Top 10 Weirdest Vocaloid Songs


I may have used the wrong sound effect at the end…

OH LORD, I’m going full on awesome next time- then it’s off to making the most god awful and disturbing things I’ve seen in a while… can I even show that on YouTube? We’ll see.

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Fatemah:                            Hey, I’ve been working on a spell…

Demo:   Shoot it out, let’s see what happens…

Fatemah:                            Ok, Close your eyes…

[cast spell]

Demo:   I didn’t feel anything…

SAWBAT:             no, I definitely feel… woah, I got limbs…

Demo:   Wait, am I in sawbat’s body?

Fatemah:                            oops, it may take a while to get things sorted out

Demo:   We have a top ten to do- we can’t do that

SAWBAT:             I can do it…

Demo:   Nah, some people can’t understand you, and then there’s that one comment

[show one comment]

SAWBAT:             Wait, and this person listens to Vocaloid?

Demo:   yeah, go figure

SAWBAT:             Fine… if we want a good video, then we have to work together now!

Demo:   You’re right- Fatemah, you’re helping us… you can work on the thing after the show…

Fatemah:                            Fine, I’m sorry…

Continuing on for our Strange Vocaloid Song List since last time, we’re going for the top 10 Weirdest Vocaloid songs… Sawbat, in my body will support the microphone, since I do that on my own and can’t now, and Fatemah will take sawbat’s place as the comedic relief.

Fatemah:                            Oh, you will not be failed

Right, so leeeeeetttssss gooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  1. National Kid – Eroruya Kousen-P

If you remember #4 on the most confusing list… then you may know exactly why this one is on here! However, last time was confusing, but this one actually has a premise- as the lyrics talk about being a kid in Japanese culture. What makes it weird is the classic style of the video and voice manipulation of Miku! This is just number 10… we’ll get extreme in after a few.

Fatemah- I just realized I didn’t read the script-

Demo- here

[toss script]

Fatemah- thanks… hey, what does [toss script in here mean]


Fatemah- hmm… weird, even for me

  1. I Am Shinji – conecojob

Uh… this one is just a little strange as it doesn’t really do much but show a man with a third eye with antlers- looks like a greek god crossed with a beach bro. I completely miss the point of this… except when miku slaps the ever loving crap out of him like 8 times only to have his giant earlobes fly around… I don’t know what to say- I find it weird, so that’s why it’s on the list. He looks really stupid towards the end- I don’t know… did miku just flip us off?

Fatemah- yes, I wish I had a flipping off animation.

  1. The Loquat Growing On My Forehead Has A Terrible Personality – Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP

Why is there an executor growing from his forehead? I don’t know… but the pictures tell the entire story. He’d better be careful, executor knows explosion, and as much trouble as they give him, they could just grow and grow and grow until he decides to slice them off… must have hurt something bad…

Fatemah- he’s like a tree stump now.

Demo- don’t hurt yourself with these puns now…

Fatemah- got it

  1. Francium – kiichi

Is miku on drugs or something? It’s Japanese, but even translated it’s just nonsense, and it’s not just because I was using google translate! I imagine miku dancing so fast that her arms and legs are in different sides of the world… ooh, poor miku, coming off of that high will be like me and coffee mixed with medication let me tell you something- oh lord!

[find video with spastic animation]

  1. Omaera Post Rocker – hikkie-p

Ow… thank you for raping my ear drums of their ability to properly hear! You may hear things much like daijobu-p, but you’re in luck because he is an illustrator in this… this… thing, I’m not even sure you can call this a song- there are noises in this that I worry where they came from- but the best I can get is, someone is pissed off at the piano- poor piano… Yeah… no…

  1. Semirappu – daijoubu-p

Probably one of the only daijoubu songs that sound fairly decent as a song. I have to admit, I like the rap part- it’s got a coolness to it that is absent in all his other songs- although, the cicada is absolutely scary. Also, the car is a good touch- woah… correction- was a good touch… don’t ask me what’s happening though- it’s more to the sound than the meaning!

Sawbat- what, they couldn’t get an actual rhino- whachou’

  1. Pakkina-Pakkino – EARTHRISE & Decitate Oscar

Ok, this song is a little cute, but the animation by Funofuki and Sukurai Yusa is what ejaculated this all the way up to number 4 on the list. I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but I think it has something to do with the simple word, CHANCE, which if you take a chance, you can get heartbroken and then keep trying until the point until you wear yourself thin… OH NOOOOO, I’M STARTING TO UNDERSTAND IT

  1. Anachronism Noise – tilt-six

EW… This is hyperrealistic, to the point of having to sensor some of it. I just have to say that having a flower come out of your belly button can be a sign of poetic pregnancy- but what do I know… I’ll also say the girl in this is kinda cute, which almost makes up for the extremely suggestive themes in this, almost… because I’m not sure what else to say other than those series of opening eyelids are absolutely horrifying as well as having flower buds for eyes. Is this about pregnancy? No, the lyrics are more about turning nightmares into heartwarming dreams. Go figure.

  1. Gestalt Dog – Punsuka-P

I don’t get scared easily… but holy crabcakes, why is lin looking like a buff old samurai? Why does miku look like a doggy? Her eyes are very horrifying. EH- Sometimes I wonder how the animators got through this without having nightmares. I know this has a lot to do with the style, but why the massive reverb? IS THAT RIN!? WHY IS SHE A PARAKEET? OK, I’m done here- no number one I’m stopping here…

Sawbat- Rin… why?

That was a joke- so it’s time for me to ask you to subscribe and get onto the one honorable mention that was on this list at last second, but then fully understood it once I listened to it a second time. At the Mercy of a Dream by PowaPowaP- I understood it was about imaginary love we all yearn for, losing hope for all of but a dream. Searching for your love like a butterfly to the perfect flower. It’s a meaningful display.

  1. Karaage-kun Ondo 2012 Hyadain no riririri ☆ Remix – Hyadain (Akikoloid-chan)

This was a commercial for a food store in japan… something to do with chicken- combinating a 3d model of the cute Akikoloid-chan, who is a Vocaloid, and a slew of differential real people and cartoon designs, it leads to a very weird song promoting different types of chicken… I like chicken as much as the next guy, but they could have come up with a better commercial- as some of their reactions are… well, you get it! Yeah, um… sure, let’s really end here!

Ok, well, that’s not all, because we still have 3 more of the Strangest Vocaloid song lists- including the boobs one- but since I’ve just completed my final at college, I’ll be hitting the ground running, if I don’t plant my face into concrete like before. Anyway, I have a portion of the next 2 already done, the next top 10 is the Unique Vocaloid list, and the one after that is the Disturbing Vocaloid list. Then, I may do a Parody esque top 10- then the ultimate booby list. So look forward to that, as I hope fatemah will have this mess up fixed- [outro]




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