Top 13 Vocaloid Oppai Songs (It’s About Boobs)


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OH, YEAH! You know what time it is…

It’s booby time!

But before I begin anything here. I want to hold a toast to all of you loveable muffins out there who loves all types of chest sizes from Triple A down to Double Z as well as this being my final Top 10 before college starts again. I have credence to a paid sponsorship/Producer’s Glide that has been a great provider for this channel, you know her, maybe, you love her, even more maybe, introducing a new song- well, kinda new- life happened on my end, but here we go with-

#13 Sponsorship – Honoo no Musume  – Kirara Seika

At the expense of this being absolutely poetic in nature, I may have to explain some things to you guys about this song first. Honoo no Musume actually means the daughter of a flame. That which entails the most crucial part of the poeticness of it is the French lyrics in the background near halfway, because they are taken from the poem “Le Toucher” by Renée Vivien, who was widely considered a formal figure of lesbian literature in the 1890’s, where basically Le Toucher, means Touch, obviously. The Lyrics of both French, Japanese, and English, tell a tale of a love between two women when the time meant that they would surely be shunned and thrown into the fire. I’m assuming, there is no set time period to this song other than the poem. I think it’s a unique way to approach a Vocaloid song. It’s like Eva’s Polka, you know that famous song because it was originally an old Finnish nursery rhyme. That’s Vocaloid for yah!

Ok, I know the first thing you’re thinking, OH, THIS SPONSORSHIP INFLUENCED THE LIST!!! Maybe it did, but I made up for it by making it a top 13 rather than a top 10- you should be thanking me for more boob time! I have to say I love you all, just like boobies… and considering 70% of my audience is female, that’s not too far off I guess- PS don’t hurt me. Let’s be #MaturePerverts and show YouTube just how lady melons can make people of all minds happy and not hurt anybody unless implants explode at high altitudes. It’s just sexuality! Nothing wrong with that right, YouTube! Yeah, I’m speaking to a robot I know! Now onto the rest of these great pairs of chi chi- songs!

  1. Whatever you think, the size of these tits are wrong. – Bo-o (ぼを)

Starting off with the weird… ugh- but oh well. Using MMD I can’t tell exactly who the pink girl is, so we’ll just go with Miku. Who knew Miku was a pervert at heart? The point of the song name is to declare that Miku’s model… I’m assuming, I did use Google translate… may be up a cup size… or it could be down. But the point is, Miku’s model is of a cup size so she gets the purple girl to touch them, they look fine to me. Hey if you ever need a blue guy, I’m over here- and wearing a dress and makeup if you need a blue girl! I’m shameful…

  1. Breastfeeding – Koorimanjuu-P

Ok, this is 1 of 2 that didn’t convert correctly from whatever crap Nico Nico uses, something called .jpsmile files. Considering that the link for this song below will take you to the fully functional song, which is just the same as this one, but the text actually moves… but OH MAN, what a name for a song! Koorimanjuu-P even proclaims how lewd he is in the comments on the original video! And using the “ever correct” Google translate, it seems Miku got married… and has a fetish for breastfeeding… hey, whatever gets you to bliss I guess. And is it just me, or is Miku’s face just slightly above lewd and just under an ahegao face? I’m fine with it- but how taking from the last song- her boobs are definitely not the right size, can anybody say implants?

  1. Super Boob Time – Lovely-P

This is the second that didn’t convert correctly, so it’s not originally supposed to look so distorted. Also, I just noticed that those are nipples, and I’ll, unfortunately, have to censor them. Makes it harder with it being a crap convert. This song is ultimately the most insane oppai song and deserves the name Super Boob Time. Being a mix of Miku saying Oppai over and over again against some of the fastest and funnest to dance to music I’ve ever listened to in the Vocaloid community. I’m having too much fun over here, you’ll have to excuse me!

  1. A Song of Boobs – Potential 0

I wanted to add this one in because I wanted an opinion from you guys. What exactly is going on here? It’s a song about boobs, but you don’t really see any. So what exactly does it mean by a Song of Boobs? The reason I’m asking is that I can’t find the lyrics in either romaji or kanji. Also, whoever those people are on the 12-wheelers are pretty stupid and or Gumi… what, I couldn’t add Penguin Gumi in with those apes. Anyway, whichever song sings of boobs, is one of my favorites.

  1. Is There Any Sense for an Ugly Girl with Big Breasts? – SLAVE.V-V-R

Nonconventional to the list, but I liked it so much, I couldn’t add this in. The story goes that the girl is “ugly” but has big breasts. This leads to the man to ask her to marry her. He then takes a look at her face, laughs, and then tries to kiss her… men are pigs, right ladies? Eh, just call me a piglet and I’ll be fine- piglets are cute! It also talks constantly about her burning eggs in a skillet. But the best part is that once he marries her, he lifts the veil and seen she had plastic surgery and breast reduction… well, this isn’t the woman he asked to marry- so he walks off- and at this point, it’s poignant to ask the question of the name of the song and state that just because unappealing on the outside, doesn’t mean your unappealing on the inside where it counts… I’m not saying you’re ugly, I’m a piglet, you can’t go on baby pig judgment over here… oh, I’m already in the deep water and it’s only the 8th song!

  1. The World is full of Boobs – Onyuu-P

While we don’t get the sight of boobies like some of the others, we still get Luka saying some pretty lewd stuff. Yes, Luka has it right. The world is full of boobs because if no one had them we’d all die of starvation as babies! We’d also all be dumb and completely stupid because the longer you breastfeed leads to smarter children some studies suggest. But at the end of this song, Luka actually does show us a little side boob- just below the nips!

  1. Spy Tits – Namonaki-P

Easily the most hardcore stories on the list. Namonaki-P does a complete story board of songs based around Meiko being a spy. This is just the third song in the series, so you may want to check him out. The story goes, Meiko is sent to retrieve something, is kidnapped, tortured, and ultimately gets into relations with the man who tortured her, throwing off her clothes and even doing the hanky pancake – and then afterward fighting with Meiko using an Uzi and the guy using a katana- it ends with the guy getting shot and killed by a sniper fire- where they share one last kiss and booty grab before they part ways! Man, there’s a cliffhanger. I’d suggest watching the whole series to get the full effect because I know who the sniper is and you don’t! It’s actually fun!

  1. Small Chest★Full of Dreams – coralmines

Who can guess the top famous Vocaloids with smaller breasts? Combining Yuzuki and Rin together in this song, creates a great ballad of a Small Chest Full of Dreams! I first thought it had nothing to do with boobs, but translating surprised me. What is there dreams, you may ask? Well, to be groped, of course, to grow bigger, to never sag, and always be a great pair of chests! Yeah, you don’t need dreams to have fine breasts! Boobs of all sizes are great! And don’t you forget it AAA cups out there… but think about it this way- if you’re that small- why use a bra?

  1. N<-YuchiPuka (ん←ゅちぷか) – DECO*27

Straight from the Boob guy himself, Deco*27 is probably one of the more famous Vocaloid artists, as we’ve all heard of him before! This takes no time wasted to say right out that boobs are great. The song exclaims properly that from staring right into them is what he likes to do. UH THE BLISS… when it gets amazingly wacky is when you tell him you have an E cup- he proceeds to grope and motor boat!!! Ah, such a nice turn of pace, isn’t it?

  1. Does A Corporate Slave Dream of Oppai? – maroki

Yuzuki again with the dream of bigger puppies. Taking so many thoughts about larger melons that actually makes her sad and questions if she should get surgery… Yukari no! Not that I question that Yuzuki is a corporate slave with all the marketing that goes along with her image… but why not dream. That’s the point of dreams! My little bunny girl is in need of groping! Someone- anyone, make her feel better- it’s lonely when you grope yourself- I’m assuming…

  1. TKB – Otonara-P

You may remember this from the most confusing top 10, but you know what- many people who see this video won’t see that video and it’s just too good to leave out. Oh, and remember last time I said those floating things were not nipples… I lied. And hopefully- you know a bit more about this stuff- and hopefully you’re not hot under the collar- because surprisingly, I didn’t get that way… I’m just mature enough to see that a naked body isn’t all that special- which completely takes the fun out of everything- so it’s perfectly fine to get naked in front of me… yeah, I couldn’t keep a straight face on that one!

About the lady from the Sponsored Song, you know the poem lady:

Did you know that Renee Vivien died at age 32 because of anorexia, had relationships with 20 or so women, and ultimately she made the most raunchiest stuff out there at that time- since it’s still a booby video, let’s go over the last part of the toucher:

I follow slowly the graceful contours of your hips,
The curves of your shoulders, your neck, your upappeased breasts.
In your white voluptuousness my desire rests,
Swooning, refusing itself the kisses of your lips.

So yeah, if you want naughty steamy stuff just check out my channe- I mean, renee vivian’s work- also don’t forget about Kirara’s song too! I hear she’s got a few more out since this song came out- I like poetry in my music… but at that point it is just regular music… especially pervy stuff unless it’s gore related… don’t mix blood and perviness!

I also have to give a direct apology to Kirara and everyone else who is depending on me for my Producer’s Glide video- let’s just say things got crazy on my end… and not the good kind- so let’s get down to the final song… after you take the time to cook the like In3seconds…

Aww, you wingnut, you didn’t press it did you? Press it, and Fate will take off he- [CENSORED]

  1. Wo Pai – ju: & Lovely-P

OH YEAH!!! Don’t get underwhelmed by the beginning, because it gets more intense as the song goes on. Gakupo is as pervy as ever which leads me to suggest an According to Demo on his perviness. If you like boobs, then this is the song for you- because it goes through the most famous girls of Vocaloid from A cup to E cup. It also has a subtle question of what Wo Pai is… I don’t know…

Hey, get away from rin, Gaku-di-

It get’s even more intense late- oh, that’s suggestive! I don’t think I have to censor a strawberry do I? I’m not exactly sure what’s happening any more… but Wopai! At the end, it asks what Wo pai means to some- let’s read!

A boy’s dream

A mystery of life




Difficult to understand.

That is mufunde, mamande, mafunde, as a visual aspect, as a feeling aspect, as a tastelike aspect, as a sexual aspect, as a delusional aspect, it fulfills us, that which is woooo paaaii [oua] I believe wo pai is the beeeeeest!

Isn’t it like something like breast ice cream, where people suckle on it like a balloon with ice cream inside? My, my. But then if it breaks it becomes messy… What kind of metaphor is that?

It probably, or no, with certainty, it’s about oppai, boobies, ah, well, in other words, wo pai is the best oppai!

While this looks a joke at first glance, it’s a lovely product. One day, this world too may collectively work together, this is my wish!

Demo VD’s thoughts:      Wo Pai is the thing that holds us all together in this world- where we all collectively gather and marvel at the beauty no matter our looks, sexuality, or even if we don’t like them at all- Wo pai, is humanity!

Love & Peace… & Oppai!

Oh, and if you want to hear my plans for the future- check out the video in the box up there- and you can also subscribe to Kirara or me to the left of Sawbat style. I wish you all good luck on an upcoming school year! And remember, boobs are cool, but stay in school! Yeah, I stole that from noble…


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