps. Not at all fast as the others, but it’s a very welcome change of pace. It’s also the longest song of the album. Go Gumi! (Got you as my ringtone)

12) The Dying Message
鬱P feat. 鏡音リン

-Rin again! And there is no Japanese name for this song. It is the last song and I’m sad to see it go. Rin, in separate to her last two songs, finishes the album superbly, although leaving you wanting more. This one is more Alternative, but it gets intense later on. She goes solo with only the drums for a time, and the chorus is not as catchy, but it is truly like a Dying Message. However, once it ends, it ends in a massive amount of instrumental noise. They went all out for the Dying of the Album!

13) Bonus Track
鬱P feat. 初音ミク

Bonus Track.mp3

-The bonus track is nothing like the other songs. It’s not powerful in their sense, and is all Techno/Pop/Dubstep and Miku’s voice is so soft- I love it. I imagine snow covered flowers when I play this song- not trampled flowers mind you, just a field of snow drizzled flower petals- . This even has an area over half the song that is just dubstep. Unfortunately, this little jewel in a sea of power and despair isn’t on the original disc, so I’ve provided the mp3! You’re welcome!   (~• ᵕ •)~ ♡

[Note: The Bonus Track is named “Bonus Track” and this specific mp3 starts at 00:30 seconds, so be patient. I will fix this when I have the time to get you guys the best experience!]

It was hard finding a song I didn’t want to listen to! There is just something about the feels of the album that had a sense of horseplay and heartfelt lyrics tied in the confines of a shredded heart regurgitated from the bowels of despair. Of course, #5 is my favorite. Either way, this album is worth picking up. Luckily, you can do it right here! Also, you can download via mp3! It is your option!

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