Upcoming Album: DECO*27 – GHOST (Released)

Welcome to a new segment to where we discuss all the new albums coming out for Vocaloid… that actually started a few weeks ago ( ⚆_⚆)

Anyway, I have gotten information for new up and coming albums that I’m sure you will all enjoy! The amount is staggering! So let’s get on to number 1: DECO*27’s 5th studio album GHOST- Digital release on iTunes, CD+DVD cases, shirts, pizza boxes apparently, fake pizza, plus napkins…
pizzabox pizza_towelpizza_ghost_tshirt2pizza_ghost_tshirt






WHY IS THIS  A THING!? – Consider the Pizza box a metaphor for the case… the pizza is the disc, and it’s total enjoyment that you can apparently eat again! What do the napkins signify? Sometimes you just gotta clean the slobber from your mouth!

[Note: This item may cause drooling]

DECO*27 (it’s actually pronounced ‘DECO-NiNa’… you know like a name) is a Rock artist that uses some deep lyrics with sometimes disturbing imagery in the Vocaloid Community and primarily uses Miku. If you don’t know, then here’s Ghost Rule, Anti-Beat, and Streaming Heart; as well as 118.

If you want more, here’s his entire YouTube Playlist

Photo of DECO*27… He looks more happy than his songs!

As one of the biggest Vocaloid Producers, DECO is one of my favorites as one that is more famous for experimenting with the darker side of Vocaloid- primarily hatred! I even put his song, Anti-Beat in my Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Hatred! It really does hit you in the jugular when you realize what she’s talking about. Hating yourself, killing yourself, revenge, strangling a heart within a straight jacket… he’s everywhere! But he makes it sound so uplifting, that you wouldn’t know about the meaning if you haven’t seen the video- or don’t speak Japanese… which I don’t- I only know Latin… “meam esurierit occidere me” – that means ‘My Hunger is Killing Me!’ so now you know!

DECO has many YouTube video’s with millions of viewers. And why not? He is one of the better players of the masses heartstrings, stroking just the right places! This album’s tracklist is with 13 songs and 3 DVD specials:


Disc1: CD

01. Ghost Rule

02. Reversible Campaign


04. Bad Tone #33

05. DSCF

06. 118

07. Turret Of Justice


09. Find The Light (Featured in the game, “The World of Mystic Wiz”)

10. Life Sick

11. Hedgehog

12. Sprite Girl

13. at

Disc2: DVD

MV “Streaming Heart”

MV “Find The Light” (Full version)

“MIKU in the GHOST” Analog Live Drawing by Oguchi

But here’s the smack in the head- this was released September 27, 2016! Yep, a little late to the party on this one, but I’ll review it once I buy it…


The best I can do for you today is to give you the links to download or order the album.



Official Facebook

Special Edition – Sold Out 🙁


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