Top 10 Vocaloid Wedding Songs

Demo:                  Lazy’s and Muffin Blends, we are gathered here today to witness holy matrimony between Rin Kagamine and Sawbat… what’s your last name?

Sawbat:               I don’t have one!

Demo:                  Wait, so what is Rin’s last name going to be?

Sawbat:               I guess I’ll take hers!

Demo:                  Sawbat Kagamine?

Sawbat:               Yeah, so?

Demo:                  But that could also mean that you married Len!

Sawbat:               Uhh… I did not think of that! But, no one will think differently about it once I tell them it’s his sister!

Demo:                  Considering their already married, it’s polygamy!

Sawbat:               Wait… she’s married… to her brother??

Demo:                  Actually, they’re clones… so it’s like you’re marrying both of them in a way!

Sawbat:               Screw that bean juice… I’m out!

[Rin throws bouquet at him]

Sawbat:               No baby wait! I didn’t mean it… I still love you even though you have consummate incest! We can ha- we can hAH- We can have an org-

Terrorize:            Finish that line and you are the next candidate for being sat on by me! Terrorize!

Sawbat:               God, Hell No!

Terrorize:            RAH!

Sawbat:               WA-

[wakes up fast]

Sawbat:               -AH! Oh, it’s just a dream…


[something weird]

Sawbat:               AH-

Did you like that one? I spent a while making it, but I just came up with it on the spot- I’m proud of me if I must say so myself! But, you’re here for another top 10! And I have it ready for your viewing… I’ve been a little droopy in mah moody for a while with health, family stuff, and computer problems! But This month of October is going to be a big one for this channel! I’m doing 4 Top 10’s counting this one! Another According to Demo on Luka, and a very special new segment that may get it’s turn in here somewhere! Also, for Halloween… well, just stick around to find out!

But you know what time it is, it’s wedding time! I now pronounce you Person and Songs! You may now listen to the Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Marriage!

  1. Wrinkle – BuzzG

There are very little Vocaloid songs that are so popular that when you look them up, the only thing you get are covers and not the actual song! This is the generic love song detailing the whole life of these two’s love, focusing particularly on the aspect of age! How these wrinkles are the memories of our own love and life! It finally ends with the husband dying and then it stops- sometimes our memories are what keep our souls alive when we pass on!

  1. Congratulations – Key

If it’s sometimes the wedding of a friend representative greeting in the path of a exposure tournament, or dug up unexploded ordnance in some cases… now things have detonated. Groom KAITO and bride MEIKO ask friend representative Hatsune Miku to come sing at their wedding! Not a good idea when Miku knows both Groom and Bride’s individual raunchy secrets! And with the “Wedding March” from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream of Mendelssohn’ Miku integrates her stunning words into the song! I couldn’t get the full lyrics, but what I could manage to translate: Meiko has drank herself into a brothel- and Kaito kissed a man before… sensually! Man, Miku is Brutal and these guys have been Exposed!

  1. Drug of Gold – Mothy

This one is more sad. So Kaito falls in love with a girl that was basically fat because her mother beat her if she didn’t eat. SOME PEOPLE! Well, I’d make a comment about eating so that starving people won’t feel bad is actually stupid, but I won’t to save time! Their engagement was cut short because of this problem- and years later when he returned, she had become something different, and made a contract with a demon to eat anything she wanted and not gain weight! So Kaito becomes her cook and decides to poison the both of them during meal time- but her poison doesn’t work and he dies alone. Then she eats him!

This is actually a story in Nordic Lore in area’s such as Scotland or Ireland- forgot which- maybe Germany- where there is the legend of the Harpy that sacrificed her humanity to be able to eat anything in the world- her lover being the first! There are differences sure, but there are more similarities! Look it up, it’s creepy and epic!

  1. Don’t Let Me Go – X-Plorez

I don’t know whether this song is universally catchy, or I’ve heard it somewhere before! It’s odd, but I feel like I have somewhere! Not only is it dance worthy, it’s got a wicked happy guitar solo that catches your wedding dress and twirls it like a lasso around your man- I mean if you’re a woman… wait, can men wear wedding dresses? I’m sure it’s possible, but I’ve seem to have drifted from my point! Oh, well, I have no idea what Miku’s saying… but it doesn’t make it any way less enjoyable!

  1. February Bride – Risuo

So beautiful! I’ve known about this song since March, and I just fell in love with it! It’s so soft and really suiting for the topic of love and marriage! I can’t possibly find the time to STOP listening to it! But yeah, the song is about a guy coming into Miku’s life that heals her woes! Ah, just listen to it! I have no words to say but Listen to It!

  1. I Vow My Love – Tempo-P & Neutrino-P

I heard this song while reviewing Vocaloid Vacation album on my website, which actually isn’t finished yet, but I liked it, but never really knew it was a wedding song! What are the odds? I Vow My Love is still like many others on this list; Marriage! Now, the problem is, I don’t have the lyrics to a lot of these songs, but this can still be a great addition to the list whether or not I have anything to say about it- which I haven’t said anything about it except for the song information!

  1. The Bride is a Rock Star – Yu-Go

I was debating about putting this one in because I couldn’t find a subbed version and I don’t know what she’s saying, but it’s just so adorable and rocking that I couldn’t help but to give in! The only thing I can get from this is the bride is… well, a rock star- and marries someone- but it never shows who it is, just a bunny dancing across the screen. I admit it, I have nothing else to say but this is the cutest rocking song about marriage!

  1. Joy of Love – Takamatt

Let’s jazz my bride- oh, Gumi as my bride would be a dream come true! There are some terms that come from the bible in this using all types of love: Scortos, Pragma, Philia, Eros, or Agape- all mean something different, but are all love, and she doesn’t care if it’s just Eros- or sexual love, I am not going to make a comment on that one- because you’ve probably already thought of it! And I have to say, Gumi’s got this deep, soulful sound to her that gives me goosebumps- eh, so good!

  1. Happy Marriage Yellow – Chie-P

The amount of cuteness is unavoidable! Rin and Len decide it’s time to get hitched, chained, tied, and what other marriage terms that I couldn’t come up with! Basically, it’s there wedding! There is little else, though. But it does show how their love bloomed over the years! It has one heck of a guitar solo, and Miku takes the reigns as the priest- though she doesn’t say anything! This is a classic duet song with the two best paired Vocaloids in history that every fan will enjoy!

So how are you liking this unorthodox top 10? Different… isn’t it? Well, I’d like to take the time to give a shout out to my cousin who is actually getting married in February! I don’t think I’ll be giving the toast, but I can still wish you the best of luck with a video that hundreds of people will see! Maybe even a thousand! I’ll put a subscribe button here so you can press it while I’m doing this! So here’s my little speech:

“All the years of humanity to let your agency flourish, reclaiming the mask you have lost to time! That mask has become your true self- as a happy person dancing in eternity with one another! And let us all pray that even through both love and hate, that you will neither separate… or have farts that conflagrate!”

So there ya go cousin, you better live happily with your beloved- ‘cause you use to be a player- he is the only one to pull off dating 3 women at one time- at one night- I have ever seen or heard! I hope your fiancé doesn’t watch this… else we’ll both be in the dog house!

  1. Promise Ring – Retasu-P

So far, this is the only song you guys mentioned to me- by this loveable muffin- there you go- get some limelight! Remember the previous song that I just did? This is actually the same thing, except in terms of the way the story goes. But this time, it focuses on the portion of life before the wedding- the imagining of life together! Yeah, Len gives Rin a promise ring and they sing about it! I don’t wanna sound droll, but that’s basically all there is! Doesn’t mean small things can’t be enjoyable for eternity- I mean look at the original Mario!

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