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This is new for this website! And just in time for the official first year anniversary of Vocaloidemo! It’s been a long run… also a lazy one! I’m here to review a manga today! An unofficial manga of Hatsune Miku and friends produced by the original artist of Crypton Future Media Inc. Vocaloids KEI. He is known for drawing Luka, Rin, Len, which are all in here, and then Lily after this manga was released! I think he did a pretty good job!

Alright, now on to the review, because I will do the b-day thing when the time comes!

Name: Unofficial Hatsune Mix

Artist & Storyboard: KEI

Language: English Translation

Vocaloids: Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Meiko, and Kaito – real people

Genre: Music, Misadventures (Family Friendly)

Volumes: 3

Chapters: 31 (in “Songs”)

Pages: 450

Publisher: Dark Horse

Extra: Art Collection, Some Colored Pages, Ads in the back

That was a long list of info! This is a fairly well-drawn book for just one person! Remember this though, I read it a long time ago and I let it sit on my bookshelf gathering dust. So sorry!

Now, let’s start by looking at the book itself.

It is the most rectangular book I have seen. It has no round corners and is fairly sharp! The binding is pretty solid, of course, that’s my book! The cover of it is made in a texture of a white paper board, it’s silky, yet durable. Even after reading it twice, it still has its looks- you know, none of that dog ear crap!

The cover image is this:

Watercolor art is pretty!

And that is about it!

Volume One: 9 Song Mix (1 – 9)

Start off with some beautifully made art pieces.

Song One: Giant Mix

A weird little Miku caterpillar roaming the city undeterred. Then, Miku rises up into a beautiful butterfly as soon as Rin and Len say that their tired of singing. Then, all of a sudden, Chibi Miku crashes into the studio. Up to this point it’s in color- then we turn into gray (for some reason I always put “grey”) pages like in most manga! The story is actually funny and has an epic fight scene, but only lasts like 30 pages. I love the ending, but it may be overly anticlimactic for some people.

Song Two: Chocolate Mix

It’s Valentines day and Len wants to give Meiko a box of Chocolate! While Rin and Miku try to make chocolate, failing mind you, Len finds Meiko and get a gift from her with a note… he gets freindzoned and even has Rin and Miku give their last box of chocolates to him… so nice!

Song Three: Teacher Mix

Miku has a new class that sings her to near death! She bounces back, though.

Intro Mix:

This is an intro to every character that I just figured out that Meiko isn’t named. She goes by Onee-san (Big Sister) and it’s obviously her because she drinks a lot! Kaito is called Onii-san (Big Brother) and his affiliation with ice ream is uncanny! Miku, Rin, and Len are mentioned as well. Luka is later!

At this point, it gives us some more colored pages every 3 chapters! and I will not divulge too much into the Volumes after the third song! But I will say that the 8th Song: Mermaid Mix is my favorite! Hilarious- “The moral of the story is that magic is no substitute for a healthy weight loss plan!”

Volume Two: 10 Song Mix (10 – 19)

Some more watercolor art. Oh, and Luka comes in on one!

Song Ten: Snow Mix

It seems that Miku has a fan in the snow. The story begins with Miku meeting a cute little girl in the cold weather. Miku sings her a song, and then the little girl evaporates into the air… sad!

Song Eleven: Pain Mix

This is a street race. Miku makes a car, but it gets destroyed, so she get Kaito to be her horse and carriage. Meiko drives a tricycle… yes! Then a macho person who looks like miku with sunglasses comes out and bullies Rin and Meiko. When Kaito sees that, he rushes in and gets the crap beat out of him by Rin and Meiko… yes! As soon as the Badass Miku wants to rumble with the real deal, Miku’s glare scares even me! I remember that look on a metal song she sang from Utsu-P! Miku wins the race by the way!

Song Twelve: Kagamine Mix

The creation of the Kagamine Twins. It seems that they were mute at the beginning until Miku went in and showed them the power of singing! The end… to that song!

Extra Mix:

Small 2-page thing with the gang!

My favorite would have to be the 11th Song! “Move over! Death rides a tricycle!”

Volume Three: 12 Song Mix (20 – 31)

Favorite collection of watercolor art by the magnificent KEI!

Song Twenty: Hina Mix

You know what a Dollarama is? The festival is in town and Miku and the gang performs a concert. Boy, these are getting simple!

Song Twenty-One: Matsuri Mix

The festival is still here and the crew joins cosplay karaoke. There are fireworks, yukatas, and Kasane Teto Sake… it’s great!

Song Twenty-Two: Sports Day Mix

Now this is hilarious! It’s Red Team against White Team as Miku (Red Team) and Rin (White Team) get heated where a bunch of stuff goes down, including Rin throwing a potato at Miku! What’s weirder is that on the White team, we have Hachune Miku, a cheetah (yep), Len, and Rin, while the Red Team has regular people including Miku and Luka! Oh, you think I’m going to spoil the end? Nope- but it’s great! I feel kinda bad not telling you!

Miku Goes to SEGA:

Colored Chapter of Miku going to a SEGA con. She plays one of her Diva games. It’s fun and funny!

Bonus Mix:

The final of the Mix’s! This is a lookback on the entire Omnibus. Miku and the gang say their goodbyes!

The Afterward is fairly short! Nothing but a few words.

This was an awesome book with some serious comedy, beautiful art pieces, and a crap load of adventures! If you like Vocaloid and Manga, then you need this book! I will try to find more Vocaloid books to review, so tell me if you know some! Thanks, and this will be an up and coming year.


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