[UPDATE] Server Change on VocaloiDemo.com

If you noticed that this website was down and looked bland at one point, it was because I was transferring from one server to another. I will explain the details…

My web server used to be with Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix server, which was near perfection when I first started almost 3 years ago. Until recently, they have structured the server to forbid outgoing connections with plugins that made my websites what they are! YouTube was stopped, certain plugins were now useless, and ultimately they were on a shared server with EVERYBODY ELSE!!! I didn’t know how bad of an idea that was until I learned all I could about coding, website creation, and server maintenance. Of course, I still love Wealthy Affiliate, but I will no longer be apart of them because of the extreme cost to the simple things I can get for just about lower prices on a Personal Server. Or… actually what we call a Virtual Server.

Virtual Servers use either Windows or Linux OS which put all of your data on one device… that’s right, imagine only one computer using your stuff and no one else’! That is very comforting to me because hacking becomes less of a problem unless you don’t have suspicious program/login protection- which many of my plugins had, that I’d already paid for! So you see, staying on Wealthy Affiliate would have been an issue since I couldn’t upload YouTube videos, connect to IFTTT (A service I use a lot for updating everyone on social media), and ultimately wouldn’t even connect to WordPress… Which is absolutely stupid because THEIR SITES ONLY RUN ON WORDPRESS!!! This idea was good when they didn’t have that many people on it a few years ago, but now that it’s crowded, they are bottlenecking what we can and cannot do, which all of you know I despise with a passion.

I have changed over to MightWeb! This is ultimately the web hosting service that I chose based on things I need:

  • Cheap service (Around $10 a month base)
  • Accepts incoming/outgoing connections
  • WordPress connected
  • FTP Access (upload to a website using your own laptop)
  • Backup options
  • Connected to CPanel (Which WA says is too old… but that’s like saying ice cream is best without milk! Old fashion is sometimes best.)
  • And the ability to actually HAVE PLUGINS I PAID FOR!!!
  • Another free domain if I ever need one

Their support was also quick and easy to adjust to. It’s hard to know I could have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just doing all of this myself… but I have to accept that it probably would have taken a lot longer to get to where I am. So here’s my final decree on Wealthy Affiliate:

If you are new and young to this whole website marketing thing, be careful about going it alone. The biggest thing a long time ago on Wealthy Affiliate was the website service… but now it’s the community, alone! Follow the Affiliate Bootcamp and the training for $50 a month. It’s like college, including the, “If you don’t learn anything, I’ll still take your money anyway!” So this is like a school that will give you as many free websites as you want (only Siterubix subdomains though) but I consider it a testing ground now, and the only people who should actually stay there are affiliates to wealthy affiliate who make a crap ton of money off of you, and the people who are great in the community like teachers.

At no point do I recommend staying there over a year, because their hosting service has lowered their value a bundle… to where I’d recommend them dropping their price a clean $25. That’s half of what they want now! I’m kinda disappointed that I couldn’t even make my mav.moe/shop store to connect to WooCommerce or even PATREON OR PAYPAL!!! Why in the ever loving crap is Patreon or Paypal forbidden on the service? I’ve been told they weren’t, but my experiences tell otherwise. So if you want to open a store… don’t go to wealthy affiliate… do Shopify or something- Etsy’s also a good place for homemade stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate utilizes the only thing I don’t need anymore, knowledge! I’ve read books, studies, sat in classrooms on C++, Python, Ruby, and HTML coding, know the ins and outs of WordPress after studying it extensively, and when I say I don’t need knowledge, I have to say the knowledge I don’t need… like I don’t need to know that forbidding a plugin will add 0.01 seconds to your site load time. Does 0.1-second matter when loading websites? Honestly, I get the business portion of time- but I’m not a man that values hastiness. I value patience, and if you click away from my website before it even loads (Which is still 3 seconds with 15 plugins) I don’t really care about your views. This is a business, but I’m the boss. NO ONE ELSE!

So, that’s the deal with the server change- you can’t imagine how asinine that type of service seems to me. But I get it, business is business, and when training, no business is good business- or else you’ll mess it up for everyone!


What do I use now?

I use Mightweb as my hosting service for around $5 per website a month… PER MONTH that’s $10, and since I get $13.50 on Patreon every month, I’ll have $3.50 extra to do other stuff with (even more if you press this right here to donate, hyuk hyuk) instead of eating my wallet for $50 a month for something I could automate myself. So here’s to freedom of failing alone! I’m no longer alone actually since I’ve grown with friends made with my journey- I’ve even made a girlfriend! How can you say this hasn’t been a colossal waste of time?

Anyway, I will update all of the privacy policies and such to meet guidelines and so on. Nothing in the terms of accounts have changed at all, but if there is a problem, shoot an email over to Vocaloidemo@gmail.com and I will reply within 2 days, but I usually just reply as soon as I see it. Unfortunately, I have no idea how long it will be for all of my accounts and spam protection to cross over since I have to do it manually. So give me some time!

The good news is, I’ll be able to upload the videos again… so that’s a weight off my shoulders *( o – o)

So what'cha think?